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Dutch surnames masterlist.

Under the cut, you can find a list with popular surnames from the Netherlands - because I barely see any Dutch surnames in the roleplay community I thought this would be great to encourage a Dutch background for your characters. If this masterlist helped you in any way please like or reblog it.

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Paleontologists at the University of New South Wales in Australia say they have identified a tiny new species of marsupial lion that lived around 18 million years ago.

The extinct, squirrel-size animal weighed about 1.3 pounds, very likely lived in trees and had teeth that suggest it was capable of ripping apart other small creatures with its molars.

The researchers named it Microleo attenboroughi in honor of Sir David Attenborough, the famed British naturalist who has hosted numerous documentaries on wildlife.

Extinct ‘Micro Lion’ Is Named For Sir David Attenborough

Image: Peter Schouten/Courtesy of the University of New South Wales