peter renaday

I’ve always liked Duncan. He was pretty awesome, strong, wise, and he saves every Warden’s skin.
Yeah, we know that.
But what made me really love him was finding out more about his VA.
Only then did realize that this character

speaks with the same voice as this one

Duncan is Master Splinter!
I almost died laughing when I learned that.
And ever since, I’m willing to do whatever he tells me and I can’t bring myself to question him.
Because Master Splinter can do no wrong.

Peter Renaday has done some additional voices for SW:TOR and I can’t decide whether it’s delightful or distracting because every time I spot his voice in the game I literally sit up and be like “Eeeeey, DUNCAN!!!” and miss half of the actual dialogue. I’ve played so much DA:O I think his voice will be permanently imprinted on that character in my head.