peter ras

Ras Nijinsky in drag as Pavlova in Peter Minshall’s The Dying Swan, King of the Bands Preliminaries, Trinidad & Tobago, 28/01/16.

“After a hiatus of almost a decade, mas man Peter Minshall on Thursday night returned to the Queen’s Park Savannah stage with a design that looked back one hundred years, and fused the Moko Jumbie with the Ballet Russes. ‘The Dying Swan’ – a mas designed and directed by Minshall – floated across the Big Yard, brought to life by former King of Carnival Jha-whan Thomas. With the simple addition of toes and heels, the stilts of the Moko Jumbie became a ballet dancers’ elongated calves, feet en pointe.” 

Hi, I’ll be singing “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan and I’m auditioning for the roles of Ash Ketchum, Bart Simpson, Peter Pan, Stewie Griffin, Steve Rogers, Charlie Brown, Jesse Tuck, Mother Gothel, Stan Marsh, Ra’s al Ghul, Steve Smith, Finn the Human, Wolverine, and Casper the Friendly Ghost