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Jeez, why does Q need so many guns? By my count he stole 4 handguns and one rifle. Not to mention a shitload of bullets. Clearly he has more than one target planned. Our boy is ready for war! (Not condoning it in any way. 😉)

He likes to be prepared. As he should. Also Quinn with guns is 🔥🔥🔥

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Did you ever wonder what Quinnsus does to kill time waiting for Estes and Dar to show up in their homes? I like to think he's watching a movie on his iPhone, probably his only down time, and then when he hears the door opens, he strikes the pose.

He just waits. Patiently. Focused. Maybe occasionally gets lost in his thoughts. All sexy and gloomy. Ah. 

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Astrid mentioned in 6.08 that Quinn talked more than he used to, but this kind of contradicts what Carrie said about him being "pretty mouthy for an analyst" in 2.04. Guess he was more interested in chatting Carrie up. ;)

I think Astrid meant he was more open to talk about deep emotional thing not like 2x04 flirty banter trying to see who is the new girl.

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