So I heard the Ravagers have a tailor. 

Please consider: 

  • Yondu going to “have words” with his bio parents
  • Instead finds a tiny old lady who claims to be his “Meemaw” and fusses about how raggedy his clothes are

  •  ya think I’mma let my grandbaby walk around lookin like he just got chewed up and spit out by an Orloni no siree

  • He doesn’t hire her so much as find her having set up a dainty tea room below deck and already done with half the crew’s new uniforms

  • She makes such good food that no one wants her to leave


Guardians of the Galaxy Preference "How they teach you how to kiss"

(WOOOOOO OUR FAVES 😍😍😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Yondu-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d smirk and grab you to straddle his lap, setting his hands right at your waist and gripping you. He’d teasingly whisper and instruct you to close your eyes, only to pull you closer to him as his hand would find its way in your hair. He’d then kiss you slowly, growling and letting his tongue dance with yours, before ending up telling you in between breaths that in order for it to be right you just need to feel it in your heart.

Peter-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d act casual about it and would even grab to you about his great skills. He’d surprise you by suddenly pulling you close to him as you’re both standing and look you as intensely as he can in your eyes before inching closer to your lips. As he’d touch your lips and kiss you for a moment, he’d then pull away dramatically and mention how he forgot the most important part, only to play some of his most corny music to get you in the mood.

Drax-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d be caught off guard but would take the matter very seriously and nod at you. He’d grab your hand to sit you by the bed and take a few deep breaths before explaining to you slowly how it all happens and all the different kinds of kissing in details, making you laugh and have to try to get his attention back. As you’d grab onto him and cup his face, he’d catch onto your meaning and give you a proper demonstration.

Rocket-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d be nervous about it and would admit to you that even in his human form he had never done such things. He’d then ask you to give him a moment and would awkwardly run over to Peter and the others to ask them on how it should be done. As he’d get a bunch of different answers, he’d oddly keep them in mind and come back to you, only to just go with it and cup your cheeks before roughly kissing you.

Gamora-As you’d ask her to teach you how to properly kiss, she’d be stunned and would be speechless from your request. She’d then recollect herself and accept, asking you to sit right next to you. She’d feel somewhat nervous about it and would stare at you for a moment, before starting to laugh as you’d smile at her. Calming herself down, she’d surprise you by cupping your cheeks and pulling you in for a deep one.

Nebula-As you’d ask her to teach you how to properly kiss, she’d scoff and turn away completely from you, saying such signs of affection are for the weak. She’d ramble on and on and say anything she could to make you change your mind or at least get you to leave her alone. As she’d turn around and still see you, she’d sigh and repeat herself in different ways, only for it to actually encourage you to move closer to her and press a soft kiss to her.

Mantis-As you’d ask her to teach you how to properly kiss, she’d get all flustered and would admit to you that she herself had never done such things. She’d touch you to feel you and try to describe the feeling in your heart of wanting such desires and end up telling you how she is starting to feel the same for you. She’d then nervously ask you if it would be alright for you both to still give it a try, making you both slowly touch lips and discover one another.

Kraglin-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d blush but wouldn’t be able to stop himself from grinning as he’d eagerly accept your proposition. He’d be confident enough to just grab your hand and pull you to his room, even going as far as to push you down the bed. He’d then grip your wrist to pin you down, only to be speechless as you’d stare at him so lovingly, making him forget himself about the lesson and simply starting to kiss you sloppily as he had always wanted to.

Ronan-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t know what to say to you properly. He’d try to dissuade you from such thinking, saying such things aren’t important for you to stay by his side, only to make you try to convince him otherwise. As you’d continue on, he’d give up and would have to bring himself to grab you and press his lips to yours, only to explain in between kisses how it should be done.

Stakar-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d chuckle and signal you to come closer and pat on his lap, hinting you where he wants you to sit. He’d then hold your waist tightly to his and ask you if you were even sure and ready for such things just to relax you for a moment. He’d then lift your chin to make you look at him before inching closer and roughly kissing you all while telling you each step of what he’s doing to you in between kisses.

The Collector-As you’d ask him to teach you how to properly kiss, he’d prepare the whole room and bed for you to be comfortable and pleased with him. He’d then kneel in front of you and would gently stroke your hair before tucking it away as he explains you in the kindest way how it works and happens. Speaking so much, he’d end up getting the urge to show you how and would press his lips to yours.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Cinnamon Roll meme

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Groot

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Drax

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: Peter Quill

Looks like they could kill you and actually could kill you: Gamora

Sinnamon roll: Rocket

Cinnamon roll incarnate: Mantis

Burnt cinnamon roll: Nebula

Probably smuggled cinnamon rolls at some point: Yondu


he took a moment to compose himself, you were gorgeous, like wind knocked out of him, head dizzy, pants too tight kind of gorgeous. 

“you must be Star Lord.” you grinned. well that was unexpected, you didnt seem to be mad at him and he had just gotten caught stealing your tiara. 

“um, yes. yes i am.” he said, trying to appear like your beauty was not affecting him, “um, sorry about the tiara thing, if i had known you were this beautiful… i probably still would have taken it but thats not the point.”

Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet, but...

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and, quite honestly, breaking my damn heart and need to share the pain! You see, I’ve always been drawn to this certain scene from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

Specifically, that little device the prisoner is using and what it’s purpose seems to be. It’s purpose seems to be to project the users memories or mental images that the user wishes to see and in this prisoner’s case, her family that she was separated from or was killed by Ronan/Thanos. We can also assume that this device seems to be pretty common within the galaxy. Since the guards would allow a prisoner to have it in such a high security prison like the Kyln, we can also guess its pretty harmless. What I’m getting at is that what if Peter or Kraglin end up getting one of these doodads in order to help them grieve after the events of Vol. 2 . Peter would use it to remember all the good times he had with Yondu (i.e. when Yondu taught him to fly or shoot). Then there’s also Kraglin. Oh boy. He would not only remember all the good times he had with his captain (like when he was first recruited into Yondu’s crew, the times at the bar, etc.), but I can also see him using it to remember all his Ravager friends that were killed during the mutiny, who he had to watch die quite horribly and he was powerless to do anything or he would’ve been killed himself.

Then there are the times early on where the grief seems to be hitting both Peter and Kraglin pretty hard. Which leads to the two going into a secluded room with this machine and they begin to relive shared memories they may have of Yondu together and even talk to each other of a certain memory they really cherish. Crying, laughing, and just having general fondness for each others memories of their beloved Captain Yondu Udonta. 

You said it yourself bitch, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I don’t normally post a lot of art on here but I worked forever on this so I figured I might as well give it some credit! I’ve been obsessed w/ gotg after seeing volume 2 a few weeks ago. I love this dysfunctional space family.