I remember one time Bill was sitting in my living room, in a flat in Cornwall Gardens. Kenneth Tynan had just said the f-word on television, on a late night show, and there was uproar throughout the country. I used to bait old Bill mercilessly - I used to like to get his dander up! I said, “What about Ken Tynan the other night?” “Disgusting!” said Bill. “And on television! You wouldn’t come into someone’s living room and use fucking language like that!” I nearly fell off the sofa. He was a man of contradiction, was Bill.
—  Peter Purves talking about working with William Hartnell to DWM.

     ∟ TARDIS TEAMS (First Doctor/Steven Taylor/Sara Kingdom)

Steven: “(Mavic Chen) had sent his best security service agents to retrieve (the taranium core). Sara Kingdom had found us first. Steely, professional, and with a cold beauty, she wasn’t taking any prisoners. Then, chance had let us show her what Chen was really up to. She’d have no choice but to join us on the run. She changed. We had turned her whole world upside down and it had changed her for the better. We were fast becoming friends. We might almost have– But, there was never time.”
    - The Anachronauts: Episode One Steven: "What about Brett? Katarina? …Sara.“
The Doctor: "What a waste. What a terrible waste.”
    - The Daleks’ Master Plan: The Destruction of Time Steven: “Sara Kingdom was dead. I’d watched, unable to help. She aged to death before my eyes. We destroyed the Daleks, stopped them using the time destructor against the solar system. But, we’d lost our friend in the process.”
    - The Perpetual Bond: Episode One