peter pentz

The Maned American Lion is named such as it is different from the now extinct American Lion which was not speculated as having a mane. This creature has been seen across the USA, from California to Maine. It resembles a (usually male) African Lion, 5 to 8 feet in length, shaggy fur in a brown or golden color, fur around its head and neck that resembles a mane, and at times is reported as having stripes or spots. 

In a cave on Bald Eagle Mountain, Pennsylvania, a man named Peter Pentz killed a large feline with a matted mane in 1797. This creature had been killing farmers’ animals for around 6 years before it was killed. In 1948, a big maned cat was seen hunting and traveling with a black panther in Elkhorn Falls, Indiana. They were later seen migrating to Ohio. A farmer in Kapuskasing, Ontario, in June, 1960, saw what looked like a lion on his farm. He recalled it had a mane, was a tan color and had a 4 foot tail with a bush of fur at the end. There have been far more encounters than this over the years. 

It is possible that these lions are merely escaped animals from zoos, circuses or private enclosures.