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Peter Maximoff/Nickname Imagines.
  • Imagine Peter feeling comfortable enough to let you call him ‘Pete’.
    • Imagine the childish look in his face when you call him that, because only his mom did, and that’s when he was younger. And hearing you say it makes his heart soar.
  • Imagine calling him ‘Petey’ without thinking it through, and it ends with both of you laughing your heads off.
  • Imagine calling him ‘Peter Maxipad’ when you feel like teasing him.
    • Imagine Peter pecking your lips quickly before you have the chance to say “Maxipad”. His lips curl against yours, a chuckle exploding from your mouth.
  • Imagine calling him ‘Speedy’ or ‘speedster’.
  • Imagine calling him ‘babe’ more often than anything else. He loves it, and when you call him that he likes to press a kiss to your hairline and nuzzle his face into your hair.
    • This is something he calls you.
  • Imagine concocting your own nickname for him.
    • Option: Silver Duckie.
  • Imagine him smirking when you call him by his X-Men alias, ‘Quicksilver’. 
    • He thinks it’s powerful.
      • (NSFW) Lowkey likes to hear you call him that in bed.
  • Also likes to be called ‘Sir’ every so often.
    • Especially when he’s in a playful mood.
Jealous? - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Peter held your hand in his, his hand shaking slightly.

“So, you’re not going to race around?” You ask.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Peter smiled at you innocently.

You rolled your eyes, “Peter, all my family is in there.” You nodded at the wooden gate before you where smells of a barbeque came from.

“Yes. I know. I said I wouldn’t dream of it.” Peter quickly pecked your cheek before beginning to pull you towards the gate. An uncle held it open for the two of you.

You spent the first half hour of the family barbeque introducing Peter and making small talk.

Then James decided to come say hi.

“(Y/n)!” He pulled you into a hug.

“James!” You hadn’t seen your family friend for several years since he’d gone off to boarding school.

“You’re so tall!” You exclaimed. He was talling than Peter by far.

“You’re so beautiful! Whoever thought scruffy little (Y/n) would grow up to look like a goddess!” James grinned at you and you felt yourself blush slightly.

Then Peter was next to you, his arm around your waist pulling you close to his body.
“Some of the scruffy kids turned out better than others apparently.” Peter said, looking over James with a raised eyebrow.

James’ brows drew together. “I’m James, (Y/n)’s family friend. We’ve known each other since we were infants. We-”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s nice. I’m her boyfriend.”

You smiled slightly, finding this quite amusing.

“James, this is Peter.” You said, intervening.

James nodded and offered a hand which Peter only briefly touched.

James looked quite shocked.
“I’ll catch up later, (y/n). It was nice seeing you.” He placed a hand on your shoulder, “Yell for me if you need anything.” He leant down and placed a kiss on your cheek.

“Bye!” Peter said, straining a false smile that wasn’t fooling anyone.
He whisked you a few meters away and wrapped his arms tightly around your waist.
He cast a deathly look over his shoulder at James.

A laugh escaped your lips.

“What? He’s not that great!” Peter said quickly.

You laughed again, “Are you jealous?”

Peter frowned, “What? No, I’m not jealous.”

You smirked.

“I am not jealous!”

“If you say so Peter. I think you’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“Maybe I am then.”

“Don’t be.” You said, pressing your lips to his.

“Did he see that?” You asked.

“Yes.” Peter smirked. “He’s not cute when he’s jealous.”

He pressed his lips to yours.

“Of course he isn’t.”

Peter kissed you again and you felt yourself wondering how you got so lucky.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Curtiz, 1946)


Gregory Peck as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Claude Rains as Alfred Pennyworth
Edward G. Robinson as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Lauren Bacall as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Richard Widmark as The Joker
Joan Fontaine as Harley Quinn
Peter Lorre as The Riddler
Sydney Greenstreet as The Penguin
Maureen O’Hara as Poison Ivy

taking baths with Peter Parker would include

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  • going to Peter’s place to find nobody there
  • hearing quiet singing from his bathroom
  • slowly opening the bathroom door 
  • noticing peter sitting in the bathtub, his body under water
  • elliott smith playing in the background
  • him not noticing you and continuing singing “say yes” by ellott smith
  • when he sings “situations get f*cked up” you yell “language!”
  • “oh my stark, y/n, you scared the crap out of me”
  • him splashing the water at you 
  • “an-angel, would you, maybe, like to join me?”
  • him blushing while asking
  • slowly stripping your clothes off while trying your best to cover your bare body with your hands
  • him not being able to take his eyes off your beautiful body
  • his face going red while you catch him staring at you
  • getting in the bathtub and sitting between peter’s spread legs
  • his knees poking under the water
  • him wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer to him
  • him singing the rest of the song quietly in your ear
  • resting the back of your head in  the crook of peter’s neck
  • leaving small pecks on his jaw
  • his fingers stroking your skin
  • peter lifting his finger to your cheek and tracing your face
  • “angel, you’re so beautiful”
  • kissing his lips passionately
  • “we should do this more often”
  • falling asleep in his arms as the water gets cold

Being Steve’s daughter with the ability to manipulate the elements, and dating Peter would include…

  • Steve being a pretty chill dad, because is Tony is the over-protective, raging mum
  • “Rogers, we have to get her away from the Spider.”
  • Steve and Tony getting into arguments about your well being
  • You complaining about your dad when he gets annoying to Bucky, who just smiles as you keep on ranting
  • The team making you throw fireballs at them during practice
  • “Y/n, don’t aim at the hair!”
  • Peter still being in awe of the fact that he’s dating his favourite superhero’s daughter
  • Always reviving the flowers he gave you on your first date together
  • Being good friends with Wanda because she understands your powers
  • Making it extra windy when Tony tries to go outside, just to piss him off
  • “Y/n, all I want is some shawarma!”
  • Controlling a whole bunch of water to hit Clint whenever he teases you about Peter
  • “Spider-boy and Y/n sitting- HOLY SHIT, THAT’S COLD!”
  • Pecking Peter on the cheek in front of Steve, just to see him all flustered
  • “Y/n, you’re dad’s right there.”
  • Steve carrying you over his shoulder, just like old times
  • Steve not wanting you to go into battles, in case you get hurt
  • “Dad, I can literally throw flaming fireballs, I can take care of myself.”
  • Never using the microwave, because you can just heat your food up by yourself
  • Same goes for air-conditioning
  • And gardening (Even though you never really gardened)
  • And you never have to get up to get a glass of water
  • Peter giving you piggybacks
  • Aunt May not knowing about your powers, but still obsessing over you and Peter
  • “When are you two getting married already?”
  • Creating exotic, fancy flowers to give to Aunt May every week
  • “You shouldn’t have!”
  • Your room being a mess of mini tornadoes, unruly plants, levitating liquids and burning objects
  • “Y/n, you really need to start cleaning up your room.”

“In art there is compassion, in compassion there is humanity, with humanity there is generosity and love. Gregory Peck gave us these attributes in full measure. To this day the children of ‘Mockingbird’ … call him Atticus. […]  Atticus Finch gave him an opportunity to play himself." 

Brock Peters, Peck’s co-star in 1962’s "Mockingbird.”


White Tulip

”There will be repercussions if you pull Arlette from that car. You don’t know how things will be changed by your actions, but they will. It’s not our place to adjust the universe. And you will never be able to look at her again without knowing that, just like every time I look at my son. I have traveled through madness to figure this out. And you will too.”