peter pearce

bare things
  1. epiphany is so important
  2. jason and peter are gonna be together forever sorry i don’t make the rules
  3. jason just wants to kiss and cuddle his boy all the time
  5. everyone auditions for the play. i love my theatre nerds
  6. peter is so shook when jason auditions
  7. every girl wants jason but jason only wants peter
  8. nadia and matt’s friendship is really nice and underrated
  9. i would die for nadia mcconnell
  10. jason and nadia’s hug after plain jane fatass
  11. also nadia and peter’s friendship
  12. jason and peter’s dancing in wonderland.             ok
  13. nadia wanting to try on some of ivy’s clothes
  14. peter and jason dancing together at the rave, not even caring 
  15. peter pulling jason in by his shirt
  16. jason alway pulling peter along by holding hands, no matter where they are
  17. “i finally nailed my girlfriend.” “i blinked and it was over.”
  18. “i’ve never felt this way before. have you?” “yeah, once.”
  19. i wish your piñata were that big
  20. jason has explicitly said that peter is his soulmate
  21. peter wants to marry jason
  22. peter’s known he’s gay since he was 12
  23. claire calling jason her son in law (?)
  24. sister chantelle was very aware of jason and peter’s relationship and supported it 
  26. peter and sister chantelle’s hug after god don’t make no trash
  27. nadia knew about jason and peter and always supported them, even though jason never knew
  28. the way the music evolves, like how nadia’s solo parts in promise are in the tune of quiet night at home. at the end of touch my soul, after jason breaks up with ivy, we hear the first chords of all grown up. at the end of promise we hear the first chords of no voice.
  29. jason and nadia’s relationship
  30. ivy and nadia’s hug
  31. the show blatantly obviously says that peter and jason are romeo and juliet
  32. jason wanted to spend every one of his last moments with peter
  33. “father we were so in love. that’s what i find so odd, our love was pure and nothing else brought me closer to god.”
Couples Tag - Josh Pieters Imagine

A/N: I haven’t updated in like a week… this weeks been full on but I’m good now, I have a couple of requests still to do (sorry if they’re yours, I will get onto them!!) But keep sending in requests!

Request: Could you please do a Josh x (female) reader imagine where they do a really cute, fluffy bf/gf q&a?


“Babe! You’ve been getting ready for like three years now, surely you’re done!” Josh screams to you from where he’s sat in front of his camera. “Josh shut up! You can’t rush beauty,” you laugh walking out of his room to take a seat in the chair next to him. “You always look beautiful” Josh grins before kissing you on the cheek. You giggle and turn to face him “I don’t remember ordering a double cheese burger today,” you say pinching his cheek, causing it to turn a light shade of pink. “Yeah and I don’t remember inviting my aunt over now shove off,” Josh laughs swatting your hand away from his face and pushing you out of the shot.

“So today I’m joined by someone you guys have never ever seen before” Josh starts, and you look at him questioningly from the side of the camera, you’ve been on his and the boys channels multiple times, “I found her on the side of the street” he grins and pulls you by the arm into the shot and you plop onto the chair. “Can’t you ever start one of your videos normally and say hello?” you laugh at your boyfriend while trying to get comfortable in the chair. “Nuh uh, noo” he laughs and shakes his head while looking up at the roof. (watch the start of Josh’s ABC challenge video with Simon and Callux - it’s the cutest thing ever omg) “Whatever” you laugh. “Ok, so for todays video I’m joined with my girlfriend, y/n, which can only mean one thing - the couples tag!” Josh claps his hands together.

You pull your phone out of your pocket so you can have the tag questions ready. “Ok so we have quest-“ you start to explain the video, only to be interrupted by Josh, “Y/n this is my video so shut up and look pretty” he says playfully pushing your phone down into your lap. You punch him in the arm while Jack speaks up from his spot on the couch “Josh we all know y/n carries your channel.” “No one wanted your input Jack!” Josh exclaims while throwing his half empty water bottle in Jack’s direction.

“Ok, back to the video” Josh mumbles looking at the camera again, “So we have the normal tag questions here” Josh explains, grabbing your arm and pulling your hand up which held your phone into the view of the camera “and we also got you guys to send in some questions, so lets begin!”

“Where did we meet?” you read from your phone and look up to Josh. “We had some mutual friends” Josh starts, “Yeah we met at a party” you nod along. “Ok, where was our first date?” you read. “We were friends first so it’s hard” you say while trying to think of your first legitimate date with Josh. “Ooh I know this one” Josh says nodding his head. “Yeah I think I have it, where were you going to say?” you ask looking up at Josh again. “When we went to that festival and we went on the ferris wheel” Josh states. “That was hardly a date!” you exclaim, “we were with the rest of the boys!” “And?” “That wasn’t a date-date!” You laugh, “I was going to say that time we had a picnic on the beach and you brought watermelon and it got covered in sand,” “Oh yeah! That’s right,” Josh laughs along with you. He leans over and grabs your phone from your hand to read the next question. “What do we argue about the most?” He reads. “What to have for dinner” you laugh, 
“yeah, its not really arguing its more bickering” Josh nods along.

“Next one!” Josh screams pushing this arms out to the side making you jump and almost fall out of the chair. “Josh! You dick!” you yell grabbing onto his arm. He laughs moving his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. “Sorry” he smiles sheepishly, then looking at the camera and mouthing ‘I’m not’ and shaking his head. “Ok, If I’m watching tv what am I watching?” He reads from your phone, “Oh that Survivor show, you and Caspar have been obsessed” you state confidently, “It’s great!” Josh exclaims “you watch too many shows to keep up” Josh says looking at you. “Yeah thats true” you laugh. You both continue on like this for a while, making sure Josh had enough content for his video that was going put up the next day.

“Ok thats it for this weeks video! Make sure you-“ “Don’t subscribe or like!” you yell, interrupting Josh, “bye!” you wave at the camera, putting your arm around Josh’s neck and pulling his head down so your faces are squished together. “There’s my thumbnail” Josh laughs, trying wriggle out of your embrace to turn off the camera. You stand up to help Josh put away his equipment and you both later join Jack on the couch, who was currently playing Fifa.

Josh pulls out his phone and opens up snapchat, starting to record himself. “Guys I just finished filming tomorrows video with this one!” Josh says excitingly moving the camera to your face, you close your eyes and scrunch up your face giving the cheesiest smile possible. “You’re all gonna love it!” Josh finishes his snap and puts it on his story.

Then Jack speaks up, “Ok now watch Josh’s views double because y/n is in it.”


Changing isn’t a bad thing, it never was 🌹

Can we appreciate my glo up from 2013/14 ish to now I mean thats when I first fell in love with Shawn mendes , Ariana grande & youtube now look at me I have Tumblr blog about them


Weyland’s ideas about how useless were ethic and moral lead us to David.
His man “built from wires and metal” is amoral. Neither ethic or… love can stop him from “moving forward”.

Weyland’s “If you’ll endorse me, I’d like to change the world” mirrors David’s own statement in the Advent video: “this will change everything”

“The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts”: Weyland and David are not afraid to burn their fingers (or other people’s ones… ) touching fire. Weyland: “Well, I’m not afraid!!”

Word Count: 866 (Requested) 

Conor had told you when your relationship first started getting serious that he wanted to have children. He had also expressed that he wanted to wait until he had released a few more albums, so he could really focus on being a father instead of working all the time. You understood that, and you were in no rush either. You and Conor were enjoying married life, as your two year wedding anniversary had just passed. The two of you loved to go on spontaneous vacations, Conor would often surprise you with weekend getaways to beautiful places.

With how busy your lives were, it took you a few weeks to realize that you had missed your period that month. It was two weeks late, and your cycle was fairly regular. It made you nervous, but maybe it was just because you were so stressed from work.

When you told your best friend that you had also been getting sick the last few days, she suggested a pregnancy test, just to rule it out. You didn’t take her advice right away, insistent that you couldn’t be pregnant. Even though there was a high chance, you and Conor had sex quite often, and didn’t use protection every single time.

After a few days you took your friends advice, you made your way into the convenience store near work to buy a test and a bottle of water. You quickly made your way back to the house to take the test.

It was the longest five minutes of your life. When it was time to look at the results you had to make sure your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you. It read positive.

You remembered reading somewhere that these tests could give false positives, so you quickly went to the drug store at the end of the road. After buying multiple brands, and ten tests, you returned back home to take them.

Twenty minutes and multiple glasses of water later, all tests were back positive. Conor was due home at any moment and you didn’t know how to break the news. You were kind of freaking out, you and Conor hadn’t planned on having children for years.

You threw all the tests into the paper bag from the store as you heard Conor arriving home.

You stood in the hallway near the door where Conor would be coming in through shortly.

“Y/N, babe, you scared me,” Conor laughed, as he walked in the door. He noticed the look on your face and the bag clutched in your hands and his laughing stopped. “Is everything alright babe?”

You gulped, looking to the ground, “Uh, I’m not sure,” your voice shaky.

“You’re scaring me now, Y/N. What’s in the bag? Is it a spider? You know I don’t like spiders!” He tried to joke.

You didn’t laugh, instead you shoved the bag in his direction. He took it out of your hands and peeked inside. Picking up one of the tests he read the results, then another, and another, and one last one.

“Do these lines mean what I think they mean?” He questioned.

You nodded, fearing his reaction.

He dropped the bag, grinning, “Babe, this is great news! We’re going to have a baby!” Conor threw his arms around you and hugged you tight.

“You mean you’re not mad?”

“Mad? Why would I be mad?” He said pulling away to look at your face.

“Well, because we said we wanted to wait a few years, you have your career.”

“Babe, it doesn’t matter the timing, we created a life,” he placed his hands on your flat stomach, “there’s a child in there right now.”

You smiled at him, he always knew what to say to cheer you up. “I love you so much,” you said, placing a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, but just letting you know, if it’s a boy we’re naming him Conor Junior, and if it’s a girl we’re going to name her Conorina.”

You laughed, “In your dreams!”


About a month after you and Conor had found out you were expecting, you had managed to keep it a secret from the guys. You still went out with them and hung out, but they were getting suspicious why you had stopped drinking alcohol.

Before you usually had a glass of wine or two, and maybe a cocktail on a night out, but now you and Conor were coming up with excuses left and right for your sudden alcohol detox.

Tonight the all of the guys were all at your house to watch some football match, and they were all wondering why you wouldn’t try the special South African cocktail Josh had mixed up.

“Come on Y/N, it’s like you’re pregnant or something you never drink anymore,” Joe joked.

The room went silent and everyone glanced around at each other, you and Conor sharing a panicked look.

“Wait, are you pregnant?” Oli asked, finally the one to break the silence.

“Well, I guess you guys were going to find out sometime,” Conor said.

Congratulations were thrown out each of the guys took turns hugging you two.

“I call God father!” Jack shouted.


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London espionage: the spy who shoved me

International spying techniques vary, but London is an espionage capital in both fact and fiction says the ‘Spooks’ actor Peter Firth

“London has always been the spy capital of the world. Foreign powers often conduct their nefarious business within the heart of the city, with Mayfair, St James’s and Westminster being the hub of deals brokered or, more often, broken. Most establishment clubs where government ministers, defence personnel and security services socialise are in Pall Mall, minutes from Mayfair with its casinos and nightclubs; environments that are full of the individuals that spies want to target.  

We have a high kill rate in Spooks, but maybe no more than in reality. Rival powers seem to prefer London for assassinations, or ‘wetwork’. Different nations have different techniques. Poison is an obvious method; take the case of the famous poisoned umbrella with which Georgi Markov was prodded in the back of the leg on Waterloo Bridge. A slow and painful death ensued. Radioactive polonium-210 was put into Alexander Litvininko’s tea in the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square near to the US Embassy.

It took three weeks to kill him. Nobody has been brought to justice, which shows how spies operate outside of the law. Another method is ‘defenestration’ or throwing an enemy from a window, leaving no murder weapon. The last known case was in 2007 in Carlton House Terrace, St James’s, where we frequently film Spooks.

We also filmed in St Ermin’s Hotel Westminster, known since WWII as ‘The Spy Hotel’. Winston Churchill had created the SOE: Special Operations Executive, dedicated solely to sabotage and destruction in Occupied Europe. They based themselves on the top floor of the hotel, where they kept a huge stash of secret explosives. The SOE is now the SAS. A tunnel runs from the hotel to Parliament. I tried to gain access, but was told they had ‘lost the key’.

Crossing St James’s Park from the Mall to Westminster, the Blue Bridge takes you across the lake. This is more infamously known as the ‘Bridge of Spies’ and is situated halfway between MI5 HQ and the clubs of St James’s. They say more intel has been shared on this bridge than anywhere else in the world.

Filming in these locations lends authenticity to Spooks. We often shoot on the streets of London with hidden cameras. Putting wires on the actors and sending them into Trafalgar Square is an effective and cheap way to film crowd scenes.

MI5 was formed out of the British Army’s intelligence corps, known within the army as ‘Green Slime’. But if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. MI5’s sole remit is protecting UK citizens from those who would harm them, so any ungentlemanly acts are always, you could argue, for the greater good.”

British Airways High Life, September 2015.