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Pass on your legacy to those who are worthy of the name Hero.

Steve: Peter has a very strict schedule. We try to keep on it as much as we can, including afternoon naps. Even if it means pulling him out of the field.

Tony: He can get fussy but he likes the Arc Reactor as a little night light thing. So he’s down pretty fast.


Peter: I’m kinda training them for Phil. Since I’m the senior hero and all.

Sam: Oh please you’re barely three months more experienced than us!

Ava: He has saved the city twice single handedly.

Daniel: And is a Avengers consultant.

Sam: Oh wow thanks guys. Like he didn’t have enough to brag about.

Luke: He’s still short.

Peter: Hey!

Doctor Strange:  Halloween

So it’s actually old Marvel Canon that Doctor Strange was born in 1930 (He’s not aging as Sorcerer Supreme) and his father was something of a… well, kind of an asshole who discouraged anything fanciful and what he considered frivolous.

Stephen’s Father didn’t even believe in celebrating Birthdays and once punished Stephen for showing pride in a blue ribbon he won for a spelling Bee.  As a child Stephen Strange had a natural attraction to Magick, unaware of the innate powers waiting inside him.  However his father squashed that interest around the age of eleven.  

Doctor Strange is essentially what would have happened if Harry Potter had not been able to attend Hogwarts until he was in his forties.  

Now fast forward to 2016.  Here we have the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  It doesn’t precisely follow the comics at all.  In fact it plays loose and free with a lot of canon.  However it keeps the canon fact that poor Doctor Strange has never experienced Trick or Treating for himself.  So toward the end of the episode called “Strange Little Halloween” Spider-Man talks Doctor Strange and Ant Man into trick or treating with him and the first stop they make is Nova’s door where this happens…

This is now my favorite Halloween gif set. 

Another moment I love from this cartoon series is the first episode we see Doctor Strange Spider-Man asks him to guess what number he’s thinking of.  Doctor Strange replies with “You’re not thinking of a number.  You’re thinking of flapjacks.”  And sure enough he was right. 

DannyMay, Day Thirteen “Johnny 13/Lucky”

Cross Over: Danny Phantom/Ultimate Spiderman


Peter Parker had bad luck, to say the least. Every good thing that came to his life brang twice bad stuff. ‘Got spider-powers, came super enemies; started training with S.H.I.E.L.D., now HYDRA targeted him! When he needed to be a hero, Flash was ready to put him on a locker; when he wanted to be with his friendsm, he needed to be a hero! It was like if he had a bad luck shadow on him!

SpiderMan swung from building to building, it had been a busy day: robberies, car accidents, super villains, etc, etc, etc. Just another endless day on New York; when something black, white and glowing on the corner of his eye catched his atention.

“Wow, time without seein him.” He said, and decided to approach him, redirecting himself and getting next to the flying glowing teen. “Hey, Phantom! What brings you to my humble city this time? Ghostly issues? Visiting your friendly aracnid neighbour? You finally accepted S.H.I.E.L.D.’s offer?” Danny smiled at him, and a cold mistexcaped his lips. “Ghostly issues. And here I was thinking you would be joining us for training.” Peter said with a dramatical sigh.

“Sorry. A natural portal opened around hereand a few ghosts crossed it.” He explained, taking out his Fenton thermos and pointing at it. “I’ve catched almost all of them, but my ghost-sense keeps going off!” He sighed tiredly.

“Wow, that’s bad, maybe I’ll be able of– WOW!” Suddenly, the Spider Web in which he was swinging came undone and the aracnid hero started to fall.

“Whoa! ‘Gotcha! What happens?” Asked Phantom, taking hold of Spiderman in middair.

“Ugh! My spider-web is over and I have no reserves! Could you take me to the Helicarrier?”

“Sure, no prob’… I’m not gonna let you hanged.”

“Ok, that was a good one.”

They flew in a friendly silence, until Danny perked up “So, you don’t seem to have very good luck…”

“You don’t say. I have the worst luck ever! It’s like a rainy day over a storm on a Friday 13th, with salt everywhere, black cats, and broken mirrors!”

“Hehe, yeah, I can relate. But… how has it been recently… like, worst?”

Something inside Peter –not quite his aracnid-sense, but something…– told him that this headed the wrong way. “Yeah… sorta, it gets really annoying… why do you ask?”

Danny sighed, and put Spidey down on a high building’s rooftop, and backed away enough to look at him in the eyes.

“Sorry, man, you’re not gonna like this, but it’s for the best, I promise.”

And without a second warning, Phantom entered Peter… and it was horrible.

SpiderMan felt how he slowly looose control of his body, his limbs going numb and his consciousness barely not-fading. Then, a pull inside him, like a knot on his stomach hi didn’t notice he had being dragged out of him; and he was finally released.

“What is that?!” He asked Phantom now that he was… out, with alarm on his voice, looking at the… shadow that was now fighting the ghost boy, trying to engulf him.

“It’s a… bad luck… shadow!” Danny shot an ecto-blast and the dark creature retreated, giving him enough room to open his thermos, point it at the shadow and suck it into it. “It is what was giving you the extra bad-luck. I wondered why it wasn’t with Jhonny and Kitty…” He looked at his aracnid friend, who was giving him –he supossed– a shocked expression. “I’m, uhm, I’m sorry, I–”

“Don’t do that again.” Peter cut in. “Just… don’t do that.”

“Yeah, sorry, I–”

“Hey, Spidey! What are you doing? Are you stuck or something?”

“Nova! I was talking to–” Peter turned from Phantom to acknowledge his teammate, and when he looked back, the ghost boy was gone. “I hate it when he does that… nevermind. Care to give me a ride?”

But Peter did notice, when his days got back into his usual level of bad luck after his encounter with the snowy-haired ghost.

A bad luck shadow, hum. It sounded like something that could happen to him.

All-New, All-Different Avengers #8

  • Mark Waid (w)
  • Adam Kubert (a)

|Cover by Alex Ross|


guess one (to be) of my sidebars;
also agonizingly slowly but stubbornly getting through my ideas/designs for my “Spider” that is also slowly becoming a graphic novel

@cheezygoddess requested SpideyNova: “It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

“It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

Ava barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “That is so not the point.”

Sam shrugged and floated up, crossing his arms behind his head. It wouldn’t be long until the power was back on, and he was going to enjoy the rare view of the night sky without New York’s light pollution. Maybe Ava did have a point, but it wasn’t worth taking the risk.

“Nova, stop acting like a lovesick teenager.” Ava stomped her foot below him.

“Well, I am a lovesick teenager.”

White Tiger scoffed, “For like, what, another hour?”

“Let me hang onto the vestiges of my youth.”

“Wow. Now you’re using big words? You’ve got it bad, how much time are you spending with our dork of a spider?” She stalked around under him, a predator who had her prey trapped. “What, not going to deny the ‘love sick’ bit?”

“What’s the point?” His eyes chased after a lone meteor. “I wish he felt the same, but like you said…” He trailed off with a shrug.

“I said that was ‘worst case scenario’. And just so we’re clear,” she pointed at him, “just because you’re turning 20 doesn’t mean you’re any less of an immature child.”

“Fair enough.” Lights began to blink back on across the city, slowing drowning out his view.

He heard the tell-tale sound of webbing hitting the building behind him and lowered himself into a standing position. Spider-Man was behind them, fiddling with the the relay.

“This is the last one I need to reset, and I think we’re good.” Spider-man plugged in a SHIELD device. “No problems watching it?”

“None,” Ava said.

Peter sighed in relief. “Good to hear it was quiet here too.”

Ava glanced to Sam, “I wouldn’t say it was quiet.”

Peter shut the electrical box, refitting the locks. “Buckethead can’t keep his mouth shut? Nothing new.”

Ava laughed, “No worse than you.”

Peter scoffed behind his mask. “Well, mission is a success. Hit the showers.” He turned back to pick up his supplies.

Ava leered at Sam before turning to leave. “Oh, Spidey,” she threw over her shoulder, “Nova has something he wants to tell you.”

She was gone when Sam turned around. Oh, he promised he would get her back.

“Yea, spark plug?” Peter paused in front of him, equipment slung behind his shoulder.

Shit. Could he actually do this? Ava seemed convinced it wouldn’t ruin their friendship. As she said, what did he have to lose?

“Um, Pete, I….” Worst case he didn’t feel the same. He was used to that, he could handle the rejection, right? And being rejected was the first step in getting over Peter.

“Is everything alright?” The worry was clear in his voice. Peter laid his free hand on Sam’s shoulder, “I’m here for you Sam.”

Ah, he wanted to melt against the stupid dork, and punch him for being such a good friend  Would he lose that?

“I’m fine. It’s nothing like that. Um. It’s just,” he looked down at Peter’s hand on his shoulder, taking strength from the contact. “Peter, I-uh-Ilikeyoualot.”

Peter’s hand slipped off of him. “What?” he whispered.

Sam took a deep breath. “I like you. A lot. As in more than a friend.”


This was the part where he said the whole, ‘it’s not you, it’s me, I like you as a friend, but nothing more.’ Sam was familiar with the rejection dance, the pause before while they tried to piece together a non-insulting rejection.

“It’s fine.” Sam waved his hands between them. “I get it, it’s fine.”

Peter snapped out of his daze “I didn’t say anything.”

“You don’t need to. It’s fine.” He took a half step back, “I’ll see you back at base.”

His vision was suddenly filled with red as Peter lurched toward him. Sam’s lips were covered by the rough fabric of Peter’s mask as his lips slid  against his own. It wasn’t the sort of rough first kiss he imagined, but it would do.

When they parted slightly for air, Sam rolled the offending mask up, “I don’t want to know the last time you washed this.”

“Typical, your big mouth kills the mood.” But he was smiling

Sam smirked, “I thought you enjoyed my big mouth.” Peter made an “O” sound, and Sam took advantage, sighing into Peter as he finally got the kiss he’d been pining for.