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When someone reminds me that all my crushes are fictional:

The signs as Marvel Characters
  • Aries: Thor Odinson- Lovable and attractive, but surprisingly intelligent and kind.
  • Taurus: Heimdall- sees everything... seriously. Also, they know the good gossip.
  • Gemini: Wanda Maximoff- will mess with your head if you piss them off.
  • Cancer: Jane Foster- small and genius but won't take your shit.
  • Leo: Pietro Maximoff- runs away from all their problems, but sticks around when it really counts.
  • Virgo: Steve Rogers- everyone expects them to be innocent. Few realize the truth...
  • Libra: Bruce Banner- mild mannered, adorable, and intelligent. But whatever you do- do NOT piss them off.
  • Scorpio: Natasha Romanoff- private and an observer. But they could probably kill you. Okay, they can DEFINITELY kill you.
  • Sagittarius: Darcy Lewis- funny, smart, and loyal to the end. Sarcastic as all hell, though.
  • Capricorn: Peter Parker- has no idea what the hell they're doing. Fake it until you make it.
  • Aquarius: Peter Quill- horrible dancer. But loyal and has a moral compass like no other.
  • Pisces: Clint Barton- hear no evil, right? Easily manipulated but fool them twice... they'll shoot your eye out.

I’ve been awake for over an hour. And reading fic ✨

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Domestic avengers headcanon

There are about five people who tony and Steve trust to babysit their “kids” (Peter and Jackson). Clint and Natasha, Darcy, agent hill, and of course, coulson. Clint would’ve been trusted to babysit on his own, but there was an incident involving coffee and about 6 minutes without supervision that he doesn’t want to talk about.
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Darcy’s cheating (ex)boyfriend won’t give her stuff back after she leaves him, and it’s up to the Avengers to make it right.


Imagine Darcy Comforting You

For stormyace (Feel better!)

“You will never believe what I just saw (Y/N)! Wade Wilson was, get this, making morning after breakfast for Peter!” Darcy rattles of after bursting into your room. Usually gossip like this would excite you to no end but today you’re just not in the mood.

“Funny” you deadpan.

“It’s not just funny it’s a huge relief. Clint owes me fifty bucks now! I said they’d crack and fuck like bunnies before the end of the month he said they wouldn’t! That and Steve and Tony are inns be so pissed!” Darcy exclaims. “They are going to ground Peter forever.”

“Uh huh” you mumble and Darcy looks at you with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey what’s wrong? You usually eat this stuff up.”

“I had a bad night” you grumble.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Darcy asks and crawls onto you bed next to you.


“Wanna watch sad movies and eat then?” Darcy questions and snuggles into your side.


“Okay. Jarvis call my boyfriends tell them I want comfort food up here stat and please play Brokeback mountain on the tv” Darcy orders.

“Yes ma'am” Jarvis says and the TV turns on with the movie playing. Minutes later Steve and Bucky arrive with an assortment of junk food.

“Thanks boys. Now o we are watching a gay sad movie!” Darcy clips.

“Why watch that when you can watch us doll?” Bucky retorts.

“Out you horny super soldiers!” Darcy demands and throws a pillow at them. They both chuckle and walk out. You start to feel better already.

Marvel Characters In Their Hogwarts Houses

Griffindor: Thor, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Phil Coulson,

Ravenclaw:  Bruce Banner, Vision, Wanda Maximoff, Gwen Stacey, Jane Foster,

Hufflepuff: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Pepper Potts, Darcy Lewis,

Slytherin: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Pietro Maximoff, Nick Furry, Loki, Odin, Hulk,

Nicknames/Contact Names

Okay so yours means that’s what he/she calls you and his/hers mean what you call them. 

Wade: Yours- Baby Boy
His - Boobear

Vanessa: Yours - Foxy
Hers- Cookie

Weasel: Yours-Chipmunk
His: Boy Toy

Francis: Yours- Sexy Love
His - Pookie

Angel: Hers - My Light Y/N
Yours - My Angel

Piotr: His - Beautiful Creature
Yours - Metal Nuts

Ellie: Yours - Fattie
Yours - Hottie

Peter: Yours - Spidey
His - Baby

Gwen: Hers - Bae
Yours - Bubble Butt

Tony: Yours - Daddy 
His - Peaches

Bruce: Yours - Bruciebear
His - Honey

Steve: Yours - Stevie
His - Sweetheart

Pietro: His - Turtle
Yours - Speedy

Wanda: Yours - WandaBoo
Hers - Beloved Y/N

Sam: His- Chocolate Drop
Yours- Baby Girl

Bucky: Yours - My Soldier
His - Princess

Pepper: Yours - Hot Stuff
Hers- Baby Cakes

Matt: Yours - My Devil
His - Cutie

Darcy: Hers - Big Booty
Yours - Mami D

Scott: His - Zaddy
Yours - Mommy

pcklesthings  asked:

You need to have Darcy meet Spidey. I feel like they'd get along like a house on fire.

I feel like she’d have leverage with her dad the next time he complained about her bringing home strays.

Also, I was totally thinking about this last night. 

I pictured him coming to the bar, and Darcy’s all, ‘whoa now, you’re twelve, get out of here’. 

Peter: Mr. Stark said–

Darcy: Mr. Stark isn’t here, go away. 

Peter: But, Mr. Stark–

Darcy: Still isn’t here. Do you know how hard is is to get a liquor license? Somebody thinks we’re serving kids and we’re shut down.

Peter: Mr. Stark said if I should go to you if–

(Darcy is shoving Peter towards the door this whole time)

Peter: –if I was having trouble with my, uh, after school job. 

Darcy: Okay, I can’t serve twelve-year olds and I sure as hell can’t employ them.

Peter: I’m sixteen. 

Darcy: Come back when you need to shave and have a believable fake id. 

(Darcy shoves him out the door and shuts it)

Peter (yelling from outside): Mr. Stark said if I was having, uh, spider problems, I could come to you, though. 

Darcy finally gets it. 

Darcy: Damn it, dad. 

She sighs, opens the door, grabs Peter by the back of his neck and drags him back in.