For some reason, Peter thinks Deadpool knows his secret identity so he thinks its not a big deal to chat with the merc in his civilian identity whenever he bumps into him in various locations. Wade, meanwhile, is confused on why a cute but grouchy nerd keeps talking to him like they know each other but hey, its New York! Eccentrics are everywhere and this guy is really cute and doesn’t seem to mind hanging out with him! Also somehow they ended up maybe-or-maybe-not on a date???

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Silent Treatment - Peter Parker

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Request from anon on Tumblr: Hii!! Could you make a peter one where they’re already dating but she’s pissed off at him for some reason and she gives him the silent treatment. like a full blown one, no smiling or anything at all. no texting, she practically pretends he doesn’t exist. love ur writing. thank u❤

Words: 1k

Warnings: No major ones. A swear word is used near the end.

- - - - -

You could understand why Peter had done it. By not telling you he was Spiderman, he was saving you from that whole different world and he was protecting you. But you would really have appreciated knowing, as if would have explained why he just disappeared for hours on end.

In the end, he’d actually never told you explicitly. He had got hurt, badly hurt, in a fight and had ended up crawling in through the window and collapsing on the floor.

Instantly you were annoyed at him but he was hurt so you helped him. After he’d apologised to you about a dozen times he disappeared back out of your window.

That was Friday night, and as you walked through the school corridors on Monday morning, you didn’t know what to say to Peter. You knew he’d kept it a secret to protect you, but did he not trust you? Trust was a key thing in a relationship. Did he think you’d tell people? You would never dream of doing that to him.

You went to your locker and grabbed the books you would need for first period. You had your first class of the day with Peter and you weren’t looking forward to it.

With your head down you walked into the Physics lab and made a direct bee-line for your desk. Peter was already sitting down. He gave you his normal beaming smile but this time you didn’t reciprocate and just kept your head down. You turned away from him so you didn’t see his reaction. You didn’t want to hurt Peter back but you wanted him to see you were annoyed. Overall, he was a great boyfriend but you couldn’t help but feel let down.

The class dragged slowly but when I was time to leave you grabbed your stuff and rushed out of the door into the sea of kids before Peter could catch up with you.

You successfully dodged Peter for the rest of the day until you heard someone calling your name from behind you as you were leaving the building.

“Y/N!?” Peter called and you turned to see him pushing through the crowded corridor to you.

In wasn’t in your nature to be mean, but you didn’t let him catch up with you. You carried on walking out of the doors.

Peter was still calling your name and eventually he was able to catch up with you.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asked softly as you still carried on walking.

You didn’t reply.

“Y/N?” He asked again.

You bit down on your tongue so you wouldn’t answer him. You had been able to ignore him all day you couldn’t break that now.

“Y/N?!” He called again as you hopped on the bus that you knew Peter would not get on.

As the bus was pulling out of the lot you saw Peter watching you. His face showed a mixture of hurt and confusion. You looked away from the window.

When you got home you tried not to think about Peter as you had so much homework to do.

Just as you were about to start on your Math, your phone went indicating you had a text. You saw instantly that it was from Peter.

It read: Y/N what’s wrong?

You put your phone down and tried to concentrate again. But not a minute later you received another text: Y/N it’s Peter. x

You thought about turning your phone off but that felt like you would be cutting out Peter too much.

Your phone was silent for five minutes before you received the next message from Peter:

Y/N I’m so sorry if I hurt you. I don’t even know if you’ll read this but you have to know I’m sorry. I love you, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got hurt because of me. And now you have got hurt, maybe I should have just told you. I’m sorry again. Please forgive me. Peter x

You didn’t know what to respond with. You felt bad now for ignoring him all day but you needed to reply. Just as you were about to try to write some sort of reply you got another text from Peter:

Open your window x

You dropped your phone on your Math and ran across the room. You pushed the window up and sure enough Peter, as Spiderman, was hanging there waiting for you. When he saw you he flipped over and set his phone down on the window sill before you let him in.

“Peter I-”

“No I understand.” Peter said and he genuinely sounded like he did. He pulled off his mask so you could see him properly. His hair was ruffled from being under the mask but he still looked stunning. God, you loved him.

“I’m so sorry.” You started.

“It’s fine okay.”

“No it’s not I overreacted and was a bitch.”

“Y/N,” Peter laughed, “It’s alright.”

“I’m sorry.” You said again quietly.

“So am I.” Peter hugged you and you hugged him back tightly.

“Please don’t get hurt.” You whispered pushing your face into Peter’s shoulder.

“I can’t promise anything but I will try.” Peter grinned shyly before kissing you on your forehead.



word count: 1,689 words
story peek: “no one loved me when i was a nobody!” “well i did!” in which peter forgets about his friends after he gets closer to liz. (requested)

She was completely lost. High school had been promised to be the best four years of her life and she was sure that statement would ring true with Peter by her side. Now however, she wasn’t so sure. Peter had been her best friend for years and suddenly it was like their friendship was a myth.

How could Peter toss her to the side and forget her like that? She had been there through everything and ultimately, she fell in love with him. She hated clichés and the fact that she became one by falling for her best friend somewhat appalled her.

She wasn’t sure if it was because of that or her suspicions that Peter could never like her like that, that she bottled her feelings up and through them into the ocean. She knew Peter liked Liz Allen, the most beautiful girl in their whole school.

And who could blame him? Liz Allen had it all. The brains, the beauty, the personality—everything. So when Peter came to (Name) saying he needed help asking Liz to the dance, she agreed to help with a heavy heart. And of course, everything succeeded.

Peter had gained Liz as his date to homecoming and snagged his first kiss on the dance floor with her. (Name) felt Peter pulling away before she saw it. Whether it be cancelling the traditional pizza lunch dates every Saturday to hang out with Liz or blowing her off to sit with Liz and the more popular kids at lunch—she knew it was coming.

Slowly but surely, contact with Peter fizzled from texting non-stop everyday, to a few texts here or there, to nothing at all. Peter even refused to look her way in the halls. She knew she wasn’t the only one being treated this way. Ned and Michelle had ultimately lost their friendships with Peter too.

(Name) clung to them after losing her best friend. She felt lost without him by her side. There was no one to eat pizza with for lunch, no one to binge watch all the Harry Potter movies with on longer weekends, no one to calm her down before a big test, there was no Peter. And God, it tore her apart.

Through it all, her feelings for Peter never dwindled. A spark of heat still pierced through her veins when he’d accidentally look her way. Her heart would flutter whenever she’d see him smile. It killed her that he had this affect on her.

After a particularly rough day, she decided enough was enough. She had to know why Peter pushed her away before she lost it completely. Her feet carried her to his apartment and when she knocked, it was May who opened the door instead of Peter.

“(Name)! It’s so nice to see you! How have you been?” May asked, ushering her into the apartment and closing the door behind her.

“I’ve been better. Is Peter home?” she said, her voice slightly shaky. There was a small tremor in her hands as she awaited May’s response.

“No, he said he was going to be out with friends, but he should be home soon. You can wait in his room if you’d like,” she offered, and (Name) flashed a hesitant smile.

“That’d be great, thanks May,” she said, her legs already moving her to Peter’s small room. Out of old habit, she opened the door to the room to find it empty. Hesitantly, she shuffled her feet across the carpet and to his twin sized bed.

She ran a hand along the top before sitting. Her eyes held a sense of longing to go back to how life was before Peter became so successful with Liz. Before he became quite popular. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear Peter come home.

“What are you doing here?” he asked after pushing open his bedroom door. He was taken aback by her presence. Her head shot up to look at him and she clumsily scrambled off of the bed.

“Didn’t May tell you I was here?” she asked, trying to prolong her confrontation with him.

“No, May’s at work now,” Peter said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Now, why exactly are you here?”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. Her gaze was casted downwards, as she suddenly found the carpet flooring much more interesting than before.

“I just wanted to talk is all,” she mumbled dragging the toe of her shoe in a small circle.

“About what?” he asked, his eyes narrowed slightly and he impatiently tapped his forearm with his finger.

“About us. Our friendship. Why you stopped caring about me,” she said, lifting her head to make eye contact with him. Peter gave a slight scoff in response.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play innocent with me Peter Parker, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” her voice was starting to raise in volume and an angry fuel of fire was growing in her chest. Her bottled emotions were quickly falling off their shelves and crashing to the floor.

“You used to be my best friend! We did everything together and you suddenly threw it all away for some prissy girl like Liz!” she was yelling and making wild hand gestures at Peter. Meanwhile, Peter stood there, his veins slowly filling with anger until they exploded.

“At least I don’t depend on one person for everything!” Peter retorted, and she frowned, only allowing the insult to fuel the raging fire even more. “I’m finally happy now! I have friends that like me and people actually think I’m cool!”

“Whatever then, forget about me. But what about Michelle? What about Ned? Huh? What about the three of us? Were we not good enough for you? Did you think that we were such shitty friends that pushing us away and leaving us in the dirt would be best for you? News flash Peter: when all’s said and done, Liz and everyone else won’t give a shit about you or your friendships and you will have nobody left behind to be your friend,” her breathing was ragged and she was cursing herself for being so harsh, but the emotions kept cracking and spilling and she couldn’t control it. Peter opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“Why the hell did you do it anyways? Why’d you suddenly become so interested in being one of the “popular kids”?” her voice was hoarse but she continued to yell, it felt like the only way to get everything out in the open.

“Dammit (Name) are you blind? Can’t you see it? No one loved me when I was a nobody!” Peter yelled right back, throwing his hands in the air, completely exasperated by her. He paced in front of her while he spoke.

“Yeah? Well I did!” she shouted, her voice cracking in the middle of the sentence. Peter stopped pacing and looked at her with wide eyes and his mouth parted open.

“What?” he whispered. She shook her head.

“I loved you. I loved you so damn much Peter Parker and it killed me, it still kills me, every single goddamned day. I loved you when you fell down my front porch steps after it rained. I loved you when you got excited about something stupid and small. I loved you when you had your heart set on dating Liz. I loved you even when you stopped being my friend. I still love you and you don’t even give a shit about me anymore,” she was sobbing at this point. Hot tears rolled down the curves of her cheeks and dripped down to the floor. Peter stared at her, completely dumbfounded and at a loss for words.

“(Name),” he muttered and she shook her head. Her hands vigorously wiped at her eyes.

“Just forget it,” she said, moving to leave. Peter stood in front of the doorway, blocking her exit.

“Move, Peter.”


“Dammit, Peter! I said move!” she yelled and Peter stayed rooted in his place. (Name) lifted her arms to push Peter out of the way but he wouldn’t budge. Her hands balled into fists and she beat them against Peter’s chest, tears still flowing down her cheeks.

She soon grew tired and slumped against Peter’s chest. Her forehead rested just underneath the base of his neck and she sobbed into his chest, arms hanging limply at her sides. Peter brought his arms up and wrapped them tightly around her. One hand stroke through her hair as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Shh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he whispered, over and over and over again. Her crying slowly seemed to stop and he picked her up, carrying her to his bed. He sat them down with his back against the headboard, her sitting in between his legs. The side of her face was pressed against his chest.

“You’re a real ass, you know that?” she sniffled and Peter let out a small chuckle.

“I know,” he paused for a minute, pressing kisses to the top of her head. “Do you think you can forgive me?”

“Only if you’ll be my friend again. Ned and Michelle aren’t the same as you.”

Peter smiled and nodded his head. His fingers played with her hair, casually twirling pieces of it on his fingers.

“Hey Pete?” she whispered after a long moment of silence. He hummed in response.

“I meant it, you know, when I said I love you,” she mumbled and Peter felt his cheeks heat up.

“Might be hard for you to believe, but I love you too,” he responded, pressing his lips to her hair for another countless time. She smiled.

When May came home that night, she poked her head into Peter’s room and she smiled at the sight of them together. Peter was still slumped against the headboard, asleep now, with his head resting against (Name)’s who was still in between his legs, with Peter’s arms wrapped around her middle.

It felt good to have things somewhat back to normal.


For the first time in a while, normalcy, or the closest thing they could obtain to true normalcy, returned to the Avengers Tower. Steve, Wanda, Sam, and Clint were welcomed back after hours of debating with the Accords. Perhaps since Bucky didn’t return with them, it was easier for the government to forgive them, considering their acts of justice in the past.

Even when they returned, tensions were high between some of the Avengers. Steve could tell Wanda was still facing hardships and obviously Rhodey’s accident made the people who sided with Steve feel awkward, despite their apologies. Steve knew that it’d be a while until they felt like a true team again. It was understandable, after all. He just wished he could at least help with whatever Tony was planning, yet refusing to reveal.

He had no idea that the plan was involving you. Of course, he hadn’t seen you since his accident in World War II. You didn’t make yourself known if you didn’t have to. You couldn’t stand violence and only used defensive moves to stop someone. The British government contacted you to protect the country from time to time, but you tended to help people with a shadow to hide in. It was an amazement that Tony Stark found you. You did work with his father, so Tony took the information from his father’s things.

A box was waiting for you when you arrived at the apartment that you were currently staying in. You left Themyscira younger than your mother had wanted for you to fight in the war alongside the soldier that landed his plane on the shore. Regardless of your appearance matching one of a teenager’s, the government covered for you. Obviously going to school for the rest of your life would just be tiresome so you were jobless when you saw the box.

The familiar logo jumped out at you when you opened it. Stark Industries. You hadn’t seen any of the Starks since World War II, yet you heard that Howard and Maria had died. It must be from Anthony then. Inside was a picture that you forgot about. There you were, looking the exact same, standing among the soldiers from World War II. People wouldn’t believe that you fought with them, since you looked young, but there’s the proof. There was a little note. I found it among my father’s belongings. We should talk. - Tony Stark

Finding a flight to New York where the Avengers are located was less than ideal, but it didn’t stop you from booking a flight. The flight was particularly boring as you thought about what Tony Stark might want from you. From what you heard about the Avengers, they were just recovering from their own personal fight. Captain America, or Steve, was as passionate as he was in the war, although this time, his passion was not welcomed. Thinking about the possibilities, you looked out the window. The plane ride reminded you of what brought you to humanity in the first place.

When you landed, you weren’t entirely surprised how easy it was to find the Avengers. It had been a while since you were in New York and it was quite busier than you remembered, but you acted casual as you approached the Avengers Tower. It wasn’t everyday that people connected to your past requested your presence.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. announced in the kitchen, “Mr. Stark, a woman is outside, claiming that you invited her. Would you like to see who?” Steve looked at Tony curiously as Sam asked, “Who’d you invite?”

“No one,” Tony dismissed before responding to F.R.I.D.A.Y., “I know who it is. Let her up.”

Steve didn’t like being kept out of whatever Tony was planning. He asked, “Do we know her?”

Looking at him, he laughed a bit at his own inside joke. Steve looked at him like he had lost it until he turned to the elevator opening. Looking the same as you did on the battlefield, Steve was shocked to see Y/N Y/L/N standing in the Avengers Tower. Of course, you weren’t wearing your battle gear, sticking with casual clothes, but your golden tiara still rested on your forehead and your bracelets were peeking out under your sleeves. He was shocked at how casual you looked, since Steve remembered you from the war. You had led the rescue mission from Hydra with him. Despite all this, he did recall one nickname you were rather fond of.

“The Star Spangled Man with a Plan,” you stated with a small smile, “I did hear that you got out of the ice.” You talked to Agent Carter every so often, but you didn’t bring the sensitive topic up.

“Y/N of Themyscira,” Steve greeted with a respectful nod. You used Y/L/N, but it wasn’t your true last name. Of course, when Bucky left, another old friend looking exactly the same came back. “Always a pleasure.”

Tony looked between the two with an almost bored expression, before cutting in, “Now that the reunion is over, I’d prefer to talk with Miss Y/L/N.” He looked at the small group who had gathered and added, “Cap, since you know her, you can stay.” The group dispersed at the mention, some looking at you curiously before they left. Steve glanced at you and nodded with a knowing smirk about what would happen.

Turning to Tony, your eyes weren’t necessarily angry, but they were ablaze with passion as you spoke in a tone commanding respect, “If you wish to be formal, call me Princess Y/N of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyte.” You hated being called Miss, since that wasn’t your title. Although your preference is no formalities, if people are adamant about using a title, you will not settle for anything less that who you truly are.

Tony was shocked for a couple of seconds before appearing casual about it. Your appearance always threw people off, but Tony appeared to be reminded. You didn’t want to add that you knew his parents before he was even thought of, since it made you seem like a bitter old person. Your stance was like your tone. It demanded respect. You learned that people wouldn’t listen to you unless you didn’t give them the option of ignoring you.

After your conversation with Tony Stark, you had quite a lot of consider about your future. Not that it looked different from now. The only thing that could change would be whether or not you accepted his invitation to join the Avengers. Personally, you knew Tony’s emotions could make him fight first and talk later, if the fighting between the Avengers proved anything. You also knew of the benefits of actually being an Avenger.

You’d have to uproot your life and leave behind your background in England once the soldier took you from Themyscira. When you arrived at England with him, he was the one to convince the others to let you fight. You thought of him as your closest friend. He had been dead for many years and, whenever you visited his grave, you realized how much you were forgetting about him slowly. To leave England would be as if you were officially letting him go.

In order to give you time to think, Tony and Steve let you be, giving you some places in the tower they thought you might enjoy. That’s how you found yourself floating in an indoor pool. Technically, you could swim with your tiara and bracelets, yet you took them off. After a while, your hair fanned around your head as you floated on your back.

The water was slightly heated, reminding you of the water in Themyscira. You closed your eyes and it all came back. The forestry and buildings. You could almost hear the training and smiled sadly when you remembered your fellow Amazons fighting for goodness in humanity. Your mother, Hippolyte, looked over the community with pride.

Then the memory changed to the water you dived in to save the soldier who crashed his plane into the ocean. He had began to close his eyes as he lost all oxygen by the time you got to him. Your mother was wary of the stranger, not willing to send anyone to help the humans in the war. You tried to sneak out with him, only to be caught by your mother. She looked at you, her greatest joy in the world, and let you go, to save humanity. What you were told Amazons did.

The war was truly terrifying, yet you charged to stop the cruel enemy. You led soldiers with the soldier that crashed on Themyscira. There were times that he doubted the full extent of your powers, but you earned his trust regardless. You found out your true lineage after the war, when you discovered that aging didn’t effect you like it did other people. That’s when the government decided to protect you and you continued your mission as an Amazon at night.

Your recollection of past memories was interrupted by someone entering the room. You immediately stood up in the pool and faced whoever walked in. It was a boy, probably a teenager, with a backpack and school books in his hand. He seemed just as shocked to find himself there. “Mr. Stark told m-me to welcome the guest t-t-to the tower,” he stuttered slightly before clearing his throat, “You’re Wonder Woman.”

You felt complimented by his awe and only nodded. His eyes wandered to the table where your tiara and bracelets were placed. He immediately went to them and hesitantly touched a bracelet. Getting out of the pool, you wrapped a towel around yourself and stood by the boy. “I’m Peter, by the way,” he stated, still looking down. When he looked up to see you beside him, Peter jumped out of shock and rambled, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to-I mean, it’s not that you’re scary- I’m not easily startled, but-”

He stopped when he saw you put on your tiara so he picked up a bracelet and began talking again, “Bracelet of Submission, huh? I always wondered why you wore these. They’re great deflectors, but why not a shield or something with a larger surface to block?” Peter tried to put the bracelet on you before you quickly pushed him back so he couldn’t fasten the bracelet on you. “Oh, am I not supposed to do that? I’ll just put it down.” He hastily placed it on the table.

“We wear them to remind us of our slavery under Hercules. They’re to lower our ego,” you explained carefully, not wanting him to think you didn’t like the boy you had just met, “Aphrodite made them indestructible with metal from the Aegis, making them have the surface area of a shield.” You looked at him cautiously as you fastened on the bracelets to your own arms. “I pushed you away because our strength is lost if a man fastens our bracelets.”

Peter stuttered a bit more, “Y-y-yeah. I won’t touch those t-then.” You were even more of a legend then the Avengers to Peter. The demigod has been a constant for Europe long before the Avengers formed. You had survived through so much. He expected you to be stoic so he wished that he’d stop being a stuttering idiot around you. “I’m Spiderman, by the way!” His outburst slightly shocked you so Peter continued in a calmer tone, “I mean, it’s pretty cool.”

“Oi, Spiderboy,” Tony called as he walked past and stopped at the door, “I sent you to say hi, not scare our guest.” He turned to you with more respect than he had originally presented you with. “Y/N, we’re planning a patrol at nighttime. Would you like to join us?”

You nodded firmly. “If I can be of any assistance.” Tony nodded back and left the two by themselves.

“It’s not Spiderboy,” Peter meekly called after him. Of course, he met one of his favorite heroes and looked like a complete fool throughout the entire meeting. “I have a bunch of homework,” he excused himself, “That I have to get done before the patrol. Nice meeting you, Y/N.”

“It was nice meeting you, Peter,” you replied politely, planning to swim once he left. When Peter left, he couldn’t help but wonder what it must have been like. Your true age is hundreds of years old and you were stuck in a teenager’s body. He wondered if you ever acted like a teen.

The stories revolved around a fun loving Amazon helping humanity from itself. Years of wars and helping certainly wore down on a person. While you lost the reputation of carefree, you helped humanity time and time again in countless wars and battles. You’d sometimes hear the parting words uttered by your mother as you gave up your life on Themyscira.

“They do not deserve you.”

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Prompt: “I just need you.”

Character: Peter Parker x Reader

Nights without Peter by your side were horrible. Nights when you were alone worrying about your boyfriend’s safety was horrible. You hated that you needed him so much but you loved him and love was worrying about the other person even if they tell you they’re fine. You loved that he was a part of something he loved but you hated the danger that was involved.

Peter had been gone all night - out doing superhero stuff - and it was nearing 3am and you were yet to sleep. Usually, he would call you to update you that he was okay and was coming home soon but… he hadn’t called yet. You were scared that something had happened, scared that something horrible had happened.

When your worry had taken over, you decided to call him. He’d asked you not to call him when he was out, purely because he didn’t want to get distracted and get hurt, but you needed to know if he was okay.

“Babe - hey, be quiet a sec, please, I’ll get to you - sorry, talking to a jerk, everything okay?”

You let out a breath of relief when you heard his voice, instantly calming down, “Y-Yeah, everything’s fine, Pete.”

“Why don’t I believe you?”

You swallowed, “It’s late and I got worried because you hadn’t called and… I just need you.” 

From his voice you knew he felt bad, “God, babe, I’m so sorry. I’ll deal with this idiot and then I’ll come, okay? I promise. Fifteen minutes tops!” You agreed and hesitantly, said goodbye, wishing to hear his voice just for a little bit longer.

True to his word, Peter came home - through the window as usual - fifteen minutes later. As soon as his spider suit was off, he was crawling into bed beside you, murmuring sorry’s against your skin.


Spider-Man: Homecoming | Live press conference

Shifter / Part XI

Summary: Raised as one of Hydra’s experiments, the reader has the abilities of a shapeshifter. Once rescued by the Avengers, the reader lives and grows up among them. However, as the events of Civil War begin to unfold, Y/N becomes ill. She is left under Tony’s care but Tony has recruited a new member – how will this affect the reader and the rest of the Avengers, and where will Y/N end up?

Author’s note: Sorry this took so long! I had it almost completed, but then I really didn’t like how it came out and decided to rewrite it! I’m sad to see Shifter end, but I’m glad it’s not continuing because it’s an opportunity for me to put out new stuff! I’m super proud of it now, and it makes me really happy to read and put out for you guys! Enjoy!

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Part Ten || Part Eleven (Final Part!)

Peter Parker x Reader

   Your speedy recovery surprises pretty much everyone. The serum, created at an earlier stage by Tony, was redeveloped to work faster and hastily pumped into your bloodstream. Only a few weeks after being kidnapped by HYDRA, you were back on your feet and healthy again, your shifting powers under control and any signs of illness gone. The ‘destructive’ power the doctors had spoken of turned out to be electrokinesis - the manipulation of electrical energy. You haven’t harnessed this power yet, but it isn’t out of control - the most damage it’s done so far is given Steve an electric shock when he passed you the bowl of popcorn.

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New Girl

Peter Parker x reader

word count: 1677

warnings: i don’t really think there is any!

(A/N: please excuse the fact that in the comics Peter hates star wars(😪)cause obviously mcu!Petey at least likes it enough)

The bell rang signaling that first period had officially begun at Mid-Town Highschool, and you could practically hear the sighs of the tardy students in the halls. Peter Parker was luckily not among the group and was seated in the back of the classroom, patiently waiting for first period to begin, just so he can get it over with.

Last night Peter was up late, too busy with being the crime-fighting, Spider-man he was. He had rushed all of homeroom just to finish his algebra homework, cause when you’re fucking exhausted, you tend to forget anything but sleeping.

Hell, he was barely awake now. Peter sat there at his desk, contemplating whether or not to take advantage of Mrs.Andrew being distracted in the hall to sneak in a few minutes. After a second of a mental debate, he decided against it, despite it sounding like the best idea he’s ever heard.

Right after he made his decision, The door opened to reveal a girl behind Mrs. Drews. She obviously had to have transferred, as he had never seen her in his life. Peter observed her carefully and watched as she pushed up her glasses.

She looked up, and her eyes met Peters, catching him staring, and suddenly his face heated up. Damn, she already had him, and he hadn’t even had a single conversation with her yet. Oh, he had it bad. The girl smiled at him, and he just melted into a puddle. Peter began to smile, one of those real, genuine smiles that you just can’t hide. He tore his eyes away and focused on the teacher.

Alright, this is (Y/N) (L/N),” She gave a small wave and nodded, “She transferred here today, and i expect you guys to treat her with respect. (Y/N), you can just sit at the empty desk right there.”

Oh fucking god, He’s gonna be a nervous wreck. (Y/N) was going to sit right beside him, and she’s gonna find out how big of a dork he is and hate him for it. She’ll probably end up hanging out with Flash, laughing at Peter’s expense. It’s happened with almost every new kid, and he’s adjusted to it now.

You know what, fuck it. He should at least try to talk to her, you know maybe it’ll work out. Sure, he realizes he’s giving himself false hope, but it surely motivated him.

Peter turned his head, facing her.

Hey,” He said, trying to act as if he was really paying attention while Mrs.Andrews taught whatever it was.

“Hi,” (Y/N) whispered, a smile creeping across her face.

God, that smile, he felt himself blush again. Shit, shit, shit! He’s gonna fucking lose it, and end up giggling like a fool. The rush he felt after her just saying hi, made him feel like he terrified, excited, nervous, and sweaty all at once.

"I’m Peter,” He mumbled out, “Peter Parker,”

"Nice to meet you Peter,” (Y/N) said, but then grimaced, “I hate to ask this, ugh I’m such an idiot, but do you have a pen I can borrow? Just till the end of this class.”

He nodded and turned around, grabbing the pen from his desk. As he went to hand it to her, he couldn’t help but be in awe as she laughed and thanked him for the pen.

Mr.Parker, Ms.(L/N), is your conversation more important than my class?”

"Uh,” He shook his head, getting out of his daze to face the teacher. “No, it’s not.”

She spoke sternly, obviously aggravated by the pair, and told them to pay attention from here on out. Then he heard (Y/N) began to speak very quietly.

Pay attention, we will,” she whispered in a pretty decent impression of Yoda.

Now, if Peter hadn’t fallen for her already, boy, he was now. First, she’s like the most adorable human being he’s ever laid his eyes upon. Second, she was nice, very kind actually. And Third of all, she literally just did a Yoda impression to herself, that is the hottest thing he thought he’s ever seen a girl do.

He just grinned to himself as he blushed at his thoughts of the girl sat beside him. Peter only had to get through the rest of this period to talk to her again.

As the bell rang, he stood up, almost immediately turning to face (Y/N), preparing to ask her what class she was attending next but then she spoke.

"Hey, Peter, do you know where this Mr. Adkins’ class is? I have no clue where anything is, and i’m all confused, and,” She made a hand gesture similar to jazz hands as she rambled, “Agh, i just am so lost.”

He giggled. Peter just giggled, shaking his head. What in the hell happened, he giggled? Luckily for him, he was going his class next.

"Yeah, that’s my next class, do you wanna walk together or something?” Peter asked.

"Yep-a-doodle!’ (Y/N) then followed with an embarrassed expression as they began to walk, “Ignore that, sorry i probably seem like a huge dork.”

She then laughed, still keeping her gaze on him. He laughed with her, he just couldn’t help it, it’s like she had taken Peter and did some sort of witchcraft on him to make him just become enamoured with her. Talking to her felt good? It made him unbelievably happy, just hearing her laugh. (Y/N) just had this energy he could never begin to explain, Peter was just drawn to her since the moment she stepped into the class.

"Nah, Nah,” He waved her off, “It was cute, so don’t worry about it,” he said, not realizing what words had slipped out of his mouth.

(Y/N) grinned from ear to ear as she heard what Peter said. Her cheeks soon felt unbelievably warm at the boy’s words. She then leaned closer to him as the approached the door of what she believed to be Mr. Adkins room.

. "You know what?” she whispered, “i think you’re pretty cute.”

Peter froze in his footsteps as she walked past him, knowing that she caused him to stop in shock. His jaw nearly hit the floor, and he just started into a fit a blushing and giggles for what like the hundredth time that day.

Did she just? (Y/N) had to be kidding right? Right?

Peter finally collecited himself and all his thoughts, and walked into the classroom with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.

Weeks began to pass by quickier and quicker, days feeling like minutes as the pair got closer and closer.

While the whole “you’re cute,” incident had been ignored by both, neither had forgotten it.

At the end of another boring school day, the Peter was walking to his apartment alongside (Y/N), who was rambling on and on about Star Wars to him, and he was just as excited about the conversation and she was.

Okay so, Peter? I have one question for you, and this may or may not change our friendship forever,” (Y/N) said seriously, not a hint of hilarity in her eyes.

He found himself nervous, messing with his be pockets, trying to seem relaxed about. Was she going to bring up whole cute thing? Peter wasn’t sure if he could handle this conversation, (Y/N) probably knows, and will address his feelings and then-

"What is your stance on the ewoks? Love them, or hate them?”

Oh thank fucking god. He just threw his head back and laughed as they continued down the street.

” I like them i guess, i don’t understand why so many hate them, they’re cool.”

(Y/N)’s eyes lit up at his answer, nodding as she agreed with his statement.

“Exactly! They are adorable, and have no reason to be hated!”

Eventually, the discussion went from ewoks to whigh of the episodes the two were going to watch once they reached the apartment. The pair settled on Episode VI.

As they got closer, and closer to the apartment building, Peter could tell something was off with (Y/N), like she was in deep thought. he wanted to ask her, to make sure she was alright, but he didn’t want to pry.

"Hey, Peter,” (Y/N) said, suddenly coming to a halt in her path. He stopped with her.

"Hi,” He turned towards her, “What’s up?”

She smiled gently, looking down at her feet and she began.

"Well, I, uh,” Her voice was shaky, “You know, when i called you cute that one time, i really meant it. I actually find you, super cute. Like when you talk about Star Wars with me i find it super adorable, and i really like being your friend, so like you can act like i never said this, cause i really like you a lot,” She rambled off.

Peter froze, if he thought he was shocked when (Y/N) called him cute, boy, was he wrong. There was silence between the two as Peter tried to think of words, any words.

She bit her lip, looking down again, obviously hurt by his lack of response.

"I get it, it’s oka-”

Peter rushed forwards, close as he could be to her, pressing his lips against hers. His hands were on her cheeks, firm but gentle all at once.

(Y/N) was taken aback, as that was the last thing she expected him to. She closed her eyes, and lived entirely in the moment with him. Everything felt right as she laced her hands behind Peter’s waist, trying to get as close as literally possible.

Peter felt himself smile into the kiss, wondering how he got so lucky to meet the new, dorky girl that sat beside him in algebra.

Well this is a little animatic for my Storyboard class and I can tell you I’m satisfied with the result, maybe in the future I will improve it or even make an animation with this, who knows?

For last I have to say I was almost crying when I was drawing the last images.

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*Neither the character or the song belongs to me (obviusly) just the drawings and the “idea”. Everything is their respective owners. I do not do this for money and bla bla bla its just for entertainment (and college work more than anything)