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Honestly like I HATE how underrated Peter Pan (2003) is because:

The mermaids were Asian

Tiger Lily was ACTUALLY Native American and even spoke the native  language 

These cuties turn into


And don’t even get me started on the music score

Honestly this new Pan aint got nothing on the old one, sorry ‘bout it

Peter Pan: Scene Three

Tiger Lily played by @lilyflowerevans
Hook played by @dobbyisafreeblog
Peter played by @space-marauder
Wendy played by @positivity-and-possibilities

HOOK -  Now my dear princess, this is the proposition.  You give me the hiding place of Peter Pan, and I shall set you free.

WENDY - Poor Tiger Lily.

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lukastarkiller  asked:

im working on a story that retells 3 classic children's stories, and one of them is peter pan. i am wondering if i could have some advice on which of these options would be the best for making the usage of tiger lily not racist: 1 eliminating the native tribe entirely and not using her, 2 making them into aliens or amazons or some other fantasy element, or 3 eliminating the native tribe but making tiger lily a lost boy (other lost boys are female and poc as well, so it wouldn't be strange)

Retelling Tiger Lily

There’s option 4: picking a Tribe to research and represent and not being afraid to do it and do it right.  I’ve never seen a modern-day adaptation of Peter Pan have the cojones to actually pick up Tiger Lily and do her justice and maintain that she is Indigenous. 

Last year, Pan tried the route of making Tiger Lily & co. straight-up non-Native and a fantasy culture and in fact drew from Mongolian inspiration for elements like her headdress. This choice received boatloads of criticism for stripping away a Tiger Lily that could have been, including from Native American outlets such as Indian Country Today Media Network. Why not write the Tiger Lily that should have been? Neverland is described as a coastal/tropical area, with the pirates and the mermaids and so on,  and there is a wealth of coastal Native cultures to pick from.

- Rodriguez

Game On.

Request from @avengersrulez1536Hey I have come up with another idea- it’s a pan x reader where the reader is Tiger Lily and she was born on the island  and now that pan is there they fight for the throne of neverland.

Note: Now I’m not sure how people would see Tiger-Lily as she hasn’t been introduced to the OUAT verse yet; however I know a few people that would see her just as dark and unforgiving as Peter but, unlike him, she truly cares for the girls under her protection - the ones that have found their way to the island. I hope you enjoy this and if you want her written differently for your request then please just let me know <3

Peter Pan x Tiger-Lily!Reader

Words: 1,916

Warnings: Well this is Peter and Tiger-Lily so I guess I should probably put violence here.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Neverland had never been as glorious as it was during the days of Tiger-Lily. You had been here for as long as the island itself had and over the centuries that have passed whispers have travelled among the girls that ended up on the island….whispers that would suggest that you weren’t born of man and woman but of the very soils of Neverland. It has been so long and there have been countless different stories of your origins fabricated that no one actually knew the real truth and you weren’t one to speak of it to others either.

The girls that came to your island had often lost their way in life or had wished to come here because of the horrors they were experiencing and each one of them grew to quickly admire you. You were connected to the island in a way that you could control each and every plant that grew, use them for whatever advantage you needed, but most important of all you could use your magic to provide healing medicine and food for the ones who relied on you.

If you gave to the island than the island would provide. There was only ever one rule for those under your leadership too: You looked out for one another. No one here would be out for themselves and if they proved to be selfish in their ways they would be banished.

Life couldn’t have been any simpler or any sweeter….

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The Signs & the Girls of Disney

♈️ Aries - Ariel, The Little Mermaid

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♉️ Taurus - Belle, Beauty and the Beast

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♊️ Gemini - Pocahontas

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♋️ Cancer - Jane, Tarzan

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♌️ Leo - Charlotte, Princess & the Frog

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♍️ Virgo - Tiana, Princess & the Frog

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♎️ Libra - Mulan

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♏️ Scorpio - Meg, Hercules

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♐️ Sagittarius - Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

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♑️ Capricorn - Tiger Lily, Peter Pan

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♒️ Aquarius - Elsa, Frozen

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♓️ Pisces - Cinderella

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