peter pan shirts

Piccolo Di Angelo- Closed RP

Jacqueline set a sketchbook, a box of colored pencils, and one chocolate bar on the cashier’s counter, standing in front of Luke. She wore the uniform of a nearby private elementary school, with a navyblue and white pleated skirt, her long sleeve, crisp white shirt tucked into it. Over that, she had a navy blue sweater, and only the cuffs and Peter Pan collar of her shirt peaked out from it. Beneath it, she had gray sweater tights and scuffed Mary Jane shoes. Her coat was stuffed into her white backpack, which was doodled all over with colorful marker and wasn’t zipped up completely. Her long, ink black hair hung in two curled pig tails, and her fringe hung in her blue eyes. Her skin was so fair, it looked nearly white. Jackie looked to be about nine years old.

Jackie put some crumpled dollar bills on the counter, then some change. Then she began checking her pockets, frowning, before looking up at the cashier. “I don’t have two dollars. But I can wait until my brother gets here.”

“You’re holding up the line, kid.”

Jackie began chewing nervously on her thumb nail, mumbling an apology, before she began taking her stuff of of the counter.