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화양연화 pt.2 : Movie Posters

I don’t know anyone else who’s gone through the trouble of making a poster for their Let’s Plays but uh…I did. And looking at it now…I still don’t know why I did. Then again, I DO love making posters and I gotta advertise somehow so um…

Coming soon to YouTube, witness a Let’s Play unlike any other!
Whenever it seems like I should be studying magic, I always tend to get side tracked…and video games are the worst distraction of all! But what happens when I combine the two by accident? You get a whole new series of let’s plays combined with an all new, but not so original story as I battle my way through various nostalgic Disney video games. Join me as I play alongside old friends and battle many familiar enemies in an attempt to gain new skills that will assist me in a final battle outside the digital world!

That’s basically the long and short of it. I still don’t know whether I should post them on my original channel or make a whole new one JUST for gaming. Either way, I’m really excited! I know my Let’s Plays aren’t exactly my most popular videos…but if I do them RIGHT then I’m hoping to gain or expand my audience. After all, my goal from this is to tell a story through gaming and attempt to add to the more…family friendly genre of online gaming. (There really isn’t enough of that. Seriously. All the intense, foul mouthed gameplay…so dull. Sooo dull.)

There’ll be many surprises in this series. Plenty of my regular schtick for familiar audiences as well as new things I’m trying out exclusively for this. New art, new routines AND I’ll be trying my hand at animation again. (It’s been far too long!) but the bottom line is, I hope it’ll be something for everyone.

Original screencaps, games, characters, names and logos belong to their respective owners.
Poster….or what little originality I have in it…belongs to me.

To celebrate the release of The Fox and The Hound, Paul Wenzel created this poster in 1981 highlighting the other Walt Disney animated features.