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"PAN" (2015)

Panis an upcoming Peter Pan origin movie directed by Joe Wright. The movie takes place during World War II with a young orphan who one day is kidnapped by evil pirates and take to the faraway island of Neverland. There the boy teams up with the natives after discovering his destiny to save Neverland by defeating the leader of the pirates, Blackbeard. The movie due to be released into theaters on July 17, 2015.

As of today, Hugh Jackman will take on the role of Blackbeard, the leader of an evil band of pirates in Neverland.

Garrett Hedlund will play as the legendary James Hook, one of Blackbeard’s ship mates.

Adeel Akhtar has accepted the role as Mr. Smee, though it is not knows as to what Smee’s role in “Pan” will be we can assume it has something to do with James Hook.

Amanda Seyfried has taken the role of Mary, we’re not quite sure the role she plays, but many suspect she will taken on as Wendy’s mother.

Rooney Mara has been accepted to play as Tiger Lily, a native to Neverland and ally of Pan.

Jack Charles has recently been cast as the role of Tiger Lily’s Chief Father.

Ami Metcalf has been cast as Sister Thomas. There is no knowledge as of yet about her role in the film,  but I sure we can expect something great.

Levi Miller will play the ultimate role as Peter Pan, an orphan who learns to fly and never grows up.

Other cast roles…

Nonso Anozie …as… Bishop
Kathy Burke …as… Mother Bambas
Kurt Egyiawan …as… Murray,
Lewis MacDougall …as… Nibs
Leni Zieglmeier …as… Wendy Darling 
Taejoo Na …as… yet to be revealed role