peter pan michael

You know the place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming?   
That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.
—  Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

Whomever you’re waiting for … they’re never coming back. But there’s someone who still could.

Made these a while back for a Star Wars / Peter Pan AU I’ll probably never write~

A Pirate’s Life For Me: Part 5

Summary: The reader, a pirate on Captain Jones’ ship, sets foot on the island with her crew, and is met with and unexpected surprise

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Once my cage had finally reached the ground, I felt my body become slightly more relaxed. The height I was suspended at would have made an escape harder. But now, as soon as the boys open the cage, I was making a run for it. 

“Peter is gonna be really mad,” cried the smaller of the two boys. They looked like brothers, both having big blue eyes and dirty blond hair. The littler of the pair looked like just mentioning Pan’s name scared him half to death, but the oldest shrugged his shoulders.

“She needs our help,” he said, turning to face me at last. “Listen, my name is John, and this is my brother Michael. I promise we are not here to hurt you.” The look in John’s eyes made me feel like I could trust him. Almost.

“Then what are you here for? Come to look at Pan’s newest prisoner?” I sneered. If I could just get him to open the door, I would run. I wouldn’t hurt the boys, unless force was needed. I would find a cave somewhere and plan my voyage off the island. I had heard Killian’s stories of a shadow that brought boys to Neverland, and I figured I could hitch a ride to wherever my crew has sailed off to.

“No, we have come to rescue you.” I rolled my eyes, but continued to listen to John’s story. “Peter plans to make you his wife, and force you to become our mother. And we have seen first hand what he is capable of doing to the things he calls his.” For some reason, when John says this, I could see his eyes begin to water and look towards the sky. But that doesn’t last long and he turns his attention back to my situation. He opens the door of the cage, and waits for me to climb out. 

At first, I really did think about running. Following my plan, But maybe these boys could be my ticket off this hell of an island. Climbing out, I stretched my legs and felt more free than ever. I stood up off the ground and faced John. 

“So, where are you going to take me?” I couldn’t imagine what Pan would do if he knew they were helping me, but I was grateful.

“Someplace Pan has long since forgotten about” he said, and started off towards the dense forest.

The walk was long, but the scenery made it all worth while. I found myself staring down at the floor looking at beautiful arrays of flowers. Looking at the two boys, I saw that Michael was falling behind his brother. I fell back and began stepping in time with the paces  of his little footsteps. He looked up at me and grinned, but then bashfully continued to tromp along the pathway.

“So what did your brother mean about Peter being capable of doing things to what is his?” Of course, I was afraid of the answer I would receive. Just the thought of being Pan’s possession made me shudder.

“When we first came to the island, my sister Wendy had come along with us. She became the Lost Boy’s mother and took care of all of  us. She and Pan liked each other lots, but she wanted to take us back home. She didn’t tink Neverland was a good home and dat made Pan mad. So he hurt her, and she died.” Michael began crying softly, and I stopped walking for a moment  to wrap my arms around his little body. I promised myself in that moment I would do anything to protect these two. I picked Michael up and continued to follow John down a hill. There I saw a tree house, surrounded on all four sides with tall oak trees. 

“Welcome home.”

AGHHHH THE DARLING FAMILY!!! I hope you guys liked this part and are excited for the next part! xoxo