peter pan lace dress

Follow You Into the Dark

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1072

Warnings: fluff, smut to come!

Theme Song: I Will Follow You Into the Dark -Death Cab for Cutie

Summary: Anon Request:  A really romantic Cas and reader smut where they both lose their virginity on their wedding night? Lots of fluff?

Doing a part 2, that will contain the smut, so enjoy this fluff!

“You look beautiful, Y/N” Sam stood at the doorway in a white dress shirt that was tucked into black slacks, hands tucked into his pockets. His long brown locks combed back. You smile at your friend, before turning back to the full length mirror in front of you.Everything was so last minute, so you rushed to the nearest vintage store with Charlie, trying to find the perfect dress. It took three different stores, before you found a black sleeveless vintage dress with a lace peter pan collar. Charlie loved it right away but wondered if you should be wearing white, “Aren’t you a virgin? Shouldn’t you wear white?” Shrugging as you held the dress up to your body, “Traditonally yes. But Cas and I are far from traditional. I mean we are virgins, but he’s an angel and I’m a hunter..” Your redheaded best friend agreed as she called to one of the workers, asking for a fitting room.

“I’m nervous Sammy” You admit to the younger Winchester, combing a finger through your wavy locks. Smoothing down the dress with your hands, Sam walks over to you. Putting his hand on your shoulder, “Don’t be. It’s a happy day. Are you ready?”Exhaling and giving yourself a last look over, you nod. Sam smiles wide, holding out his arm. “Let’s go beautiful”. The two of you walk out of your room and down the hall of the bunker. Charlie, Ellen and Jo had decorated the whole main area of the bunker, it wasn’t some big extravaganza, but simple. Entering the room, you gripped Sam’s arm tight. Most of the furniture was moved out, enough to make room. Chairs were aligned, facing the stair case of the bunker that lead to the front door, where Balthazar stood. He volunteered to officiate the wedding, because he had always taken a liking to you. The Death Cab for Cutie song that you picked out played softly in the background, as Sam lead you towards everyone.

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nymphet-delrey  asked:

Do you know and stores that sell kinder white Babydoll dresses? And if so can you make a list of some :) please

Off The Shoulder Dress

High By The Beach Dress

White Contrast Scallop Collar ¾ Sleeve Dress

Princess Fairy Dress

White Eyelet Babydoll Dress

COURTNEY doll one-piece

Frill Dress

White Babydoll Dresss

Lace-Collar Dress

Long-Sleeve Peter-Pan Collar Dress

Frilled Peter Pan Collar Dress

Frill Trim Long-Sleeve Dress :) <3

anonymous asked:

hello :) i was just wondering whether you could recommend me any websites that sell cute, shortish dresses with peter pan collars. thanks :)

Contrast Collar Dress

Bow Print Dress

Black Pearl Peter Pan Collar Dress 

Black Polka Dots Dress

Blue Lace Edge Dress 

White & Black Skirt Dress

Peter Pan Collared Dress

In Love With Scallops Dreess


Pan Collar Check Long Sleeve Dress 

Pan Collar Temperament Dresses

Pan Collar Lace Stitching Mini Dress 

Perter Pan Collar Plaid Long Sleeve Dress 

Pan Collar A-Line Mini Dress 

Apricot Turn-down Collar Dress 

Peter Pan Collar A Line Checks Dress

Peter Pan Collar Contrast Color Grid Dress 

Peter Pan Collar Mini Dress

Peter Pan Collar  Chiffon Dress

Doll Collar Mini Dress 

Peter Pan Collar Retro Dress

bonnechancecollectionsmodclothgfdstore, & forever21 also have super cute peter pan collar dresses too <3 :)

cizerecem  asked:

Hello, do you know Alexa's must-haves?

Cut off denim shorts
Black converse high tops
Breton tops
Leopard print coat
Winged cat eyeliner
Fedora (black or maroon)
Black, blue, grey skinny jeans
Band tees
Overalls!! (Dresses, shorts/ pant styles)
Chelsea boots
Two strap sandals
Ballet flats
Espadrille wedges
Navy knits
Leather jackets
Cat flats
Chanel bag
Round tortoise sunglasses
Lace mini dresses
Peter Pan collared shirts