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He was possibly the most arrogant person alive. Waltzing around, acting like he knew everything, owned everything.

He sometimes even acted like he owned you. And sometimes you’d have to remind him who was more powerful by putting him back in his place.

He was like the face of evil. His face struck fear into the hearts of all those who had heard of him, knew him, or who ever had the displeasure of meeting him.

But not you, of course. You were stronger. More powerful, if it were even possible. You were the elusive puppeteer that pulled the strings when no one was watching. Though you never took advantage of such power in a disgraceful way, you always did influence his choices. His actions. His words.

You were quite possibly, more powerful than Peter Pan. And you didn’t even have to have magic to have a hold over him.

All you needed, was his heart.

I'm Here to Help- A Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: I’m Here to Help
Request:  Hi! Could you do a Henry imagine where you were in league with pan, but decided to secretly help Henry escape. Then the whole gang brings her back with them and they defeat pan. Also Emma decides to take The reader with them when they cross the line. You can make up the rest! I love your imagines btw they are amazing!!!! (changing this a tiny bit, they don’t cross the line, the add Y/N to the family)
Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader

Y/N watched as Peter Pan lead a boy into a small room, locked it, and walked away.
Pan, the leader of the island of Neverland that Y/N was traped on, was vicious and cruel. The boy he had caught Y/N learned was named Henry, and Pan wanted to use him to get full and powerful powers unimmaginable to the average mind.
Seeing the suffering Henry was in, and remembering how Pan had treated her like that when she first got to the island, she descided she would try and escape. With him.
This day came soon, as Henry’s family and friends came to Neverland to save him. Emma Swan, his mother, came along with Snow White, Prince Charming, Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones, Regina (his adoptive mother), and Rumpletilkstin came.
They were journeying in the forest when Y/N approached them about saving the boy.
She jumped out of the woods, only to be meet with a hook to her neck.
Hook had grabbed her, seeing her as a threat, “Who are you?”
“My-my name’s Y/N. I’m here to help you. I can get Henry.” she responded shakily.
“Let her go, Hook.” Emma said. “What do you know about my son?”
“He’s trapped in a little room at Pan’s base camp. If you listen to me, I can hlep you get him out.” Y/N responded.
“And why should we trust you?” Regina asked.
“I was in his same situation, months ago. Well, minus the fact Pan wants him dead.” Y/N said as the group gasped, not knowing Pan wanted Henry dead. “I want to help him get out of this hell hole.”
“Is he ok right now?” Emma asked.
“He’s fine. Pan keeps trying to gain his trust.” Y/N responded.
“What do you get out of this?” Prince Charming asked.
“I want to leave, with you all.” Y/N said.
The group looked at each other, and Emma spoke up, “We all should talk about this, privatly.”
Y/N nodded, and the group walked a few feet away to talk to each other.

When they came back, they had their choice.
“Help us save Henry, and we will take you back with us.” Emma said.
Y/N smiled for the first time in months, “Thank you. Follow me.”
She lead them to Pan’s base camp, and eventually, they all defeated Pan and saved Henry.
As promised, Y/N went along back to Storybrooke with Henry and his family.

In Storybrooke, Emma was trying to figure out what to do with Y/N. She choose to ask Henry.
“Henry, now that Y/N’s here, where do you think she should live?” Emma asked her son.
Henry thought for a moment, “How about…she lives with us? She can be like my sister. I’m already great friends with her and she went to all that trouble to save me. Hook could have killed her in the forest when she first talked to you, but he didn’t. Pan could have killed her, but he didn’t. She’s meant to be with us.”
Emma smiled, “I think I’d actually like that.”
The two then went to find Y/N. She was sitting in Granny’s diner, alone. She hadn’t made many friends since she got to Storybrooke, she was a bit of an outcast.
Emma and Henry sat in the booth with her.
“Hey, Y/N.” Henry said.
Y/N looked up, “Hey guys!”
Emma smiled at her, “We had an idea about where you should live. Both of us think you could live with us, as my daughter, as Henry’s sister. You’ve already bonded with him, you can bond with me too. We can be a little family.”
Y/N’s face lit up, “Oh my god! Thank you so much. I’d love to live with you both.”
They got up, and walked back home.
“So I can call you sis now?” Henry asked laughing.
“I guess so.” Y/N responded laughing too. She looked at Emma, “And I can call you Mom?”
Emma smiled, “Of course, daughter.”


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Robbie Kay:

Over You Quickly: The reader gets rejected by their best friend, Thomas Brodie Sangster after admitting their feelings but gets over the hurt from it quickly when the reader meets Robbie Kay.

Not Like That: The reader is dating their co-star, Jake Manley, which makes the reader’s best friend, Robbie Kay, very jealous and desperate.

Not The Same: The reader gets angry and jealous when they think Robbie is openly flirting with their twin sister.

6 AM: The reader wants to lay in bed just a little longer with Robbie before he has to leave for a couple months.

Suggestion: The reader and Robbie finally figure out their feelings for each other while filming a scene.

Peter Pan:

Family Reunion: Flashback to the life of Rumple’s mother (the reader) and father (Peter Pan) before Rumple was born.

Jealousy’s a Bitch: The reader confronts Peter about her thinking that he’s cheating on her with Wendy.

Thank You Lost Boys: *SMUT* Peter starts showing sexual affection towards the reader as they’re alone in his tree house.

New Girl: The reader feels neglected when Peter starts ditching them to hang out with the new girl on the island, Wendy.

New Girl: Part 2: The reader acts out because of her anger towards Peter and Wendy.

Overwhelming: *SMUT* Peter is unsure on how to handle the delicate and innocent reader during sex.

Hopelessly: *SMUT* Peter and the reader reveal their feelings to each other before having some long-awaited passionate sex.

Tommy Clark:

Reunited: The reader runs away from home after accidentally exposing their power and runs into two people that helps her unexpectedly reunite with her boyfriend.

The feeling you had when your bare feet hit the sand of Neverland’s Northern beach, is a feeling you will never forget.

He had persuaded you, told you of magical wonders and adventures and much pleasure on a far away, secret island. For the longest time you were too afraid to take off with this strange boy. So he told you to visit this place in your dreams, and that he would guide you throughout the island each night for 3 nights until you had made your final choice. To stay in a hollow for the rest of your life? Poor? Or to run away and fight pirates and never age and never have to worry about money again?

Each night, in your dreams you would appear on the beach, but you could not feel the sand between your toes, and the faint sound of the waves crashing against the beach was something you had imagined in your head, seeing as you’d never even been to a real beach before, let alone by the ocean. But nonetheless, each night the boy who called himself Peter Pan would guide you through your dreams and show you an island of all he had promised, and so much more. Each night before you slept, he would sit at your window and tell you wonderful things, and he told you of the Lost Boys and Hook and his pirates and the mermaids and his friend Tiger Lily and her tribe, and you couldn’t help but fall in love… with the thought of the island, and this one smug teenager.

You had explained to him how badly you wanted to be by the ocean, and he promised you could visit the sea and beach every day if you came with him.

On the third and final night, he came with a shadow of himself, but it was still it’s own being. He didn’t even come inside on this particular night, he just stood on the window’s ledge, and reached his hand out for you. And with dwindling hesitation and growing confidence, you took his hand and soon your feet were no longer touching the mossy floor of your strange tree-house. And not long after, you finally got to feel the sand, and hear the tide and see the stars and everything he had promised you was so much more.


Many a time he tried to explain to you why the pipes were enchanted, what effect they had on people. You, being probably the only person to step upon Neverland’s soil did not hear such music that he played. While the Lost Boys danced around the fire each night, Pan played his flute. But you still heard nothing. Sometimes you felt like you were going crazy if you were the only person on the island who couldn’t hear it, or maybe everyone else was just mad enough to listen to it.

Either way, Pan did not care if you heard the sound or not. He still treated you the same, still cared for you nonetheless. In fact, part of him didn’t want you to ever have to hear the music of the pan flute. For on that day, he would know that you felt lost. And that he was doing everything wrong. And that’s how he’d know if he’d lost you yet.