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Tricky Little Lost Girl (Peter Pan x Reader)

Warning: A lil’ sexual… not too bad

You had a knack for making boys fall for you. Even the trickiest of players couldn’t stop themselves from wanting you. Many nights were spent pleasing yourself with a boy and then leaving without a trace before they woke up the next, leaving them to wonder if it was all just a fantastic dream.

You had plans for the new boy at school. You set out your best outfit to put on when you woke up. But you didn’t wake up in your room. You woke up on an island.

You scrambled to your feet and looked around. You were on a white, sandy beach. About twenty strides away was a thick forest. You turned around and gazed at the ocean.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” a voice said. You spun around and punched whoever spoke.

“Who are you?” you demanded. The boy chuckled, rubbing where you punched him.

“I’m Peter Pan, darling,” he said. You narrowed your eyes and spun him around, forcing him onto a rock, trapping him. (You’re such a badass! Go you)

“Listen here boy,” you growled. “I’m not going to play games with you. Tell me who you are and where I am. NOW!” Pan smirked, finding him extremely turned on by your aggressiveness.

“Oh, but I’m telling the truth,” he said. “I’m Peter Pan. And this,” he gestured around him, “is Neverland.”


In the few months that you had been on Neverland, you learned to love it. You were just like any other Lost Boy. The boys treated you the same as they would with a boy. You appreciated that.

You thought about doing what you did best with the boys, but figured it’d be the most fun to mess with the man himself, Peter Pan.

“(Y/n)!” Pan called out. He needed you to do something for him. You emerged from behind a tree, your (h/l) (h/c) hair dripping with water. You bit your lip and looked at him with your beautiful (e/c) eyes. Pan just stared at you in awe.

“Yes, Peter?” you said, daring to call him by his first name. He didn’t correct you, finding it sexy, wishing you were screaming it.

“I need you to, uh…” he said snapping back into reality. ‘Climb into my bed,’ he thought before telling you what he needed from you.

“Of course,” you said before turning away to do what he asked.


Pan couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted you. He needed you. He was far past the point of being ashamed for falling this hard for you. He walked outside.

“(Y/n)!” Pan called. You looked at him. “Meet me in my tree house. I need to talk to you about something.” All the other boys gasped and gave you a sorry look. You simply smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted to 'talk’ to you about.

“You called, Peter?” you said entering his treehouse. The boy wasted no time: he grabbed you and smashed his lips against yours.

Part Two??? (Will be smut)


You never did forget your fathers face. Scruffy, gruff to some but honestly he’s really harmless. Alright, so.. A little less than harmless but he never hurt no one that he didn’t have to. 

You never did forget the times that you spent with your dad. Sailing on the high seas. Dinner’s on the ship, exploring on the mainlands. You loved that ship, almost as much as your daddy did. Aye, she was lovely. 

You never did forget when your dad left you, either. You were docked in Neverland, Hook wanting to try and attack Peter Pan again, right at his heart. You were young then, no older than.. Maybe 14, for real. But even you knew it was useless. Peter Pan was clever, tricky, knew how to choose his battles. And legend was that Peter Pan knew everything that went on in Neverland. So how your father was expecting to sneak in was a mystery to you. 

You decided to go and find your dad. Tell him to come back and that you guys should sail off again, get away from here. Peter Pan was crafty, but he was also ruthless, you didn’t want any of your dad’s crew to get hurt, and you definitely wanted your dad back! 

But pushing through thick bush, and the tall plants soon left you lost, confused and scared. This was a mistake, you should’ve never tried. You tried to see where you came from, but everything just looked so similar, nothing was different, 

You were real scared now, you tried to scream for your father but there was no response. You pushed and clawed through the greenery, trying to get to the ocean. And once you caught scent of the salty breeze you were relieved, because you would be back at the ship, and Peter Pan wouldn’t be able to hurt you. Your dad would protect you. 

But when you finally stumbled your way to the beach, the ship was gone. You knew that this was where you came into the bush, but the ship was just gone. 

You looked out desperately, trying to find out where it went, and then you caught it. It was already out, almost out of the little cove that the curving island made, and it was long gone from you. 

“Dad!” You screamed any way, trying to get someone to hear you. You didn’t know what you would do, abandoned on this island like this. Didn’t your dad realize that you were gone?! That you weren’t waiting for him like you always were?! And how long that went by so fast?! 

“Well, who do we have here?” A chuckling male voice sounded from behind you and you completely froze, your body stiff and tense, but your mind working over time. “Huh? Aren’t you going to turn around, girl?” The voice was teasing, and you clenched your eyes shut tight. “Come on, I only want to see what you look like,” Breath stroked your face now, and someone pushed a strand of your hair out of your face. 

Your eyes snapped open immediately only to meet forest green ones. 

“Ah, there we go,” A boy, who looked no older than.. What.. 15? Smirked at you, dropping his hand and letting your hair fall back in your face. “What’s your name?” 

“(Y/N),” You said slowly. 

“What a pretty name..” They boy commented. “You’ll be the first girl here. The first of Peter Pan’s great Lost girls. Welcome to the family, love,” 

That was years ago, and yet you hadn’t aged a day. You and Peter had formed into more than.. Whatever he was to the Lost Boys, and you had turned into the nurturing they needed, and forgot that they missed. It was a good system, until the strangers came onto the island. 

You were exploring in the woods, needing to clear your mind from all the noise at the campsite you guys had going on. The Lost Boys were restless tonight, attacking each other left and right and not even a sharp tone from you stopped them for long anymore. Peter just let them fight among themselves, too busy talking to Felix to care about the others. So you left. You needed a breather. 
It was about 10 minutes in did you hear voices. They weren’t familiar, and you immediately were afraid. How did they get on Never land? What was going on? 

You were about to turn on your heel and run for Peter, but then you heard it. The gruff but still smooth sound of your dad’s voice. It was something you hadn’t heard for years, and your knees almost went limp from shock. You crept forward slowly, spying on them through bushes so the group wouldn’t see you. 

They were talking about patrol, and who was going to make a campfire, and they were looking for someone. You were so excited at first, he was finally here for you. He was going to take you home! But an uneasy feeling came out of that too. You didn’t want to leave Peter, you didn’t want to leave the Lost Boys. You were happy here, and-

Henry. They were looking for a boy named Henry. 

Not you. 


You swallowed hard to try and rid yourself of the dry lump that had settled itself in your throat now, and you shook your head. 

Your father must not even remember you. 

You quickly turned around, but stumbled a little from the shock and everyone in the group stopped talking immediately. You winced and looked over your shoulder to see if they saw you, and grimaced when they were all looking right at you. 

You made sure to make eye contact with your dad, and saw the shock and recognition there. Wide eyed, you made a small squeaking sound, and booked it. Screaming Peter’s name as you fled through the woods that they would easily get lost in if they even attempted to follow you. 



Chapter 1.


Green smoke surrounded him, he could hear Rumple’s screams for him and he looked up, feeling his heart tear a little as he watched the shadow fly off with Rumple. He felt himself changing and he looked down to see himself dressed in clothes he hadn’t been wearing for such a long time. A child can’t have a child. In the midst of mourning over the fact that he had to let Rumple go, he saw another face. He heard another voice and a smile appeared upon his now much more youthful face. Malcolm was back. Back to his younger self and back in Neverland.

Malcolm stood there for a moment and suddenly noticed that Rumple had dropped the figure he had been holding onto so dearly. Malcolm walked over and crouched down, holding it in his hand. Peter Pan. Rumple had called it.
Malcolm gritted his teeth, and clutched it tightly. With the little love he had for Rumple he chose to change his own name. He chose to call himself.

Peter Pan.

And that would be him, from now on and forever.


Henry was walking down the main road of Storybrooke, currently very absorbed in his thoughts, but his eye caught the sight of a figure dressed in dark clothes hurrying down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. It was one of the outlaws, as you would call it. They really made a problem for his mom a lot. They were all had golden dark skin, black silk hair, and there was a girl and two boys. It was the girl who was walking down the road. Her legs were long; wrapped in tight black jeans and her feet embraced by black ankle boots. She looked in his way and their eyes met. Henry felt like the gaze hit him in the guts. She was very intimidating. Then suddenly it seemed as if her personality flipped and her eyes widened a little. An innocent and childish look appeared on her face and she immediately changed course and hurried over the road towards him, avoiding a blue car that got in her way. Henry had frozen where he stood, eyeing her as she towered over him.

   “Henry?” She asked, she knew his name. Well, Henry wasn’t so surprised it seemed as if everybody knew him. Now that he saw her up close he noticed that she was just a child, or at least a teenager. She had a hood from her hoodie covering her head, but she pushed it back.
Henry nodded. “Y-yeah, that’s me.” He stuttered, he didn’t know why he was stuttering.

   “I’m Haley, or also called Tiger Lily.” She smiled kindly and stretched out a hand. Henry grabbed hers and shook it, smiling as well. This was Tiger Lily! The Indian princess from… wait… from Neverland. What was she doing here? She noticed his confused expression. “Been here from the start.” She said and put her hands in her pocket. “Travelled to the Enchanted forest and probably shouldn’t have done that.” She grinned and Henry chuckled.

   “So did you… did you know-”

   “Peter Pan?” She finished his sentence and grimaced at the name. Henry thought she looked pained. In the original story, were the two of them not friends? “I knew him, yes.” She muttered and then pushed a strand of hair out of her face, she seemed uncomfortable by the mention of this.

   “Uhm…” Henry tried to change the conversation, he didn’t like to speak about Pan either, but something told him Tiger Lily had a totally different story when it came to Pan. “So why did you come to me?”

 A worried expression washed her features. “I need your help. Or I need Emma’s help.” She said and he noticed the corner of her mouth twitching. “I need to find someone.”

Henry decided to lead her to Granny’s where he knew he probably could find his mother. “Who do you need to find?”

 Lily frowned. “My brother, Chay. He disappeared last night, which is not him at all. I’m afraid somebody took him.”

 Henry stopped in his track and Lily had to turn around. “What are you saying?”

 Lily grimaced. “Henry, this is not the most peaceful town, you cannot be surprised can you?”

   “No…” He silenced. “I just thought we’d have peace just for a moment.”

   “We could’ve had peace…” Lily muttered as she began walking and Henry wanted to ask her why, but he decided not to. He was very curious to hear her story, what could it be?

Henry went in first while Lily followed with quite a gloomy look upon her face. She eyed everyone around her while Henry scanned the room for his mother. “Mom!” He cheered, and ran over to a blonde woman wearing a red leather jacket and Lily followed him. In front of the woman who Lily now recognized to be called Emma, a man sat who Lily knew was called Hook. Then the bell chimed and into the café came the mayor, Regina, and she frowned when she saw Lily stand beside Henry.

   “Mom!” Henry beamed, the frown from Regina’s face vanished in thin air and she smiled and greeted her son.

   “Henry!” She smiled and hugged Henry. “Emma. Hook.” She greeted the other two with a nod. “And who are you?” She asked Tiger Lily who blinked up at her, arms crossed over her chest. She unfolded them and bowed a little.

   “Tiger Lily, but in Storybrooke I was called Haley.” She said and smiled shortly, but worry soon edged itself onto her face.

   “What can I do to help you, Lily?” Regina asked and Lily smiled thankfully at her.

   “My brother has gone missing.” She said and looked at Emma. “I can’t find him anywhere, it’s a mystery. The only traces make me think that maybe he has been kidnapped. He doesn’t speak well. He’s very naïve and I don’t like the thought of him not having me or my cousin, Nash, around him.”

   “What’s his name?” Emma asked.

   “Chay.” Lily replied immediately.

 Hook had been glaring at Lily as soon as she had said her name. “You’re Lily… Princess Tiger Lily?”

 Lily flinched a little as if the name cut her. “Yeah.” She nodded.

   “You’re from Neverland, right?” Emma asked and Lily nodded again. “How did you come here?”

 Lily eyed them all. “It’s a long story.” She sighed and Henry sat down and pulled Regina down to sit beside him. Emma scooted over to make place for the two and Hook glued himself to the wall so that Lily could take seat as well.

 “I was in Neverland long before Peter Pan. Long before Hook or anyone else came there. Where the whole tricky part comes in, I guess that was when I met Malcolm.”

 Henry frowned. “Gold’s father?”

 Lily nodded. “I knew him when he was a child and came to Neverland in his dreams… I know him differently. He wasn’t bad in the start.” Hook huffed when she said this and Regina watched Lily with disbelief. “Well, not with me…” She muttered and eyed them all, she inhaled deeply and began telling the story of Neverland before it had its terrifying ruler.


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Take Me To Neverland

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Prompt Peter pan x Reader OUAT? Something like how Peter pan convinced y/n to come to Neverland? doesn’t have to be long, something quite cute yet realistic and reveals peter pans character in terms of being dark, cunning, maybe tricky and such. ty!!

Warnings - Bullying and that’s about it 

Word Count -  477

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