peter pan and his lost boys


you fight with peter and things turn nasty

eter brings you somewhere special

ou attempt to stick it to pan

ou find something you’ve always searched for

asthma attack during a game

(self-starving trigger warning)

you reflect on how you came to be with the boy you love

you’re modern and clever, and pan can’t take it

fluff between you and pan

pan is your father and it’s been a while

you took a pregnancy test

a continuation

with a prophecy and little time, pan searches for his queen

you travel to the underworld with the heroes

(song inspired) you show pan your inner wild child

you see something you never thought you would

sexy, naked pan and you have no idea what to do

love is declared and there’s some angst (happy ending)

pan’s trying to cash in a kiss

(pan’s perspective) i’m in love with you

(pan’s perspective) a continuation; smut implication

you get sloshed and pan takes care of you

it’s your first month on neverland and mother nature calls

angry, plotless smut with peter



                     “The very world here bends for the sake of your stories, Pan.
                                I see no reason why I, a mere man, should not.”

Ten years ago, Peter Pan left Neverland to grow up, leaving behind his adolescent dreams of boyhood and resigning himself to life as Wendy Darling. Growing up, however, has only made him realize how inescapable his identity as a man is.
But when he returns to Neverland, everything has changed: the Lost Boys have become men, and the war games they once played are now real and deadly. Even more shocking is the attraction Peter never knew he could feel for his old rival, Captain Hook—and the realization that he no longer knows which of them is the real villain.

                                  “I’m the spirit of youth and joy, remember?”
                                     “You’re a grown man and a nuisance.”

What dating Peter Pan would include:

·         Sharing a cozy treehouse with him.

·         Waking up every morning with his warm arms locked tightly around your            body.

·         Peter constantly putting all of your needs in front of everything else.

·         Daily trips to Mermaid Lagoon since Pan knows it’s one of your favorite             spots in Neverland.

·         Peter protecting you from the mermaids.

·         Being a loving and caring mother to all the Lost Boys.

·         Reading bedtime stories to the younger boys while Peter happily listens             in, adding an extra comment when he found necessary.

·         “And they lived happily ever after!” A small boy smiled with delight then              chirped,

          “Like you and Pan, right mother?” Peter emerged from the other side of             the well-lit fire where he had been listening to you intently with a proud               smirk on his face.

          “Yes… exactly like Y/n and I.”

·         Pan giving you special one-on-one lessons with the bow and arrow.

·         Having heated makeout sessions in the middle of the forest.

·         Peter teaching you how to properly hunt with him and the Lost Boys.

·         “I’m impressed, y/n. You seem to be a natural at hunting. Well done,                  love.”

·         Pan having to constantly be touching you in some way whether it be                 holding your hand sweetly or resting his on the small of your back.

·         Peter opening up to you about his past and letting you in completely.

·         Becoming close friends with Felix and going to him for almost every bit             of advice.

·         Pan’s eyes absorbing your every move as you twirl around the burning             fire while the enchanting tunes from the pipe pressed loosely against his           lips dance in the air.

·         Becoming Peter Pan’s only weakness.

·         Going on midnight strolls through the dark forest with Peter by your side           to keep you out of harm’s way.

·         Peter growing extremely protective and slightly possessive over you.

·         “I just don’t fancy the idea of you out and about running wild with the                  boys. You’re my bird, not theirs!”

·         Convincing Pan, after much persuasion, to allow yourself to teach him                how to braid hair.

·         “Darling, I don’t see how this will ever come in hand. How is this a useful            life skill? This could never aid me in a fight. What am I gonna do… braid            their hair to death?”

          “Peter! Don’t be so vulgar! Maybe sometimes I’m sick of always having              to do it myself and I would like a helping hand once in a while, I mean-“             A pair of soft lips cut you short as Pan held your face lovingly between                his hands, kissing you sweetly.

          “I’m sorry, love. I didn’t mean to upset you. It would be my honor to learn            how to braid hair by you!”

·         Peter actually becoming very skilled in doing your hair and jumping at               the idea of braiding small flowers in between each strand of hair pulled             back tightly into a single french braid. Although not ever in front of the               Lost Boys that is.

·         Playing light jokes on each other.

·         Peter adding an entire personal library for you after discovering just how           much you enjoy reading.

·         Cuddling up together in your shared bed after a long and tiring day.

·         Sharing stories from the past to one another and promising not to speak           a single word about them to any other soul.

·         Picking berries and other various fruits together as you two chat and                 joke the day away.

·         Random acts of affection in the most unexpected situations.

·         Bathing together in the rich pure streams of Neverland which eventually           leads into a water war, splashing each other mercilessly as both of your             laughter echoes through the forest.  

·         “Wow, love. Didn’t know I make you that wet! You’re dripping for me!”

          “Peter Pan! Do not speak such a way!”

          “I’m sorry, beautiful… I just couldn’t resist.”

·         Reading the original fairytale of Peter Pan to Peter and answering all the           many, and confusing, questions he has.

·         Waking up to his plump lips locked softly against your forehead as he               mumbles a tired “good morning”.

·         Peter trusting you with keeping the real Pandora’s Box safe when the               Storybrooke gang arrives.

·         Pan loving you unconditionally, unlike he has ever felt for anyone in the             world.

·         “I don’t know how you manage to do this to me. I love you more than                 this very island, my bird. I couldn’t ever imagine spending a single day               on this island without you, y/n. I honestly don’t believe I could make it                 through the day if that were the case. You’re the prettiest most rarest                 flower I have ever laid my eyes on and I promise you with everything                 inside of me, I will protect you at all cost. I truly do love you, y/n.”

-Daizy xx

Lost Boy | TEN

Genre: peter pan!au | a wave of angst  | drops of fluffiness at the end

The star: Ten / Reader

Word count: 7 257 holy crappp

A/N: I wrote this one based on a song I heard. Special thanks to Lauren, for correcting my one hundred and one faults. If there’s any grammatical mistake left, please forgive me. 

Synopsis : “You hurt me, Y/N.” He said, making the saddest face he could. “As you don’t remember, I’ll introduce myself again. Like twelve years ago.” He took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment and suddenly jumped on top of the bed, surprising you. “My name is Ten! I am the tenth lost boy!”

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“I would not mind you laying in my bed.”

Pan’s hand was laying on my leg as he spoke. The lost boys laughed at his words. They were used to our harmless flirting and just laughed at the comments we made.

We would walk past each other looking the others body up and down and smirking in approval. We would make comments about each other hair and that we wanted to see each other in bed or that we would love to take a peek under that piece clothing but we never really went any further than that except from some small touches on the head and arms.

Tonight was different though. He would stroke my upper thigh and whisper in my ear. It’s not like I had a problem with it. It made me actually want more then that harmless flirting.

Felix sat beside Pan as I talked with a lost boy. Pan’s hand travelled to my lower back and slowly slid up my shirt making a chill run down my spine. His hands travelled further and further as I tried to concentrate me on the conversation. I felt Pan’s hand stop at my bra and with one easy movement he unclasped it.

My face turned red as I stood up covering my breast to keep the bra at its place. The boys looked at me in confusement while Pan just looked at me with a grin. “I’ll be right back” I said with a smile on my face cursing Pan inside of my mind.

I was walking towards my tent as I heard a familiar voice speaking behind me. “Having trouble now have we” “Thanks to a certain boy we do.” I turned around seeing the boy in green standing against a tree. “What were you even trying to achieve with that.” “nothing in particular.” He moved away from the tree towards me as his eyes wandered to my arms covering my chest. “I just felt something different today.” “Like what?” He stood before me licking his lips seductively.

“little bit of greed and lust.”
“So I need someone’s help to get rid of it.”
“Other word you’re just horny.”
“Will you help me if I admit it?”
“oh god yes”

he smirked and his lips crashed into mine as he transported us to his tree house. His hands travelled over my body as I pushed him towards the bed. I took of my bra from under my clothes and threw it on the floor followed by my shirt and pants leaving me in my panties.

He laid on the bed eyeing my movements as a bulge started to form in his pants. “Don’t let me wait.” He ordered as he removed his shirt. I walked towards him taking my time as hands grabbed my wrist and pulled me on his hip.

We returned to kissing as his hands groped my breast perfectly earning a soft moan to escape my lips which he used as an opportunity to sneak his tongue inside my mouth.

His thumps moved sync over my breast together with his tongue who was exploring every inch of my mouth. He pinched my nipples earning a small sound of pleasure vibrating trough my mouth. He deepened the kiss as his one hand started to stroke my sides earning whimpers from me as he missed the place where I wanted him.

Our lips parted as he looked me in the eye smirking the entire time. He lowered his head not losing the eye contact and started to leave a trail of kisses from my neck to my breast.  The hand on my side moved to the back to support my body as I leaned back to expose all my skin towards him.

His tongue circled around my nipple as he pinched rolled the other one between his fingers. “God damn…” I moaned softly as I felt his smirk against my skin.

Suddenly he stopped as an annoyed groan was heard from the back of my throat. “I don’t do things for free darling.”

I rolled my eyes at him as I stood up to lean my hands on his thigh. “Sounds fair…” I spoke as I pushed his upper body on the bed. I hovered over him as I started to leave butterfly kisses on his chest slowly making my way down to his pants.

Slowly I removed the first layer of clothing as I heard him groan impatient. “Darling speed up.” I heard him say as I moved my body upwards again. “be quiet and just enjoy the service.” I touched the tent in his underpants with my index finger as a growl was heard trough the room. “Don’t tease.”

I removed his last piece of clothing as my hands started to stroke his member up and down while circling my hand a little bit. He arched his back as he tried to sit up only for me to push him down again.

I kept going for a while till I heard his breath turning irregular and stopped. “Why are you doing that!” he yelled in anger sitting up immediately. “I don’t do things for free darling.” I said repeating his own words. “Then why not work on both at the same time.” He pulled me up and tossed me and the bed with my stomach hitting the blankets. Pan pulled my ass up and spread my legs trailing his finger across my panties.

“Look who is dripping wet.”
“Shut up you were moaning a while ago Pan.”

I heard him laugh as he placed a kiss on my back only to use his teeth to remove my underwear.

His finger slowly entered my as a moan escaped my lips. “One finger in and you are already full of pleasure.” “Other then you I had some activity these last couple years.” Another finger entered me as he started to curl his fingers upwards making a silent moan fall from my lips.

The third finger went in and he started to move around more hitting with his long fingers my good spot. “oh my god…” I moaned. “You like that?” He said full of mischief as he stopped moving not removing his hand. “What do you want me to say Pan.” I spoke looking at the boy from the corners of my eyes. “Say you want me, say you want me to enter you to make love to you so that you won’t be able to stand tomorrow and that only I can satisfy you.” “Any extra request?” I asked moving my head back towards the pillows. “Beg like you are being drowned in pleasure.” I signed. “move your hands first, it makes it for me easier.”

His hands started to move more roughly as I leaned on my elbows. “God damn Pan! More” I moaned. “Say it.” He spoke. “Pan please I want you inside of me!” I moaned as I heard a chuckle from behind me. “what else?” “Make love to me till I can’t stand anymore!” I groaned. “I need you!” I moaned.

His fingers left my body as I looked at the boy shifting my body to look at him. His fingers were dripping wet as he licked them seductively. “Good girl.”

He spread my legs as he entered with one big trust earning from both of us a loud moan. “God damn what are you tight.” he groaned as my nails dug into the sheets. He kept his trusts at a fast and steady rhythm but it was not enough. “O god Pan harder!” I would moan as he happily listened.

He shifted my body to the side hitting a different kind of spot that made sure to hit my g-spot with every trust. “Damn Pan!” He trusts started to get messy and sloppy as I felt my own high approaching.

With one big trust he and I both released as he moved out of me earning small whimpers from me at the loss of contact.

I was about to close my eyes as he pulled my body up towards his. “I’m not finished yet.” “Pan I have no energy left.” He plunged his finger into my aching core as I let out a painful scream. “S-Stop…” I mumbled as he started to move. Curling his finger to the side and circling his fingers inside of me. “Stop please it hurts!” “Really because it seems like you are enjoying it down there…” My face turned red as a painful moan fell from my lips as I came again. I tried to catch my breath as he entered me again. “GOD DAMN PAN!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

He started to move his hips in a circling movements as I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his back. He nibbled at my ear lobe as he pulled me up so I sat on his lap. My head fell back as he left kisses on my skin. He started to move faster as every trust made a moan fall from my lips. I released as he followed after me after a few more trusts.

He laid me down as he sat up again waving his hand to clean us both up. I did not move, not because I was laying perfectly but I was far too tired. “So?” He asked as he waited for me to move. “Give up, I won’t be able to stand tomorrow just let me sleep here.”

“not going to happen.”
“What are you going to bring me back to my tent because my feet can’t carry me.”

He signed in defeat and laid besides me. “If you ever feel horny again please tell me so I can prepare myself…”


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“You’re mine to own” for possesive starters? Robbie Or Peter But I do like a possesive pan… *COUGH*smut*COUGH* Whoops srry I think I’m getting a bit of a cold… ;) k thx love ur blog


Warning/s: smut (loool)


Summary: he gets jealous

Character: Peter Pan

note: thx anon!

After Henry accidentally gave Devin a scar, Y/N immediately got an aid kit to clean the lost boy’s scar. She made him sit on a log while she cleans the wound. Devin watches Y/N as she dabs cotton on his cheek.

Peter, who was across the camp, is scowling at the scene in front of him. He didn’t like the idea of Y/N touching anyone except him. Y/N, who was oblivious to Devin having a crush on her, kissed the wound like she would with other lost boys.

Pan came stomping towards them with a deadly scowl. He grabbed Y/N’s wrist and simply said “Come with me”. He dragged her to his hut, locking the door and casting a spell so no one will be able to enter or leave the hut without his permission.

“What’s wrong?” Y/N asked. Pan looked at her with dark eyes.

“You touching that boy is what’s wrong.” He growled.

Y/N’s eyes widened but then turned into a frown.

“He was injured!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t care! I own you! You’re mine to own!” He yelled and pushed Y/N against the wall.

“And I’m going to show you who you belong to” Peter whispered, his eyes filled with lust. He then began kissing Y/N with so much force. Y/N tried to push him off which only angered him. He pulled away and snapped his fingers.

Y/N looked down to see that she was completely bare. Peter watched her with lustful eyes and then grabbed her wrists, pinning it above her head.

When he tried kissing her, she turned her head. Peter chuckled and kissed her neck instead, sucking on it gently. Y/N tried to hide her moans but failed. Peter smirked against her neck and used one hand to cup her left breast.

Y/N wasn’t able to hold it anymore and moaned. “Peter”

Peter pulled away, smirking contently.

Y/N scowled at Peter.

“Fuck y-“ she was cut off when Peter cupped her dripping core.

“Already wet for me?” he teased.

“Is it really because of you?” Y/N teased but Peter didn’t think it was funny. He cupped her core harder; making her knees buckle but Peter pushed her shoulders to the wall.

“Let’s see who really makes you wet” and with that, Peter sucked harder  on her neck while his fingers plunged themselves in her.

“Peter!” she moaned loudly.

“See? Only me can make you feel this way.” He smirked as he curled his fingers, hitting her in the right places.

“Yes, yes. Oh god” Y/N yelled as she felt her stomach flutter.

“I think I-” Y/N didn’t finished her sentence when Peter started thrusting his fingers in a fast phase making Y/N reach her edge and come all over his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out and licked them. He smirked,

“Now let’s see how much longer you can take me”


You seemed to appear out of nowhere your wings folded to hide Henry as the lost boys backed away from you. “Great there are angels now too?” Emma asked rolling her eyes and lowering her sword.

“Shapeshifter and your all going to listen to me because I really don’t want to have my magic suspended again…” You groaned.

“Glad you could make the show.” Pan said from his perch on the cliff “but why would I listen to you, I rule this island and everything on it belongs to me.” You moved your wings revealing Henry who was huddled behind you.

“I have someone you all want.” You smirked now. “Now that I have everyone’s-” You were cut off this time by an arrow in your shoulder.

“What the hell!?” You glared at Snow White before pulling it out, everyone watched as your veins turned back you body expelled the poison. “That was not nice and now I’m leaving, with your grandson.” 

Then you glanced at Peter and threw the arrow at him, only meaning to distract him and it worked when he looked back you were gone, Henry with you.

Full one shot here

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Peter Pan Imagine/Who Are You?

You’re in Neverland, first time ever, and you hate him already, but somehow you ended up in his bed.

Warnings: SMUT, cussing, possessive Pan

You lived in StoryBrooke, a town that was known for it’s magical moments, and fairy tale people who you read as a kid, funny how you lived in a town with them, but when you ended up in Neverland you were not expecting the Peter pan that you knew in the story books, in fact, you met the complete opposite.

When you first arrived you were actually excited, you were always a fan of Peter Pan, you love the movie, the book, so why wouldn’t you like the real thing?

Just as you stepped foot on the soil of Neverland you heard the wonderful sounds that this place has to offer, the wind, the tree’s talking to you as they blow, telling all the secrets, the whistling and the chirps of the birds. As you close your eyes, letting it all in, this is where it all started. 

You heard a leaf crunch on the floor,

(Gasp) you turn around and see nothing. You shrug, maybe it was just my imagination you thought.

That’s when, you heard it again.

“Okay for sure it was something this time.”

You heard it once again but closer, as it was right behind you.

“Show yourself or I’ll make you!” you say as you turn around but nothing is there

“W-what?” you say nothing.

“You’ve got some guts yelling like that.”

You quickly turn around and you see a boy, a tall boy, with long legs, sharp cheekbones, beautiful eyes, chestnut brown hair, and furious eyebrows.

“Wh-who are you?” you ask with a semi confident tone.

“Who am I?” he raised up both eyebrows, but then quickly smirks and laughs.

That sent chills down your spine.

“I think I should be asking who YOU are.” he says in a cocky way.

“That’s none of your business, you must say yours.” with a demanding tone.

“That’s not how it goes, see you’re on my island, I tell you what to do, I tell you when to talk, I tell you what to do and when to do it.” he walks up to you, you are frightened, you are scared, you’re terrified, but you’re damn well not going to let him see that.

“Oh yeah? I’d be a complete idiot to let you control me, some wild boy who thinks he’s charge of this island.” you say

“I’m Peter Pan, I AM king of this island!” he raises his vice at you.

“YOU’RE Peter?”

“Its Pan to you.” he says sternly.

“Ill call you by your first name, your mother called you Peter, so I’m calling you Peter.”

“Call e that one more time and I swear I will make your life a living hell.”

“Pe-mother fucking ter.” you say as you look in his eyes.

“That’s it to the cages!” he yells.

5 days, you were in that cage for 5 days, nothing to eat, drink, and no one to talk to, you were going crazy.

Well that night the caged opened , with Peter right at the door, he gave you water and you near damn chugged that thing like your life depended on it, because well it did.

“Now , are you ready to be a good lost girl for me?” he said a sweet but evil voice.

You stood face to face with Pan himself.

He looked intimidated, but you could not let him see that.

“I’d rather die than be your lost girl.” you say.

Peter turns his face and chuckles. “Well, its your funeral.” he says as he pushes you back into the cage. 

You scream out of shock, no boy has ever laid his hands on you before, but Peter did, he didn’t care, he was pure evil, and you were just figuring this out.

For 2 months Peter would give you enough food and water to survive to make sure you stayed alive, but also to make sure you suffered.

You hated him, you hated him so much, but you couldn’t help but stare, when he would walk by, his jawline, when he licked his lips, his muscular arms, is was sickening, you were crushing over the boy who made your life hell, but little did you know he was thinking the same damn thing.

Peter’s Point Of View

Dammit, she was so damn beautiful, was it sick that I thought about her at night? Her plump lips, her rosy cheeks, her wavy hair, I knew it was terrible of me, but I couldn’t help it, as king of this island I couldn’t go back on my word, but for this once, I wanted her out, out of that cage, and have my right way right then and there, but I couldn’t do that, what would my lost boys think of me? They’d think I was weak, and once they saw that, it’s all over from there.

Regular Point Of View.

It was Peter’s birthday soon and all the lost boys were getting ridiculous crazy with the decorations, they had no idea what to do , nor how to cook, their cooking skills sucked, and you were an amazing chef, so you finally opened your mouth and said something.

“You know I can help.” you said

“The boys all stared at you, you knew all of them, and they all knew you, you had a mutual relationship, it was Peter who was an ass, not them.

“Yeah trust me we’d love if you helped but Pan would kill us.” Felix said

“Then talk him into it! Felix please I’ve been in this cage for almost 3 months, I need to get out, I don’t care if I’m making food for the person I hate the most, I just need to get out of here.” you pleaded to him.

“Alright, I’’ll be back.”

Felix walks to Peter’s door, but it’s open by Peter.

“Great the person I needed to see!.” Felix said.

Peter looks at Felix sideways. 

“Why the hell are you so perky?” he says as he starts to walk.

“I have a question.” Felix said

“Go on.” Peter says.

“The lost boys suck ass at cooking, you know this.” 

“Well duh.” Peter said.bluntly

“But the new lost girl, she’s a great cook.” 

“How would you know?” Peter turns around to raise a brow at Felix

“Oh she told me.” Felix said.

“So you believe anyone who tells you things?” Peter says as he folded his arms.

“Listen she can’t be worse than the lost boys.”

“Oh but she can poison me.” Peter looks into Felix eyes.

“You really think she’d do that?” Felix looked interested.

“Yes.” Peter looked around, then turned to Felix, “Alright, let her cook, but make sure you have an eye on her at all times, if she makes any suspicious moves put her to the cages right away.” he says.

“Good that.” Felix smiles.

About an hour later Felix came back to the camp and opened up your cage, you smiled and thanked him, you both waked to the kitchen and you quickly found your place, it was like you’ve been there forever.

You cooked a whole lot of food, chicken, rolls, even a cake for the birthday boy himself.

You felt good about yourself you cooked and baked, and it only took about 2 hours, but it felt good, to be doing something other than being stuck in a cage.

Peter let you stay out of the cage for his birthday, he was feeling nice tonight, so you all sat down and you got to get to know the lost boys, they were very funny and great boys, you wished you knew them sooner honestly.

You all waited for Peter’s arrival for he liked his lost boys to wait on him, no surprise.

He finally came out of the cabin, he had a crown and a scepter, you rolled your eyes, but clapped and cheered like everyone else.

“Your king has arrived, now lets celebrate!” he yelled

You guys played games like heads up 7 up, charades, never have I ever, and truth or dare. It was all fun and games until someone got too drunk, and the lost boys had to take care of him, most of the lost boys left and helped the poor guy, others just went to sleep, it was just you and Peter now, and it was honestly quite intimidating, but you would never let him know.

“So, are you ready to be my lost girl?” Peter said confidently.

“Hell no, are you ready to let me roam free on the island and do as I wish?” you say just as confidently back.

He raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Tell me something.” he said as he swirled whatever was in is cup

“Tell you what.” you said sternly, not really a question, more of a answer

“Why do you do this?” He asked

“Do what?” you said a little confuse

“Try to act like someone you’re not.” He said as he said as he sipped his drink

“EXCUSE ME?” you yelled.

“I don’t like repeating myself dear.”

“How the hell do i try to act like someone I’m not?!” you continue to raise your voice

“The same reason you didn’t answer the first question I asked you.”

“I already denied your invitation to be your lost girl.” you said sternly

“That’s NOT the question I meant.” he stood up.

“What question?!” you yelled

“WHO ARE YOU?” he yelled

“I’m Y/n! There Are you happy? I’m Y/n a girl who’s lost-”

“No, no you’re not.” he said as he shook his head.

“What do you mean?” you whispered.

“You like to play this bad ass girl, the girl who is the leader of the group, the girl who takes no shit from no one right? The girl who is strong and independent, and what not.” Peter says, then his voice turns soft. “But you’re not, you’re the girl who is fucked up, who is constantly fidgeting with her fingers,  worried about what she looks like, worried about being perfect.”

“Screw you Peter!” You yell at him

“And yet you’re still not denying it.” he smirks and looks into your eyes.

“Oh like I don’t know who YOU are. You pretend to be this wanna be king, who is self centered and the world revolves around him, and everyone praises and loves him, who’s in charge , but the truth is you’re a stuck up little boy who is pissed off that he didn’t get his way so he moved to his own island to get what he wants!”

“Watch your mouth Y/n or-”

“Or what Peter?! Huh? You’re gonna throw me in the cages? Do it I dare you!” you push him , then he pushes you, you push him right back, you guys are inches away from each other, and just as you were about to walk away Peter pulls you in closer and kisses you.

Your eyes open wide but slowly closes as your lips and his melts into a heavenly feeling.

As you both break away from each other, he clicks his fingers and you’re in his bedroom.

As Peter brings you in closer and kisses your neck he starts to whisper dirty things into your ear, he kisses your neck as he pulls your hair. A moan he got out of you, which brought a smile to his mouth.

“Jump.” he says and you did, your legs wrapped around his torso, he brings you to his bed, and lays you down flat on his bad, he quickly gets on top of you and you start to run your fingers through his hair, lightly tugging, he bites your neck as you do so.

He starts to fondle with your breast, squeezing them, and rubbing your nipples til they’re as hard as they can get, he then puts one in his mouth and starts to suck and lick on one while still playing with the other.

Til you couldn’t take it anymore you finally shout out “OH PETER! I can’t take it anymore I want you.” you say

You could see his eyes and the excitement he had once he heard that.

He took ff your clothes and you took off his, he stood at your entrance and you were terrified, and he could tell.

“First time?” he asked

“Yes.” you said , embarrassed.

“It’s going to hurt, but I promise, I can make you feel good, you need to trust me”

“I trust you Peter.” you say with a smile.

Peter smiles and get’s on top of you, his hair is messy, he is sweaty, and his eyes are full of lust, you are excited,nervous, and in love, and thinking to think you’re just damn crazy.

As he entered you , you began to felt pain, you began to freak out and whine about it, Peter say and admittedly started kissing your forehead.

“Shh baby it’s okay, I got you.”

“It hurts Peer.” you say almost in tears.

“It’s going to love, trust me, bite my finger.”

You did as he said and bit his finger whenever you felt pain, sooner than later Peter was right, the pain did go away, and the pleasure began to kicked in.

Before you knew it you were screaming Peter’s name, and he was loving every second of it.

He was moving his hips side to side, grinding , riding, Peter was so gentle but rough all at once, he was like all you needed all in one. He cared about you, he cared about if he hurt you , he kept asking if you were okay, if you wanted him to slow down, it was like he wanted you to enjoy more than him, you mistook his sick twisted ways for what he really was.

You began to moan nothing into his ear, and barely even having the breath to say anything at all.

You grabbed his back and started digging your nails into it, making little droplets on is back, Peter didn’t mind, he loved it honestly, giving you the pleasure, he was glad to take the pain. He would suck on your neck making blue and purple marks, oh no, he wasn’t going to leave little red patches, he was making his territory known. He marked you up and down claiming you and wanting more.

“You, are mine, and mine alone.” he said as he gets a little sloppy on his hip movements, as were you getting a little knot in your stomach.

“Peter I’m gonna-”

“Me too.” he says.

You both come and he rides out your high, he kisses your fore head once again and rubs your face with his fingers softly, assuring you were okay.

He smiled at you and said “So , I have a question.”

“Yes I’ll be your lost girl.” you smiled

“No, not that.” he smiled

“What then?” you tilted your head.

“Will you be my queen of Neverland?” he smiled

“I will.” 

“Good, cause you had no choice.” 

You laughed and pushed him, he laughed as well.

Finally Peter had his queen, and you had your king.

Don’t Tell Peter

     It wasn’t unnatural for a new Lost Boy to shy away from the rest of the boys upon first arriving to the island. In fact, it was expected. It was a new setting, a new group; they were bound to be a bit uneasy. For most of the boys though, this timid behavior wore off after some time; usually a week or so when they learned that all the boys were on Neverland for the same reason. There was an exception to this routine, and his name was Eli.

     Eli had been on the island for almost three months now. Even with all the time he’d had to warm up to the change, he was still as quiet and as detached as he was the day he landed on the beach of Neverland.

     Most all of the Lost Boys and I had tried on multiple occasions to coax the boy out of his shell, but all we were met with was nods and quick, mumbled responses. Hell, Peter Pan himself had tried to speak to the boy every now and again. He thought it odd that a boy Eli’s age didn’t enjoy roughhousing with all the other boys. After a while, Pan grew frustrated with the anti-social boy; he quit trying so hard.

     The pounding in my head grew harsher as the Lost Boys’ shouts grew louder. They continued to dance and shout carelessly around the bright burning fire, much to my dismay. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, we were celebrating because even our leader had joined in on the party and was currently dancing alongside his Lost Boys. Usually I would have joined also, but today was not one of those days. I sighed and reached up to massage my aching temples.

     Amongst my current agony, I saw Pan slowly come to a halt in front of me, his brows furrowed. “Why aren’t you celebrating with us?”

     I glanced up at him tiredly. “What are we even celebrating?”

     “Anything we want.” He informed, smiling wolfishly at me.

     “No, thank you.” I grumbled, resting my head back onto my raised knees.

     “Well, if you’re going to be so pissy,” he spat bitterly. “Why don’t you go join Eli over there? You’re almost just as boring as he is right now.”

     I shot him a disapproving glare, not liking the way he was speaking about the boy. Nonetheless, I glanced behind me to find Eli sitting against a tree beside his hut. He was watching the other boys, and if I hadn’t known any better, I would have said he looked longingly at their celebration.

     “Maybe I will.” I quipped, turning back around to face Pan, but he had already re-joined the other boys. I huffed.

     Stealing one last glance at the lonesome boy, I stood from the log and made my way over. Eli’s gaze quickly averted from the fire and to the ground when he saw me approaching. I offered a small smile before sitting on the ground beside him.

     “I take it you don’t like parties very much, huh?” I tried, elbowing his arm lightly.

     His eyes found mine for a fraction of a second before returning to the ground. He shrugged.

     “What did you like doing before coming here?” I continued to pry for any other response from the boy that wasn’t a nod or a halfhearted shrug.

     “I-I liked to draw sometimes.” he responded quietly, but his voice didn’t sound shy as I expected it to. Instead, it sounded almost hesitant. His face scrunched slightly at his own response, as if regretting it.

     “That’s awesome.” I smiled encouragingly. “Any good?”

     Again, he shrugged.

“We don’t bite, Eli.” I groaned in frustration. “Why don’t you ever talk to us? I know you wanted to join the boys over there.”

     Eli’s wide eyes looked up at me. I was surprised when he held the eye contact.

     “Are you scared? Is it Pan? I know he can be an ass, but he’s-he’s alright.”

     He didn’t respond to my accusation, not even a shake of his head to assure me that that wasn’t the case. He continued to stare into my eyes, swallowing thickly. There was conflict in his wide eyes.

     “Are you scared?” I asked again, my voice softer this time.

     He drew in a few shaky breaths. “I’m not like the other boys.” Eli whispered, and his eyes began brimming with tears.

     I tried to decipher the look of desperation on his face. It looked as if he was pleading with me to figure out the answer myself. This made me almost feel bad for asking him to explain.

     “W-What do you mean?”

     His lips quivered, and a tear fell down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away with the back of his hand.

     “Don’t make me say it, please.” The tears continued to stream down his now red cheeks. “I-I don’t want to say it.”

     I suddenly came to a possible conclusion, and my mouth fell open slightly in realization. I glanced behind me to make sure all the boys were still around the fire and out of earshot.

     “Eli, are you gay?” I asked softly.

     He nodded, shoving his head into his crossed arms that laid on his raised knees. My chest tightened at the sight of the terrified boy in front of me. I placed a hand on his back.

     “It’s okay; that’s okay.” I assured him. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

     His fingers dug into his arms as his body shook with sobs.

     “What are you so afraid of?”

     I gave him a moment to collect himself. After a few minutes, he raised his head again and wiped his tear stained cheeks. He drew in a few deep breaths before finally responding.

     “The other boys at my high school–” he shook his head. “–they didn’t like me. I wasn’t like them; they didn’t like me.”

     I nodded in understanding, ceasing his repetitive cries.

     “The Lost Boys aren’t going to-”

     “Don’t tell them!” he quickly rushed out in horror. “Don’t tell the other boys. Don’t-Don’t tell Peter.”

     “But they’re not going to treat you any different. They know what it’s like to feel unwanted for being who they are.”

     “I know, I-I know.” he choked out. “Just please, Y/N, don’t tell them.”

     The hand I had on his back began rubbing small circles onto it. I sighed softly at his fear of the other boys.

      “I won’t.” I assured him quietly, scooting closer to him to wrap my arms around him. He clung to me and released a shaky breath of relief.

     As the celebration continued on behind me, I kept Eli in my arms for as long as he deemed necessary, and I wondered when the last time it was that someone had been so accepting of him. My heart broke at the thought. I rested my head atop of Eli’s mop of dark hair, not missing the odd look I was receiving from Pan across the camp.


     Life on Neverland continued on as usual from then on, except now I had gained a new friend. The Lost Boy’s were beyond shocked when Eli came out of his tent the next morning and took the seat beside me. They appeared even more bewildered when he sparked up a conversation with me.

     I kept my promise to Eli, of course, and didn’t utter a word of our conversation that night to any of the other boys; not even Pan, who I could tell was dying to hear of whatever I had discovered that night. This was actually increasingly entertaining. The longer I kept Eli’s secret, the more agitated Pan grew because if there was one person who loathed being oblivious, it was the leader of Neverland.

     Somehow, I managed to get Eli to start talking to the other boys. Though he only really hung around them when I was with him, it was a start. In the beginning, he was tense and still only offered vague replies, but he began asking the boys questions of his own and putting in just as much effort to get to know them as they were doing for him.

     “I’ve barely spoken a word to him, yet he still looks at me like I’m some savage beast that’s going to maul him.” Pan, who had once again pulled me aside from the others in attempt to get answers from me, growled. “Starts talking to all the boys, but he avoids me like the bloody plague.” Peter’s scowl only grew darker when I shrugged my shoulders.

     Truthfully, I had no idea why Eli still steered clear of Peter when all the Lost Boys had been seemingly growing on him. I could have denied the head boy’s accusations had it not been for the fact that I myself had seen Eli grow stiff as a board when approached by him. I could only assume it was due to Pan’s brooding nature and unpredictable temper.

     “Maybe you should ease up a little.” I suggested, rubbing at the back of my neck. “You’ve always got that murderous look on your face and your evil eyebrow.” Said evil eyebrow quirked up at my confession.

     “He’s a Lost Boy,” Peter snapped darkly. “He’s not supposed to be afraid of anything.”

     I tried my best to push away the overwhelming desire to roll my eyes. “Newsflash, all of the Lost Boys are afraid of you. They’re still just boys, Pan.”

     “All of the Lost Boys don’t ignore me!” he bellowed.

     “Maybe you should sort this out with Eli then. This is starting to sound more like a personal problem to me.” I turned on my heel and stomped away from the fuming boy.

     The Lost Boys tried to discreetly return to their previous activities, but it was clear that they had all paused what they were doing in attempt to learn what the commotion was about. Their curious eyes followed me on my walk back over to my seat beside Eli. Without word, I picked up my discarded dagger from the dirt floor and continued sharpening my arrow.

     Eli stared at me in question, but I shook my head dismissively.

     “Peter’s pissed at you, Y/N.” He hissed lowly into my ear, nodding his head toward the leader who was now emerging from behind the tall tree with his jaw locked and a scowl on his youthful face.  “Look at him.”

     I then saw the opportunity that was just laid out and quickly took it. “Are you scared of Pan or something?” The question came out timidly as I was now very aware that Peter was watching us closely from his log. My attempt to ignore his scrutinizing gaze failed, and Eli followed my attention to the brooding green eyes.

     Eli’s face flushed red when he caught his gaze. “Of course not.” He mumbled, wasting no time averting his attention back to his own arrow.

     Maybe he is scared of Pan; it’d make sense considering he avoids talking to him altogether. Hell, he can’t even look him in the eye.


     I stole another glance at Eli’s red cheeks.

     Oh my God.

     My eyes widened before I could tell myself to stop. Eli’s eyes also widened at my expression. He began shaking his head desperately, as if already knowing the realization I’d come to. Gripping my arm, he pulled me close to whisper pleadingly into my ear.

     “Don’t tell him. Please, don’t tell Peter.”


     Knowing what Y/N knew now, she would have said the explanation to Eli’s avoiding Peter was obvious, but, of course, she still seemed to be the only one to think so. Before her realization, the idea was so preposterous that it went completely over her head. It was so painfully clear now though.

     Eli fancied Peter Pan.

     Had it been any of the other Lost Boys, maybe she would have caught on sooner, but a boy like Eli showing interest in a guy like Peter was something she was still having trouble wrapping her head around. Peter was so intense and outspoken. Eli was more of a passive person; he simply held himself much differently than Pan. Y/N didn’t deem the phrase ‘opposites attract’ quite plausible until now.

     Y/N understood that right now his crush was based solely on the parts of Pan he allowed other people to see, and she couldn’t help but want to encourage Eli to see if it was more than that. Liking someone like Pan skin deep was one thing; still liking someone like Pan once you’ve gotten past the layers of armour he kept around himself was an entirely different story.

    They all stood in a sloppy line as Peter and Felix chose their teams the hunting trip. They did this every so often, split into two groups and simply hunted for the day. It was a favorite for some of the boys while others preferred actual games.

    Y/N’s attention reverted back to the two team leaders as Felix had chosen two more boys. Peter’s eyes skimmed the row of Lost Boys, a mischievous glint in them as they landed on her, or rather the shrinking boy beside her.

    “Eli and Y/N,” he called, beckoning them to join him and the small swarm of boys surrounding him. “With me.”

    Eli huffed before trudging along behind her to stand beside Peter.

    As they walked through the humid forest, Peter demanded silence for no particular reason. Y/N’d say he did it just because he could, but he’d of course disagree. She shot Eli a wide eyed look of annoyance, and he nodded with a roll of his eyes. Turning her head, she saw Peter’s eyes shooting daggers at them, most likely picking up on their silent conversation.

    “What’s with this silent game?” She sped closer to walk in front of the leader who was a few yards ahead of his team. Eli’s pace quickened to follow her, leaving the other boys behind. “There are no animals out her for mi-”

    “Shh,” He hissed, looking out into the trees. “Get back!”

    Y/N’s brows rose at his interruption. “Seriously, what is your-”

    “I said shut up and move!” His furious order caused her eyes to widen a bit, as did his. His now wide eyes were set behind her, and his hands slowly raised in front of him cautiously. “I take that back. Don’t you dare move a muscle. So help me God, you’re dead once we get back to camp.”

    She noted that all the boys had stopped dead in their tracks. Their youthful faces were frozen in shock. Y/N’s eyes found Eli’s, and he stared back at her fearfully.

    “W-What is it?” She asked anyone who would snap out of their terrified states to answer her.

    “Don’t freak out,” Eli began shakily, his voice almost in a whisper. “But there’s a bear giving you bedroom eyes.”

    Her stomach dropped at his words, and she slowly craned her head back to find that there was indeed a bear just a few feet away from her, slowly inching forward. Y/N carefully attempted to step back.

    “Don’t move, you idiot!” Peter growled, but it was no use as her foot landed on a jagged tree root that almost sent her tumbling to the dirt ground. Luckily, she regained balance before she did, but the slip was enough to send the bear hauling into motion.

  At once, she saw Eli draw an arrow from his quiver and lift his bow, and Peter’s hand frantically aim toward the bear. Before she could think to begin running, Eli’s arrow flew out at the same time a ball of green light shot from Peter’s hand. Eli’s arrow successfully landed in the bear’s chest.

    As Peter’s target fell to the ground, the blast of magic instead hit the large tree behind the bear. It began cracking at the force, and the roots shook in the ground as the tree began falling. She couldn’t understand why Peter’s eyes had suddenly filled with such panic until she turned to see what they were fixated on. Eli was stood directly under the quickly collapsing tree.

    Peter shot out, his large hands landing on Eli’s hunched shoulders, and he threw himself forward. The two boys collapsed on the dirt, their feet just barely missing the now fallen tree.

    The Lost Boys stared in shock at the two boys lying on the ground. Peter’s head stayed ducked beside Eli’s while he attempted to catch his breath. His arms began to quiver slightly as he held himself above the dumbfounded boy. Slowly, he lifted his head and looked down at Eli.

    “Did you hit your head?” Peter breathed, but Eli was far too startled to give a proper answer. Blood rushed to his cheeks, effectively turning his face a deep crimson.

    “Eli,” The leader urged when he didn’t get an answer.

    Eli’s mouth opened and closed again. “I- I don’t..” His suddenly small voice trailed off.

    Peter pushed himself onto his knees, oblivious to how nervous he was already making the Lost Boy.

    “I said,” He grabbed Eli’s jaw and pushed his head to the side to examine the back of it. His fingers tangled into Eli’s hair as he felt for blood. “Did you hit your head?”

    Peter released the boy’s jaw and grabbed his collar, yanking him up to face him. “Answer me.” He demanded, though he’d already concluded the boy was fine. He only wanted Eli to actually speak to him for once in the many months he’d been on this island.

    “N-No,” Eli choked out.

    Peter’s eyes searched the boy’s face in frustration, attempting to piece together why he acted the way he did. As he did, Peter couldn’t quite exactly pinpoint what it was he saw in the boy’s eyes that made his fingers ever so slightly loosen their hold on his collar. Whatever it may have been, it perplexed him.

    The rage conjured up by his months of frustration that brimmed in his green eyes should have been enough to send Eli into a frenzy trying to escape his hold, but it instead drew him in closer to the mystery that was Peter.

    It was this curiosity, it was this fondness that left the leader dumbfounded. It was Eli’s flushed cheeks, his uneven breaths that caused the spark of realization to click in Peter’s mind, and perhaps it too was the reason that the same fondness began to mimic itself in Peter’s eyes also.

    But the look of realization that now dawned on Peter’s face was all too obvious, as he’d never been best at disguising his thoughts. Eli’s eyes widened upon noticing the other boy’s discovery. His lip twitched slightly, but he told himself– he begged himself not to cry in front of Peter.

    “I-I’m sorry,” he whispered, his already red cheeks growing even warmer under the dirt that lightly covered them.

    Peter swiped his thumb awkwardly across the boy’s nose in attempt to clear some of the dirt from it before hastily pulling his hand away. He swallowed thickly, his jaw clenching slightly.

    “Don’t be.”


Dating Pan Would Include:

• Lots of PDA (honestly SO MUCH TBH LIKE IT’S hard to comprehend)

• Exchanging random nose kisses throughout the day

• Having to pull him down to kiss him because he’s REALLY tol

• goodness just imagine the makeout sessions HOLY CRAP

• Tugging on his ear to get his attention because you know it annoys him


• Him being super protective of you because Neverland is extremely dangerous

•Being like a rebellious sister to the Lost Boys

• “Don’t be like that, love, you know you want me!”

• “Shut up, love”

• Being his partner in crime and loving every single second of it

• Giving him butterfly kisses because he blushes profusely at the adorable gesture

• Him playing with your hair to calm himself down (it’s probably saved the Lost Boys from a bunch of lectures)

• Always switching positions at night; somtimes you’re the big spoon, but most of the time you lay on his stomach with his arms wrapped tightly around you and his legs intertwined with yours


 • Just play fighting in general

Secrets & Betrayal

Requested by @fallenfairy16

Note: I started typing this up as soon as I read your message - I am amazed at how quickly some ideas come to me sometimes lol! (hence the delay in actually replying to your message). Hope this answers your request!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1020

Warnings: Nothing other than a small amount of unwanted advances.

You thought you had been careful, that no one would ever find out, but you hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that Tinkerbell had seen you numerous times. The ex-fairy was close to Pan, had always been trusted by him, so you were not surprised at all that she had gone running to him. She had always wanted him to like her. It was quite pathetic how much she ran to him actually.

There is no such thing as a secret.”

You are standing before Peter himself, in the camp that he had allowed you to stay in with his Lost Boys, but instead of wandering it freely as you once did you find yourself tied to a tree with rope that he had made appear out of nowhere with a simple wave of his hand. The look in his eyes is the darkest you have ever seen and given that you have seen him mad on more than one occasion this is definitely something new and something rather terrifying for you too.

You have seen first-hand what he was capable of when he was angry.

“I have never had many rules on this island [y/n], you know that, but what was the FIRST thing I said to you when I gave you a home here?”

Keep reading

Villains with a heart - Hook

there was a girl once in his dreams, and he thought he’d adore her
there were girls once in the oceans, and he thought he’d admire them
there was the sea in all its beauty and vastness, and he thought he’d venerate it
of course there was a monster in his story, a boy, not older as a teen who came and took the only thing that he treasured more than anything
the captain lost more than a hand that night
now he wastes his days in the darkness to find his freedom again


Hey! I saw you were taking requests! I’m not sure if you still are but I was wondering if you would do one where the reader acts tough all the time but suddenly during a game with the lost boys she gets an asthma and Peter has no clue what to do! Very fluffy please! Thank you❤️

warnings: asthma attack (is that a warning?), and like two swears

You ran faster and faster through the jungle with some of the Lost Boys, dodging branches and leaping over rocks as you made your way to the other side of the island. This afternoon, Pan had initiated a game of capture the flag, and you were intent on beating his team today. You were determined to win.

“Quiet down,” you ordered the boys. You were near the opposing team’s camp, and through leaves, you saw it in the clearing.

That flag was yours.

You told the boys to be on the lookout and sent a few back to defend your team’s flag. Once they had dispersed, you silently crept towards your target. The red cloth waved despairingly as you plucked the flag out of the soil and chuckled softly to yourself. “I win,” you hummed victoriously. Your triumph was short lived however, when an English accent gave a response.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Peter Pan remarked, stepping out from behind the underbrush. Shit. “To win, you’ll have to bring the flag back to your camp, and I will not let that happen.” He crossed his arms as he stared you down, arching a brow as you surveyed the situation. You couldn’t just leave the flag, not when you had come so far already. No, you were not going to lose to Peter again. Screw him.

You eyed him up and down, considering your next move. What would you do?

Well, you did what anyone in your predicament would do.

You ran.

Pushing past branches and laughing as you darted through the forest, your legs pumped harder and harder. Pan’s footsteps could be heard close behind, and you were surprised that he didn’t just teleport or use magic to snatch the flag from you. At this thought, you clutched it tighter, picking up the pace until finally your camp was in sight. You saw your team’s flag hoisted in a pile of dirt a couple yards ahead. Finally, you would win.

Or you would have, if you hadn’t felt a tightening in your throat, sucking the air out of you.

You collapsed, dropping the flag as a familiar cloud began swirling in your chest. Peter yelled your name as you wracked your memory for a solution to this problem.

“(Y/N)! What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” He knelt by your side, cradling your head as he frantically called out for help. “BOYS! GET HER WATER!” You sputtered and gasped for air, but none would come. “(Y/N), love, what do I do? What do you need?”

“S-sit. Me. U-up,” you whispered between coughs. He immediately propped you up, and you wheezed at the sudden change in position.

“Breathe, (Y/N), breathe,” He soothed, rubbing circles on your back as your episode subsided.

… … …

A few minutes later, Pan had brought you back to his treehouse and was fussing a bit too much for your liking.

“Here,” he murmured, throwing yet another blanket over your shoulders. You smirked at the mountain of throws he had piled onto the chair you were perched on.

“Thank you, Mother,” you remarked sarcastically. You were grateful for the gesture, but you were fine now.

“Alright, alright,” Peter grumbled, getting the gist. “You’re better now. Care to explain what the hell that was?” He sat on the armrest as you spoke.

“It’s called an asthma attack,” you began. “I used to get them every once in a while before I came here. Once I was on Neverland, the attacks stopped.”

“Then why did it come back?”

“Sometimes people can go lengths of time without any issues, but it could always flare up again,” you explained patiently. Peter ran his hand through your hair.

“You really frightened me, love,” he said. You leaned in to his touch.

“I would have rather beaten you than frighten you,” you confessed, silently sulking in another loss. That flag would truly be yours next time. Seeing the look on your face, he pecked your cheek, chuckling.

“Maybe next time I’ll go easier on you,” he goaded, knowing fully well that that was not something you would be interested in.

“I don’t need you to! You know I would have won if it wasn’t for the asthma. You’re just annoyed that your perfect record was about to be broken,” you remarked as Peter broke into laughter.

“I’m just glad you’re okay,” he replied, leaning in for a kiss. You pressed your lips sweetly against his. You were definitely okay.

Little John

Anonymous said:

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re mine to do what I please to” for the possessive thingy. I would pan. But can you make the reader sassy back to him?😂 please and thank you in advanced!

Anonymous said:

“I don’t like when they touch you” for the imagine thing?? Thank you!! I love your writing😁

Anonymous said:

Previous anon!! Oops lol Pan sorry😂😂


Warning/s: possessive Pan


Summary: Pan is very possessive lol duh

Character: Peter Pan

John, one of the younger lost boys, laughed as Y/N attacked him with her fingers, tickling him nonstop.

“Y/N! Please stop!” little John pleaded, happy tears clouding his eyes.

“Not until you tell me who the best person on Neverland is” Y/N chuckled as John continued to laugh.

“You! You are, Y/N! Now please stop!” John pleaded again. Y/N laughed and stopped tickling little John.

“Who’s the best person again?” Y/N teased. Little John glared at her playfully and muttered a “You are”

Y/N smiled cheekily and tapped her right cheek. “Give the best person a kiss on the cheek then”

John grinned as Y/N bent down to kneel in front of him. He stood on his tip toes and pressed his lips on Y/N’s cheek.

“There” John chuckled and stepped back. Y/N stood up and looked down at little John, reaching down to carry him but stopped when Pan called out for her. Y/N looked behind her to see Pan motioning for her to come.

“Y/N. May I have a word?” Pan said through gritted teeth.

Y/N nodded hesitantly and walked over to him, entering his hut.

When the two of them were out of sight, Pan glared at her.

“What was that?” he spat.

“What was what?” Y/N asked.

“You know what I’m talking about!” Pan yelled.

“Actually, no.” Y/N sassed, not liking how Pan is acting.

Pan looked at her with a sinister look.

“Fine. I’ll tell you what. That boy was all over you and you were just letting him touch you!” he yelled in anger.

Y/N looked at her with a confused look.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“That John kid! You were basically flirting with him!” Pan yelled.

“What?” Y/N asked in disbelief.

Pan rolled his eyes. “Oh don’t even try to deny it, Y/N. I saw it with my own eyes.” Pan stated in a matter of fact tone.

“What the hell, Peter? He’s 6!” Y/N yelled, growing frustrated over him.

“I don’t care! I don’t like it when they touch you” Pan glared.

Y/N just stared at him in disbelief.

“And I’m making a new rule. No one gets to touch you or talk to you but me!” Pan said in a dangerous tone.

Y/N was about to protest when Pan cut him off.

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re mine to do what I please to” And with that, Pan disappeared into thin air, leaving Y/N alone with a mix of emotions.


Peter Pan X Reader

Word Count: 1052

Requested: @two-souls-world

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You seemed to appear out of nowhere your wings folded to hide Henry as the lost boys backed away from you. “Great there are angels now too?” Emma asked rolling her eyes and lowering her sword.

“Shapeshifter and you’re all going to listen to me because I really don’t want to have my magic suspended again…” You groaned.
“Glad you could make the show.” Pan said from his perch on the cliff “but why would I listen to you, I rule this island and everything on it belongs to me.” You moved your wings revealing Henry who was huddled behind you.
“I have someone you all want.” You smirked now. “Now that I have everyone’s-” You were cut off this time by an arrow in your shoulder. “What the hell!?” You glared at Snow White before pulling it out, everyone watched as your veins turned back you body expelled the poison. “That was not nice and now I’m leaving, with your grandson.”
Then you glanced at Peter and threw the arrow at him, only meaning to distract him and it worked when he looked back you were gone, Henry with you.

“This isn’t very hidden,” Henry noted when you told him that you were both in the middle of both camps.
“I don’t remember saying that I was trying to hide.” You mumbled as you put wards around the camp that you were about to create.
“You want them to find us?” Henry asked.
“Yeah hopefully at the same time.” You said concentrating on putting up the protection wards.

“Who was that?” Emma asked.
“That is a shapeshifter and you definitely not getting your son back now,” Pan smirked down at them. “At least not without my help.”
“We don’t need your help.” Snow glared.
“You say that but you don’t even know her name. Let alone where to find her.” Pan smirked.
“He has a point.” Regina nodded.
“Yeah well, I find people for a living,” Emma said.
“Well, what if they’re not trying to hide?” Pan asked and Emma frowned.
“What are you talking about?” Emma asked.
“She’s here to set the balance right and that means restoring magic to Neverland.” Pan started to explain.
“So Henry’s in danger with her!?” Regina asked.
“I never said that.” Pan denied. “She won’t hurt him but why would she tell us both unless she wants both of us there.”
“He’s right shapeshifters are careful.” David agreed.
“So what? We invite the enemy along?” Emma asked.
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Pan quoted pushing his hand out. “Besides I don’t need Henry anymore, the shapeshifter’s heart is much stronger.” Regina shot forward shaking his hand before he could take back the words, he just smirked.

“Henry come here!” You called he walked over to you and you grabbed his hand pulling it over the line, “you feel that burning?” he nodded. “That will kill you if you try and leave without me around, so stay inside the circle and try and stop everyone else from trying to get in.” You winked before you disappeared.

“I’m feeling a lot of high tension.” You smirked from your perch in the tree.
“Where is he!?” Emma asked eyes following you as you jumped out of the tree raising her sword when you were on the floor.
“I really would not point that in my direction.” You warned you wing stretched out behind you where they could see some of the feathers were turning or had completely turned black.
“What’s happening to your wings?” Snow asked.
“They don’t like it when you don’t listen.” You smirked ruffling your wings and pointing up to the sky.
“They?” Emma asked.
“My higher ups.” You answered. “You guys call them the archangels.”
“What do you call them?” David asked.
“Annoying.” You answered bluntly.
“Where is Henry?” Regina asked and you looked at her.
“Safe.” You answered.
“If you’re not an angel what are you?” Emma asked.
“I’m a shapeshifter, human call us angels, they think we work for a god but there isn’t one that I’ve seen but on that score, you be better off asking the archangels themselves.” You shrugged. “We are the perfect balance of everything but we are not perfect.”
“Angels are supposed to be good… Why won’t you help us?” Emma asked.
“Ever wondered how demons are made?” You asked and they stayed silent. “Well when someone needs guidance an angel is sent, so who was I sent to guide?” You asked.
“Henry,” Emma answered and you shook your head.
“I wasn’t sent to guide anyone, I wasn’t sent at all. I was told not to come here, I’d become too attached to… him.” You pointed at Pan “he intrigues me and I never stop learning but they don’t accept that so now my wings are turning black.”
“You’re turning into a demon,” Regina said.
“Yeah… Because I won’t kill him. Demons are slaves to their impulses once I become a demon I’ll be a force with too much power to control… Unless I anchor it here.” You explained.
“What?” Emma asked.
“This place is running out of magic and I’m a constant supply, I just need to anchor my power here, most of it’ll flow through this place instead of me and keep this place alive and you get to go home with your son.” You answered. “So let me do my job.”

They all watched as you stretched your black wings, you (E/C) eyes now turned red and your body language was completely different. “(Y/N)?” Henry asked.
“Hey, kid.” You waved.
“Are you okay?” Emma asked.
“Define okay.” You mumbled. “Turns out the only thing that changes is your fixation.”
“What?” Snow asked.
“Don’t worry about it.” You waved her off, “just go.” You ordered, “oh and Pan you have your island back go cause some trouble.” Emma dragged Henry away, the other following behind them but Peter stayed standing in front of you.
“You know that I can’t let you leave…” Peter smirked over at you.
“I don’t want to.” You looked back at him eyes seeming to brighten when you did.
“Why is that?” He asked.
“You have a loyal and powerful servant.” You smiled.
“Well, love let’s have some fun.” He smiled taking your hand.

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EXO M Boyfriend AU Aesthetic ~ Fantasy/Fairy Tale | Lost Boy!Luhan 

Luhan | Lay Kris | Chen | Tao | Xiumin

  • Luhan witnessed the love of Peter Pan and Wendy and always thought it was a sickening act; there was no true love, it was just a burden, sick and evil joke that god had whipped up and given to people for that one day he will take it away from them.
  • Even though Luhan doesn’t remember his family, he knows that he must have once loved them and the feelings returned at that’s how he knew love always got ripped away from people.
  • When he found out another ‘Wendy’ was brought to Neverland, he wasn’t that bothered, even if he fell in love with this Wendy Bird 2.0 then they would get ripped from him again.
  • Boy was he wrong.
  • He found himself intrigued over you and how obsessed you were over everything from fairies to pirates and mermaids, you name it ~ Although he couldn’t be as romantic as Peter was to Wendy and fly you everywhere.
  • He tried his best to take you to the most beautiful places of Neverland and avoided every place of possible danger, it was pretty obvious that he was in love as seen by Peter Pan and the rest of the Lost Boys
  • Luhan decided to ask you out night time, exactly under the tree where you could spot the mermaids under the stars and at the same time where the fairies would fly above your heads, lit up like fireflies.
  • You obviously accepted his request to be the Wendy to his Peter.
Peter Pan Imagine/King and Queen Pt. 2

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Honestly had no idea it was going to get THIS many request for pt. 2 , I am so excited to finally bring you part 2, enjoy. Warnings: Smut, cursing, mental abuse, maybe physical abuse?Possessive Pan

Part 1 here ->

The lost boys all spread out and try to find you, Peter also runs and tries to finds you, he searches high and low every crook in the corner, under every rock, even begged the mermaids for help, but nobody could find you.

Will he ever the love of his life? Where would Hook even take her? What does he want with her? Will the king ever find his queen? So many questions ran through his head, he sat down and pulled his hair, he began to become crazy.

The next day arrived, Peter got n sleep, and he lost boys were worried.

Felix came in the cabin that Peter was in, he saw him lay on the ground, he had tings of you, your clothes, your hair brush, gifts that he gave you, it was a pretty strange thing to see in Felix perspective, but he ignored it and walked in anyway.

As Felix walks in Peter heard the foot steps, he sat up trying to keep his balance, almost looking like a zombie. Then pulls out a knife but quickly realizes that it’f Felix and puts down the knife.

“Wh-where is she?” he asked Felix

Luckily for him Felix knew.

“It’s not just her, it’s Hook too, they took both of them, but not his pirate crew, they aren’t in Neverland.. So , what are we doing?”

Peter looks at him , “Bring the lost boys, tell them we’re going for a ride.”

Peter then lays on the ground and starts to laugh, he is completely insane, he barely knows what’s going on, he just wants you back.


You, on the other hand are still blindfolded until you’re un-blindfolded , but a man who was older than you

“Well that’s kinky’.” you say annoyed

“We got a feisty one here sir.” a lady says.

“Good, maybe she’ll actually be able to do something.” An other says.

Your eyes widen, what were they thinking? What did they want?

“we want you, to fight, for us.” a lady with blond hair says.

“Ex -bloody -cuse -me” Hook says “I’m not doing anything take me back to my ship or else I’ll just have to get the whole pirate crew on your ass.”

“Listen we need you to fight for us, be the good guys, our crew isn’t big enough.” a lady with black hair says.

“Oh yeah? What’s that gatta do with us?” you say as you blow a hair strand away from your voice.

“You could have anything you want.” the guy says.

You and hook stare at each other and smile in agreement.

You all get dressed in “proper” attire , because apparently your’s and Hooks outfits were not “hero like enough” but you were not mad at the outfit, it was adorable and totally cuter than your regular jeans , t shirt, and vans everyday wear.

You saw something that was green and it reminded you of Peter, you gave a pout, but still kept on putting on your clothes,

The group of older people stares at you and Hook and some other people you actually didn’t know but you ignored that, your may concern was Peter, you were just waiting for him.

You were being introduced to everyone.

“I’m Regina, this is Swan, Mary,and this is-”

“What was that ? I should kill everyone and escape?”

Everybody stood quite and looked at you weird.

“Sorry, the voices,” you laugh “I’m kidding! ….That’s not what they really said.” you winked at them.

“Okay and on that note you guys should get some sleep, you have a busy day ahead of you, fighting the bad guys.” Swan says

“We are the bad guys.” Hook says.

“Yeah well not anymore.” Regina said.

You roll your eyes and went to bed.


Peter and his lost boys find his pirate ship, Peter smiles, for he knows he is steps closer to finding you.

“I didn’t know you had a pirate ship Pan.” a lost boy says.

“It’s for … emergencies, and this one, is a big one.”

The boys all get settled on the ship with their weapons and all.

“Are you okay Pan? Like seriously.” Felix quietly ask Peter.

“Does it bloody look like it?” he says as he stares at Felix. 

Felix nods, “We’ll find her.” he says and pats Peter on the back.

“Where are you kitten?” he says as he stares into the sea


You wake up to the people watching your every move.

“Geez can a girl get some sleep in peace?” you say

“Get up, you have work to do.” Regina says

“You know we don’t have to listen to you “

“Oh yes you do actually, we put cuffs on all of your hands, so if you even think about going anywhere, you’re done.” Regina smiles.

“Fuck that.” a person says and leaves but as soon as they do, well you know the rest.

“That’s disguestin!” you shout

“Look let’s just bloody get this over with so you can get to Pan and I can get ruining your lives.”

“Fine by me.” you say


Sooner than later you’re almost to the location where the so called bad guys were.

“So, this is like a everyday thing?” Hook asked “You kidnapping bad guys and forcing them to work for you?”

“It’s not like that.” Swan says “ We just need you guys right now. we need you guys so we can get back to our own lives, we have family, friends, lovers-”

“Love…..” you say

*Flash Back*

You and Peter are by the mermaid lagoon, relaxing and gazing into each others eyes.

He then looks at you and then all of a sudden gets up, follow me.” he says , you smile and do so.

He brings you to the top of the mountains and you see a waterfall flowing into a creek, it was huge and beautiful.

“Question, would you die for me?” he asked you

“Yes.” you say with no hesitation

“That’s too easy, would you, would you live, for me?” he looks at you with such lust in his eyes, making you want him even more.

“Yes..” you say as you stare into his green eyes

“Careful.. do not say this oath,publicly, unless you mean it, desire become surrender ,surrender become power…you want his?” he ask

“I do.”

“Say it , say it Y/n, pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty-”

“Please” you say almost cracking your voice.”

“God you’re so.. good.” he says 

He signals with his eyes the creek.

You realize he is signaling you to jump, your fear is heights, but its for Peter, you will do anything for him, so with that, you jump.

Peter looks at you jump and he has a smile on his face, he starts to walk away, as he walks away he gets this regret feeling, feeling of guilt. He has a annoyed look on his face and rolls his eyes, he takes off his flute necklace and jumps in after you.

He dives in and looks for you, you’re floating under the water lifeless, he grabs yo and pulls you up to get air, but you aren’t gasping for air, so he goes mouth to mouth, giving you air, bringing life into you.

You finally gasp for air and you open your eyes and happy to see Peter, he then goes in for a kiss and you run your fingers through his hair as you pull him into a kiss as well. 

“How about we go someplace more.. private?” Peter says ,

You nod in agreement, I’d like that very much.” you say

Peter brings you back to your guys room, he dims the lights and locks the door, “Ready for me kitten? he says

“Yes.” he pushes you on the bed and you gasp and laugh right after.

“Whats so funny?” he says as he cocks an eyebrow

“”I just got a little frightened that’s all.”you say as you bite your lip

“Oh kitten, you’re so innocent, , that’s what I love about you.” he says as he unbuttons your shirt and kisses down your neck.

“Peter” you moan 

He takes off your shirt and throws it across the room, then he un hooks your bra and starts to kiss your neck down to your stomach, he then un zips your pants and takes them off along with your panties, and starts to lick your area slower and slower.

“Peter” you moan “Faster.”

And with that he went even slower, “Peter I said faster not slower.” you said

Then he completely stops.

“PETER” you yell

You could hear his laugh as he hides behind your legs.

“What the hell Peter?” you say as you laugh

“Pretty pretty pretty pretty-”

“Please, go faster.”

That’s all you had to say.” then he goes down and is licking you as he enters one finger inside of you.

“Oh fuck.” you moan, Peter was so good with his fingers, and his tongue.

He enters a second finger into you and you start to moan even louder.

“Oh my Fuck Peter don’t stop.” you moan.

You notice he starts licking you the same way and realize he is spelling the word M I N E with his tongue as he licks your area.

“Fuck yes Peter, I’m all yours.

He then takes off his shirt and pants and boxers, leaving him naked.

You rub his stomach, that is absolutely beautiful, you start to kiss his abs and start to go lower and lower.

You get to his area and start to suck him off.

He tilts his head back and that’s how you know he is enjoying it.

He grabs your hair making you deep throat him You try but you could barely fit him all in your mouth, he was large and way too big for your mouth.

You take it out “Peter I can’t-”

Peter gets on top of you and looks you in your eyes.

“Do you want this?” he smiles

“I do. Please.”

He enters you slowly and you start to scream, no matter how many times you guys had sex he was always so damn big.

You dig Peter’s nails into his arms and back, leaving red marks , you always left red marks.

He then gets tired and makes you turn around, he bites your back and licks it up and down. “Don’t ever leave me, you got that ?” 

“Yes Peter.” you say

He grabs your ass and smacks it continuously as he enters you in and out, he covers your moth and your’re forced to take it all. Not at all minding it, you were always rough in the bedroom.

* Flashback over*

Did you ever love someone?” you say to Hook.

“What?” he ask you.

“Never mind.” you say and continue to walk.


You finally get to the bad guys it was a guy with a cane.

“You called us to fight a old man?’”

“That’s Rumple. We need you to help us-”

“YOU guy’s took me away from my man just to fight some old man with a cane?” you say angry

“He is more dangerous than he looks.” Mary Margot says

“Psh whatever let’s get this over with.” you pull out your sword.

“Hold that though dearie.” he says.

“Excuse me?” you say

“You see, I can give you whatever you want. I am very powerful, whatever your heart desires, I can give it to you.” he says in a clever smile

“Anything?” you ask him

“Anything dear.” he says.

You imagine you and Peter, in Neverland, getting married, and having two kids, a girl and a boy. You always wanted a “normal life with him, but since he is well you know Peter that was kinda hard. For he wanted to be a wild boy, wanted to be wild, had no rules, no care in the world, had no responsibility, that meant no children for Peter. Even though you begged him, his answer would always be no. At times you would get very upset with him.

*Flash back* 

“But Peter!” you would yell

“I said no Y/n you know this!” he yells back

“But I love you and I know you love me, I want us to be a family.” you pouted

“We are a family love, you, me , and our lost boys.”

“Exactly I take care of the lost boys so why not take care of our own two kids?”  you ask 

“Two?! Now it’s two?” he rolls his eyes in annoyance

“You never give me what I wan it’s always about you!”

“All about me?! Really? Do you want to take that back? I’ll give you a chance to.”

“No actually you always do what you want , when you want, you don’t care about me Peter!”

“I saved you from that nut house you call home, I made you into the fearless lost girl that you are, I helped you learn how to fight off pirates, how to defend yourself and you say I don’t care about you?” He raises his voice

“NO you don’t care!”

Gosh you are so damn annoying you know that? Sometimes I wish I had just left you back in-”

You raise your hand and you are about to slap Pan but he catches your hand as you were an inch away from his face.

You gasp and scream in frustration.

*Flash back over*

“I want it.” you say

“Good!” Rumple says excited

“No!’ Regina yells

“He’s lying!” Swan yells out

You walk to Rumple “I can have anything?”

“Anything.” he smiles

“What do I have to do?”

“Well, all magic comes with a price dearie.” he smiles

Hook thinks about what he would want, 

First off a bigger ship, a better crew, and more rum, but then he realizes, he loves his ship, and wouldn’t change it for the world, he crew, sure they’re dumb, but that’s his crew, and he could have all the rum in the world, he snaps out of it.

“Fuck that “ 

You zone back into reality.

“He is lying, you love Pan, as much as I hate the shit out of you two, you’re meant for each other, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“We are?” you ask with tears in your eyes

“Yes. Now lets kick this guys ass and go back to Neverland.” he smiles


After you guys were done you turn to the group.

“So, you can take these cuffs off of now love.” Hook says to Swan

“Oh, yeah come with us.” Regina says.

“Next thing you know you’re in a jail cell.

“Bloody hell.” Hook says

“At least our cuffs are off.” you say cheerfully.

“We’re in jail! We are NEVER getting out.” Hook says angry.

You just giggle and smile, for you know what is going to happen sooner than later.


One day you were laying in your not so comfy bed when all of a sudden .


You quickly get up and the cops are all trying to fight whoever came in, you can barely see because of all the smoke but you hear men, no boys! You hear the lost boys!

You then see Peter and he looks so tired but s happy to see you.

He kicks open the gate and you run and jump on him warping your legs around him.

“Peter!” you yell in joy and kiss him

“Let’s go home.” he says.


-Anon request

Where the Hell were all his Lost Boys?

Pan stormed around the camp. He could feel their presence on the island and could probably locate them was his head not so filled with frustration.

Kicking a log across the camp with his foot, he slumped down with his head in his hands.

Then he heard it.

Distant, but distinguishably your voice.

And you were singing.

Following the voice in a sort of trance, Peter found himself at your cage- you were a prisoner of Neverland and that was where he kept you. From his position just at the edge of the woods, he was facing the clearing where he kept said cages and he could see the Lost Boys completely surrounding your cage, all sitting or lying down.

“Ein Tad, yr hwn yn y nefoedd
Sancteiddier dy enw.
Deled Dy deyrnas,
Gwneler Dy ewyllys,” you sang, voice mingling with the cool magic in the air beautifully.

Peter didn’t recognise the language you spoke but he knew that it was a lullaby.

“Megis yn y nef,
Felly ar y ddaear hefyd.
Dyro I ni heddiw
Ein bara beunyddiol,” the foreign words seemed to calm the excited tingle that burrowed itself into the Lost Boys’ skin, and Peter could see the younger ones falling asleep to your words.

“A maddau I ni ein dyledion,
Fel y maddeuwn ninnau i’n dyledwyr
Ac nac arwain ni l brofedigaeth
Eithr gwared ni rhag drwg;” he wished you would carry on singing forever, as he watched the frost of your voice travel through the air.

“Canys eiddot Ti yw y deyrnas
A’r nerth, a’r gogoniant
Yn oes oesoedd, Amen…” As the song came to a close, Peter was sitting peacefully on the ground, surrounded by silently sleeping Lost Boys, and had a smitten smile plastered on his face.

“Welcome to the Lost Boys,” Peter said to you quietly, the corners of his lips quirked and a smug set to his brow, “Lost girl…”




Anonymous said:

Hey! I was hoping you would be able to do a Pan X Reader, where the reader is Regina’s daughter and Regina abandons her to become queen and when they go to find Henry she finds her. Please that will be awesome!


I changed it a bit :)

“Okay. Now what?!” Regina spat as they failed. AGAIN. In finding Henry that is.

Hook sighed but his face soon lit up as an idea occurred to him.

“There’s this one lost boy who has helped me before. He’s a bit different than the other lost boys. He’s nicer and gentler than the others. Maybe we can ask him to lead us to their camp?” Hook suggested.

“And how are we going to find this lost boy?” Regina asked.

“I’ve never really seen his face.”

Regina rolled her eyes.

“Great. Now we’re looking for someone and we don’t even know what he looks like?!” Regina spat, clearly agitated.

“If you’ll let me finish, I’ll be able to tell you that Pan lets him wear a different colored cloak so we’ll know which one our target is.”

“Well. Come on then. Let’s find this lost boy.”


“Now will you help us find our son?” Emma asked the hooded figure.

The hooded figure scanned the group.


Regina didn’t like his answer so she stepped forward with a fireball on hand, ready to threaten the boy, when Charming stopped her. The hooded figure turned towards Regina and laughed darkly.

Snow gave Regina a lecture about not frightening the boy because it will only lessen their chances with getting help. Regina rolled her eyes and walked over to the boy. A chocolate bar appeared on her hand as she pushed it towards the boy.

“Here. I think you need something sweet.”

The hooded figure chuckled.

“You still think that bribing will take you somewhere huh? Evil Queen.”

Regina furrowed her eyebrows. She reached for the boy’s hood to reveal his face. The group gasped in chorus seeing the boy was not a boy but a girl. That’s why her cloak was in a different color.

“Who are you?” Regina spoke.

The girl put a hand on her chest in mock hurt.

“I’m offended. You forgot about me but I can’t do the same to you.”

“What do you mean?” Regina asked.

“How could I forget the person who traded me for Power? To be the queen?”

Regina’s eye widened.


“Bingo!” Y/N laughed.

Regina’s eyes turned sad.

“Y/N” she whispered.

“So Henry is like my brother then?” Y/N laughed, ignoring Regina.

“That’s great then! I get to live here with my brother!” Y/N exclaimed.

“No. We’re taking him with us and so are you.” Regina frowned.

Y/N laughed darkly.

“Don’t you get it, Regina? I don’t want to be your daughter again. Not now. Not ever.” Y/N spat.

Regina’s eyes became glossy with tears.

“I’m sorry.” Regina whispered and looked down.

“What’s that?” Y/N asked as she cupped her hand on her ear, smirking.

Regina looked at Y/N 

“I’m sorry. I should’ve never traded you for power. I’m sorry.” Regina cried.

Y/N smirked at the scene in front of her. Pan appeared beside her, making the group alarmed.

“This is Peter. He was the one there for me when my mother wasn’t. Isn’t that right, babe?”

Pan nodded and smirked.

“Babe?” Regina shouted.

“What do you mean? Y/N! You will not be with this demon and you are coming home with us!” Regina ordered.

Pan laughed.

“Don’t you see? Everything that was yours are mine now. I need to thank you for trading Y/N for power. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t be together.” Pan smirked.

Y/N nodded.

“Yeah, mom. Thanks for trading me.” Y/N spat.

Regina looked down.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apology not accepted.”

Y/N laughed one last time before disappearing with Pan.

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Request: Imagine request for Pan? The reader is extremely shy so she barely talks at all and if she does it’s merely a whisper, all the lost boys have trouble talking to her, including Pan. Pan makes it his mission to make you talk and hear your voice by trying almost everything, from jokes, teases, tickles, etc. Thank you! :) I love your imagines!

Warnings: child neglect, speech disorder

Notes: I took this from a different approach, so hope it’s okay xx

The quietest thing on Neverland wasn’t what you’d expect. It wasn’t the wind or the plants. Not even the bugs and other animals. It was Neverland’s one and only Lost Girl. You never spoke. Ever. And if you did, it was such a delicate whisper that no one would ever hear your exact words.

Peter and the Lost Boys would always try to get you to speak. They never reached that goal, but they never stopped trying. The Lost Boys would try to scare you or prank you. Hoping you’d scream or laugh. When you would find something funny or get scared, that’s when your voice would come out more of a whisper. Sometimes it’d get a little loud, but still very quiet. No one knew why you were this way, however.

“Y/N, please, I need you to speak. Talk to me.” Peter begged, dying to hear your voice and get to know you. “I want to know your entire story. I want to know why you’re lost.”

You only shrugged, an innocent smile on your mouth. You tried using hand motions, but Peter had no idea what you were saying. 

“C’mon, you have to make some kind of sound! You can’t be entirely mute!” He groaned, becoming annoyed. 

That’s when Peter would tickle you. It was the usual routine, and you were far used to it. He would either tickle you or do something funny in hopes you’d laugh. But again, it would always come out faint.

“I will get you to talk, I won’t stop until I do.” 

Again, you only shrugged with an innocent smile. You walked away aimlessly, gazing at the tall trees. You were in your own world and it blew Peter away. He was floored by how mindless you were. Nothing mattered. You never seemed afraid of the perilous forest that was Neverland. Nothing fazed you–unless the Lost Boys played a good trick on you.

Little did peter and the boys know that you were raised very differently…

As the next couple of days passed, Peter still tried with everything he had to get you to speak. Even is magic didn’t work. He couldn’t see into your mind because there wasn’t really much there. He began to question if maybe you were mentally ill. Or if you had a special disorder. You didn’t seem to know much except for how to walk and keep balance.

“Y/N, please. Just say one word.” peter once again begged.

You grinned. “M…Ma…”

“Yes, what is it? Say it.”

Your voice was still quiet, but louder than normal. “Mama.”

Peter cocked an eyebrow. “Mama? Mama? Why would you say that? You’re around the age of twelve, you have to know more than the word mama.”

You were young, and Peter knew he had to be patient. He didn’t want to scare you too hard because then you would never speak. He had to analyze you from your physical actions. But all he gathered was that you weren’t all there.

“Okay, how abut we write something.” Peter stared at you once he realized you weren’t going to say another word. He made pencil and paper appear and handed them to you. You held them both in your hands as if you didn’t know how to hold them.

“Please write something. Anything.”

You held the pencil in a weird way, and only scribbled on the paper. You handed it to him afterwards.

“This says… nothing. They’re all scribbles.”

Then it clicked in Peter’s head.

“You… You never learned basic cognitive skills did you? Or basic communication skills? No one ever played with you. No one ever taught you how to properly speak, or read or write. You’re like a baby almost… a baby who can keep their balance, which is weird.”

You furrowed your brows together. “N-No.” 

“We have a lot to work with then, huh? We can get you started right away then. I can teach you words. I don’t know how, but here we won’t need to know how to read and write. Just speak. We’ll get you there in no time.”

With that, Peter made it his new mission to teach you words. Back home, your mother was never around to teach you basic, everyday skills. You really were like a giant toddler, only knowing a handful of words. The only reason you knew how to keep balance so well was because as a baby learning to walk, you learned to grab hold to things. Eventually you were able to teach yourself walking without help. other than that, your mother was never there to teach you anything, or put you in school. You really only stayed in one room for your first twelve years of life. You knew nothing. But Pete would help you, and so would the Lost Boys. They would try their absolute hardest to help you learn basic skills. It would just take time.