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“Δεν ήταν εντελώς κακιά. Η μάλλον ήταν εντελώς κακιά εκείνη τη συγκεκριμένη στιγμή, αλλά τύχαινε να είναι και τελείως καλή. Οι νεράιδες είναι πάντα η το ένα η το άλλο, καθώς είναι τόσο μικροσκοπικές, που έχουν χώρο μόνο για ένα συναίσθημα κάθε φορά.”

Τζεϊμς Μ. Μπαρρι


By day, Peter Parker is a young journalist describing the growing problem of child prostitution. At night, as Spider-Man trying to catch bad guys responsible for this crime. Unfortunately his actions are ineffective. So when the cops come to the Daily Bugle and ask for help he agrees immediately. This is why he i standing on a street corner right now and pretending to be underage prostitute.

Deadpool is a regular customer of Mexican restaurants in the vicinity where Peter works and constantly “rescues” him, Trying to get Peter out of prostitution, trying to hook him up with other jobs, or just scaring off johns.Spiderman is extremely annoyed and a little impressed too, because this big, loud weirdo with scars brings back his faith in humanity.

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What people think James Potter was like:

James: Revising for exams? Pfft, I am the James Potter, I don’t revise. I go in and wing that bitch.

What James Potter was actually like:

James: No Moony, I don’t care that chocolate soothes stress, fuck off. If I don’t pass this shit I’m going to die homeless and lonely. Don’t let me die lonely.