peter nolan

Ghost, our faithful companion from the beginning. The companion who sought us for many years. My faithful friend.

It has been a very good adventure in the last years, we have fought with the time itself and with darkness. We have challenged The King of The Universe and all his army.

Destiny is more than a game honestly. I’ve met so many people. I’m ready for Destiny II. 

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- Daizy xx

Just how much is Peter Hastings hiding...?

Hello, fellow Rosewood Residents! Gavin here. 

Just when we thought we could safely and unanimously present the “Most Dysfunctional Family in All of Pennsylvania” award to the DiLaurentis clan, The House of Hastings, never to be outdone, swept in from left field and reminded us all that they don’t take kindly to being 2nd best at anything. Remember when we thought our biggest familial problem was Pam Fields struggling for a whopping 3 episodes with Emily’s sexuality (made even funnier when flashing forward to Season 7 and her making plans to mingle with bougie local lesbians over cucumber sandwiches)? Ahh. Those were simpler times.

This has caused Kate and myself to pick over everything potentially loaded, mysterious, or sketchy that the Hastings have done with a fine-toothed comb (although let’s be real, we’ll be lucky if we finish a task that size by next year, let alone over the next 9 weeks..) But ever-inspired by the amazing theorists we’ve encountered, we’re going to try our best to raise some points that are now striking us as especially odd, and maybe generate some solid leads.

Earlier today at work I was watching 5x01 on my phone (I’m expecting my “Employee of the Year” award in the mail any day now), and an exchange between Melissa (who I’ve never quite trusted since she not only stole Aria’s fro-yo, but also had the audacity to talk with her mouth full while eating it… am I maybe a little too passionate about ice cream?) and Peter (whose fertility prowess apparently gives Miracle Gro a run for its money), that damn-near haunted me in a way that never particularly hit me before. 

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Imagine: being Peter’s best friend and you both fall in love with each other. Your love is even stronger than Snow Whites and Prince Charmings love.

The Dark One's Daughter (Peter Pan) Part I

Part 2:

“Y/N!” Your stepfather Rumplestiltskin, or main known as ‘The Dark One’ called you, even if he wasn’t your real father and was a villain you still love him, and for him you were his baby girl, even if you already had 19
“Yes father?” You ask him walking towards him
“I need you, to do a work for me”
“What kind of work?” You asked confused
“I need you to kill Peter Pan”
“What?! No! I’m not going to kill anybody! And even if I agreed with this I don’t know who he is!” You exclaimed with rage, you couldn’t believe that the men you considered your father was actually asking you to kill someone
“But…” You interrupted
“No! No matter how hard you try to convince me, why can’t you just stop trying to make me something that I’m not?!” You reply with anger and sadness coming out from your voice, before he could reply you stormed out and slammed the door behind you, that was it, you can’t handle it anymore, so you looked on some books to go somewhere, and you found it, a place called ‘Neverland’ you put the book back on his place, and transport yourself to Neverland.
When you got there, the white dust of your powers dispersed, you looked around you, and you found yourself on a beach, but you decided to explore around the forest, you walk around until you found a little village full of boys -none of them as older as you-, so you decided to hide behind a tree to watch them.
“You like what you see?” A voice ask you whispering on your ear softly, which make you shiver, you turned around to bump yourself with a brunette boy, with green clothes -just as his eyes-and about your age is checking up on you with an arrogant smirk on his face, and he’s raised eyebrow
“Who are you?” You ask in a serious tone, and he raise his hand up on his chest, with his smirk
“Woah, woah, easy, there’s no need to treat me” He tries to act scared but he talks playfully “I’m Peter, Peter Pan” ‘So he’s the one I had to kill’ you thought for yourself when he presents himself “politely” but you still not buying it
“And what brings you here Y/N?” He makes a pause to look at you “If I may know”
“My dad pissed me off” You briefly explain
“Well then, let me introduce you to the others”
Peter introduced you to all the the Lost Boys, at night they danced and some of the boys convinced you to dance too, Peter showed you your tent and he left you, so you could get some sleep
Time passed, you didn’t know how long, but you didn’t care, you felt free, and you become friend with most of the boys, actually, everyone where impressed that you adapted so fast, but there was something that grew up inside you with the pass of the time. Your feelings for Peter; and you knew that was insane, cause he was a villain and a player that didn’t take anything serious, and probably he would laugh in your face if you told him, so you just kept that in secret.
However, Peter and you had a very strange friendship, if you call it that way, for one hand, you hate that childish part of him, always joking and being an arrogant jerk, but in the other you two had fun fighting an playing at the bonfires, it was just too complicated.
Today you were with the lost boys, when Felix came in from the beach
“Pan!” He worriedly call him and you two walk towards him
“What’s the matter Felix?”
“The Dark One. He’s here” He says, and you feel a bound in your stomach, this can’t be good
“Watch the Lost Boys, I’ll go” He orders and Felix nods, you both head to the beach, and there he is, right in front of you, after all this time. You speak before Peter does.
“Dad? What are you doing here?” You ask him and you can feel that Peter is watching you
“Dad? Your his daughter?” He asks in shock
“He’s my stepfather” You explain still staring at Rumplestiltskin
“I’m here to do, what I ask you to, but since you didn’t wanted to take the work, I came here to do it myself” You immediately know what he’s talking about so you put yourself in front of Peter
“No! I won’t let you do that!” You reply
“Darling listen to me, he may look like a boy, but he’s a bloody demon” He tries to convince you
“Like you?” You challenge him “I don’t care if he’s the most despite villain in the world, nobody deserves to get killed!” You yelled at him and a smirk is placed on his face as he chuckles softly looking at both of you
“I understand what’s going on here! You fell in love with The Neverland Boy! How sweet!” He exclaims pissing you off “Well… Let me tell you something, he’ll never love you, he’s just a selfish boy that only cares about himself, you’re just another trophy in his collection, and ones he get what he wants, he’s gonna get rid of you”
“SHUT UP!” I yelled at him, throwing your magic at him but he avoid it, you too get into a fight, but Peter doesn’t moves “PETER GO!” You fell to the floor and Rumple corners you
“I’m sorry darling, but I have to do this” He says and stabs you, but you disperse when the knife touch your skin “What?” He adds confused as you took his daga
“If there’s something I learned in Neverland is that you always need to have a plan” You said “Now you’re gonna take us with the savior” You ordered an instantly the dust drag you both
When you got there you saw Emma, Henry, Regina, Margaret and David looking at both of you confused, you kicked Rumple’s back, making him fall to the floor, you turned back at them
“Lock him up, watch him and don’t let him scape” You said to Emma, when you were leaving Regina’s voice stopped you.
“Wait! How do we know this is not a tramp?, I mean, you’re The Dark One’s Daughter
“I gave you my dad. Isn’t that reason enough to trust me?” You ask her and they stay silent, so you decide to go back to Neverland with your dad’s daga on your hand.
When you came back it was dark already,but you just can’t take it anymore
“ARGHHH” You scream frustrated kicking a rock with foot several times before letting your body fall on the sand, you bring your legs up on your chest, as you do something that you haven’t in a long time. Cry.
You let all your feelings out with the tears, so you decide to place your head on your knees

After Y/N left I just couldn’t understand what happened out there? She almost got herself killed just for me! And why did I felt… Happy when Rumple said that she was in love with me?
I was just so confused, that I didn’t realized that it was dark already, I think I just need some fresh air.
I headed to the beach, and so Y/N, she’s head was on her knees so I could see her face, I thought that she was sleeping, but when I got closer I heard her sobbing. Was she…? Was she crying? I sat next to her
“Are you okay?” I asked her and she turned back at me, her eyes were red for crying
“Fuck off Peter”
“Y/N What’s wrong?” I asked concerned
“What’s wrong?” She replies with a sad smirk on his face looking at nowhere, then she turns back at me “What’s wrong is that my dad was right!” She raise her voice, we stare at each other and a few seconds later she looks away “I feel in love with The Neverland Boy” She mumbles but loud enough for me to heard what she said, she snorts “I’m such an idiot” she adds and I don’t know why, but I kiss her, cupping her face with my hands as she place her’s in my chest, after a few moments we pulled apart an hitch away from our lips
“Don’t play with me” She whispered at me
“Then stop me” I challenged her, but she didn’t replied anything so I latched on our lips together ones more in a desperate and passionate kiss