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Unsent Letters

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Queen Susan the Gentle, Queen of the Southern Sun, of Narnia had died a long, long time ago.

Susan Pevensie, the girl who had gone from having everything to nothing, from a expected future as a beautiful socialite to a ragged housekeeper without a husband, had less than a day to live.

And, for the first time since her reign, she picked up not a lipstick, not a broom, but a pen.


To my darling brother Pete -

You were always there for me. There were times, many times, when I wished you weren’t, so please, brother, tell me, why aren’t you here when I need you most?

I hated you for always favoring Ed and Lu over me. I hated you for understanding Aslan.

But more than anything, I wish you showered me with the attention you gave to me before. The things a normal brother would do - defend my honor, not let me go out. You did it for Lu. But not for me. Both of us knew that you didn’t because you thought you owed it to me.

And I think I did too.

But, Pete, in the afterlife, wherever it takes me - Narnia, Aslan’s Country, or Heaven - I hope you will stay the protective brother you were in the Golden Age.

-Your younger sister, Su.

Ed -

You are not like Pete or Lu. You don’t need long winded explanations. You don’t need me to apologize. Because out of all of us, you understand me the most.

To the rest of the world, we seemed like the glory to the Pevensie family. You with your incredible amount of wisdom, me with my beauty and charm.

But we both know, that we were the black sheep. For the same reason too. For not trusting in Aslan.

I wish I never had to write these words. But please, Ed, as the only person left who may have the slightest inkling of what I’m going through, please forgive me.

Just like we forgave you all those years ago.


To baby Lu -

I can complain to Ed, to Pete, I could blame them for everything. But Lu, there is nothing I could say but sorry.

I failed as a sister, as well as a role model.

When you needed a hand up, I threw you onto the ground and laughed at you with my shallow friends.  I ignored you when you needed it most. You have every right to tell me I do not deserve to be in Narnia.

That you could never forgive me.

But I know you wouldn’t.

You are too kind, too loyal. I hated you for it. But now I know I had taken it for granted for too long.

I cannot mend my mistakes. But I will try my hardest to be the Susan you once knew.

I hope to see you in Aslans Country,
- Queen Susan the Gentle.


She never sent those letters. For when she died, she appeared in Aslan’s Country, as beautiful as she once was so long ago. And when she saw her siblings, her siblings could read the letters from her tears of joy.

A/N: First, I am so, so sorry to the readers who were expecting a new chapter of The Alleyway. I am actually writing out a plot, because I had no idea where to go with that story. I am not giving up on the story, trust me! But still, I would like to truly, truly apologize for being more than a week late to even starting to WRITE the next chapter. Second, I do not own these characters or this universe! These belong to CS Lewis, and because he is Christian, God bless his soul. I hope you enjoyed, and I am planning a story with Edmund, but I think it might be a x OC or x Reader type of story. :)

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Dear Moses Mendelssohn: Help! I’m Doubting That Eternal Damnation Is Even A Thing

The final entry in my series of Confused 18th Century Christians Ask Famous Jewish Philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn, To Help With Problems, following I want to have sex before marriage and I’ve lost the magic of Christmas.

In 1780 a Benedictine monk, Peter Winkopp, wrote to Moses Mendelssohn troubled by doubts about the doctrine of eternal punishment and got the following reply. GOOD NEWS, HELL ISN’T REAL.

“I admit that the consequences of sins are eternal; for the consequences of all causes persist eternally. This is true, however, only of natural consequences…and even natural consequences are not eternal misery, since they can be outweighed by the good. And this is my hope. The consequences of my sins will remain eternally and leave traces by which they can be recognized, but they will not render me eternally miserable. The sentiment of the good will yet prevail in my soul, and I, like you and all men, our brethren, will be eternally happy”


Harry Potter Characters-Marauders Era:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson- James Potter
Emma Stone- Lily Evans
Liam Aiken- Severus Snape
Ben Barnes- Sirius Black
Sam Claflin- Remus Lupin
Dane Dehaan- Peter Pettigrew
William Mosely- Lucius Malfoy
Ian Somerhalder- Regulus Black
Nicholas Hoult- Frank Longbottom
Anna Popplewell- Alice Fortescue
Eddie Redmayne- Arthur Weasley
Brittany Snow- Molly Prewett
Jennifer Lawrence- Narcissa Black
Michelle Ryan- Bellatrix Lestrange
Emily Browning- Andromeda Black
Jeremy Irvine- Ted Tonks