peter mooney


ASOIAF FANCASTING MEME: 2/9 character’s family members who aren’t portrayed in the show:
Peter Mooney as Brandon Stark
Brandon Stark was the heir of Lord Rickard Stark to House Stark and Winterfell prior to Robert’s Rebellion. His younger siblings were Eddard Stark, Lyanna Stark, and Benjen Stark. Brandon was in appearance and character very different from Eddard.He was rather hot-blooded, something their father, Lord Rickard, described as coming from “the wolf blood”. Brandon shared this trait with his sister, Lyanna. Eddard believes this led them both to early deaths.Brandon was tall and handsome, and was an excellent swordsman and jouster.”


Favorite people →  Peter Mooney“I went to theater school in Montreal and there was a French side and an English side.  And the very first day there was a girl I noticed on the French side.  And for the first two or three weeks of school I did everything I could to try and get her to notice me - I’d try bumping into her in the halls.  I’d bump into her at lunch.  I started to learn French.  Um..nothing was working.

And then one day before class we went into this studio and there was a big stack of crash mats off in the corner and I decided to see if I could do a flip off of the crash mats onto the ground.  I couldn’t.  I landed but I broke my nose on my own knee and left the room - blood just sort of pouring out of me.  I went out in the hall and a bunch of people were sort of tending to my bloody nose.  And she was there…that got her attention…just not as cool as I’d been hoping for.”