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In order of appearance: Frank Longbottom (Jim Sturgess), Caradoc Dearborn (Idris Elba), James Potter (Aaron Johnson), Lily Potter (Karen Gillan), Sirius Black (Ben Barnes), Marlene McKinnon (Freya Mavor), Gideon Prewett (Eddie Redmayne), Dorcas Meadowes (Oona Chaplin), Alastor MoodyRemus Lupin (Andrew Garfield), Rubeus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagallAlbus DumbledoreAlice Longbottom (Carey Mulligan), Peter Pettigrew (Josh Bolt), Fabian Prewett (Eddie Redmayne).

Peter gets chosen to lead a big Order mission in place of a sick Sirius
  • Peter: But I'm a coward. My insignia is a cringing chicken.
  • Mad-Eye: You have a cold? Hangnail? Warts?
  • Peter: And scurvy.
  • Mad-Eye: You're still it.
  • Peter: What about Remus?
  • Remus: I don't want it.
  • Mad-Eye: Thats good enough for me.
  • Sirius: It's like one of those Muggle westerns where the town drunk becomes Sheriff.

this is post number five thousand and here we are, still making terrible puns. 

i mean, siriusly, it’d be remus of us if we didn’t do anything else. we’re just sitting here, trying to wormtail out some content from all these books and movies, knowing that people are gonna take umbridge with it, snape at us and get really moody if we get our facts ron and hoping inspiration will just sprout out of nowhere. neville mind that it’s getting hard to peter out little bits of funny. we just gotta buckbeak up and get on with it, i guess. it’d be a bit riddikulus to do anything else, woodn’t it?


Anybody else ever think about how much it really sucked that James and Lily and Sirius and Lupin and Peter and Dumbledore and fred and mad eye and Cedric and tonks and sometimes even Snape and especially dobby died because honestly I just can’t believe it sometimes and now I’m crying a little fuck

Legendary Artists and Bands That Still Have Yet To Be Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Today, (12/17) saw the announcement of the music acts that will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. They are:

- Chicago

- Steve Miller

- Deep Purple

- Cheap Trick

- N.W.A.

The top 4, I agree with wholeheartedly, but N.W.A. is a rap act and does not warrant induction into an organization with the words “Rock And Roll” in it. They beat popular vote front-runners Yes and The Cars to make it this far. I do not deny the talent of the members of N.W.A, but I feel that artists and bands that perform actual Rock and Roll, that have been around since the 1960s and 70s, should have first crack at induction. Here are those aforementioned artists and bands that should get the recognition that they deserve:

The Moody Blues

Jethro Tull


The Doobie Brothers

The Zombies

Procol Harum

Jim Croce

Harry Nilsson

The Cars


Peter Frampton

Joe Cocker

Fairport Convention

The Scorpions

Emerson Lake And Palmer

Electric Light Orchestra (UPDATE: INDUCTED IN 2017 CLASS)

The Alan Parsons Project

The Raspberries

Tommy James And The Shondells

The Monkees

Grand Funk Railroad

Dire Straits

Todd Rundgren


J. Geils Band

Manfred Mann

Mott The Hoople


Bad Company


Three Dog Night

Billy Preston

And that was the moment that Harry was poked by good old Voldy.

Oh god report to Dumbledore, I never knew that was an option

  • Remus: Prongs, we have nicknames for ourselves...
  • Peter: But I think it's high time we find a nickname for your infatuation with Evans.
  • Sirius: We present to you: Lames, see we combined both your names in a way that would represent what your lovesick situation is like.
  • James:
  • James: I have no words, just hexes.
  • Peter: Moody... Oh no, he never has good news. Did somebody die? Was it my mum? Is she dead? Or my dad, did my dad die again? Oh no... wait, did my brother die? Oh god, that's it isn't it? My brother is dead!
  • Alastor: What? No, nothing like that.
  • Peter: Oh good, because I don't even have a brother. How horrible would it be to not have a brother and lose a brother all in the same day.


BGP Records ‎– CDBGPM 220 ‎– Recorded in 1976.
Roger Glenn ‎– Reachin’.
Bata – Baba Duru, Moodi Peters.
Congas, Bata, Percussion – Bill Summers.
Drums – Gaylord Birch.
Electric Bass – Paul Jackson.
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Ray Obiedo.
Electric Piano, Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer – Mark Soskin.
Electric Piano, Synthesizer – Larry Mizell.
Flutes, Vibraphone – Roger Glenn.
Shekere – Butch Haynes, Eric Young.

the rat

inspired from this post by the awesome @marauders4evr 

@themaraudersmapforpranks @captofthesswolfstar tagging you two because you said let me know :)

“He got out”

James let the words sink in. He felt numb. He didn’t dare lift his gaze up to the others. He had gotten out.

“What the fuck do you mean he got out?” growled Sirius.

“I mean, Peter got out of Azkaban, Black. Be careful with the words you choose while you are talking to me or I’ll hex your tongue off” Moody shot back without a second thought, he was fuming. “Turns out Azkaban wasn’t a good place to hold a bloody rat.”

“Do you mean to tell us that Peter got out in his Animagus form?” asked Remus as calmly as he could.

“That’s the only plausible explanation and I warned them, I warned them about the risks but they trust those fucking cloaked creatures so much. The idiots,” complained Moody. “I am in charge of the hunt–”

“We are joining” interrupted James as he stood up trying to use the advantage his height gave him but failing miserably under Moody’s stern gaze.

“The hell you are. I can’t have you two bickering around. He is your friend-”

“That rat is no friend of ours, we want him caught as much as you do” hissed Sirius, hanging on to the last piece of self-control left in his veins. “That bloody prat tried to get James and Lily killed.”

“We are Aurors and bloody good ones at that.” asserted James. “We wouldn’t risk this mission, you forget that it’s my family’s lives on the line-”

“You are an idiot if you think the Death Eaters aren’t still hunting you Potter” argued Moody. “You are too valuable to go around throwing spells where I can’t keep an eye on you.”

Sirius grinned as he was about to counter his argument but Moody stopped him with a wave of his hand.

“You, too, are an idiot if you don’t think that lunatic Lestrange woman isn’t after you Sirius. You helped Potter and Evans escape when Voldemort disappeared,” added Moody. “I can’t have either of you on the field.”

“Actually, they are both adults entitled to their own opinion about this matter,” cut in Remus with an apologetic look on his face. “You know they are good assets Moody, you know they are better than most of your men and they know Peter like the back of their hands.”  

Lily walked in as Remus opened his mouth to convince Moody further. 

“Is it true?”

“I’m afraid so Lils” replied James as he threw his arm around the shorter girl’s shoulder. 

“I want to join the hunt” she said fiercely.

“Fuck no!” yelled Sirius and James at the same time. “No way Lily, not you” continued James.

“It is a no from me, too, Lily” added Remus.

“Why? Do you think I’m not good enough?” challenged Lily.

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous Evans, it’s like I’m the one with a baby in his belly,” protested Sirius and all of them looked at him like he was about to burst into flames. “Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t know Evans, Padfoot can smell it and you are glowing like the sun.”

Lily was staring at the floor as she pushed a lock of her flaming red hair behind her ear and she slowly lifted her green gaze to meet James’ eyes.

“You two are like bloody bunnies, I swear” said Sirius as he grinned. All of a sudden everyone forgot that their old best friend was on the loose.

James grabbed Lily by the waist and lifted her so he can kiss her easily, his eyes shined like he could see the galaxy in Lily’s eyes.

“We are building a Quidditch team” he teased as he slowly let Lily go and Lily smacked him on the head. “By the way, you are not moving out of the safe house Evans, I’ll permanently stick you to your bed if I have to.”

“Alright, alright” she gave up. “I’m going to go talk to Professor McGonagall. Carry on with your bloody plan” she said and got out swiftly with a huge grin on her face.

“Now I won’t ever take you with me Potter” 

“Why the hell not?” protested James.

“You already have a son that needs you, who is the Chosen One or whatever the fuck Prophet calls him these days with another on the way–” began Moody as he adjusted his glass eye who was threatening to come out of it’s place. “Do you know why I don’t have a wife or a partner or anything for that matter? I am not attached to anything Potter. There aren’t many people who would be affected by my decisions but you, you have a wife, a son and another on the way” explained Moody.  

“Whether you like it or not I am coming. I want to be the one to catch that fucker” objected James and this time he was standing tall. If they were going to raise two kids in this world, he had to do his best to make it safer for them.

“On that note, it is almost impossible to catch him with regular ways and Albus practically ordered me to ask you three if it was alright if the Aurors used Unforgivable Curses on Peter” said Moody slightly uncomfortable with where this conversation was headed. He was never a man of emotions but that was what made him so bloody good at his job. 

“If you don’t we will,” stated Sirius and Remus nodded in approval.


“I- yes, if that’s what it takes we can take Peter down” James felt like he was betraying the memory of the boy he knew but that boy he was sure loved him with every part of his fear had ratted him out and he didn’t deserve neither pity nor second chance. 

James didn’t understand where he went wrong with Peter, he felt like he gave everything he had to him. Lily never hurt him, she listened to him. Harry liked him, too. What happened that the shy boy he met on the train turned into a betraying rat? These thoughts went through James’ head as he lied in his bed with Lily on his chest after they talked about baby names. He had to be careful this time for their sake. James would never forgive himself if he left Lily and his babies alone.

I will write the rest in a separate post, promise.


Progressive Rock Singers ✺

geddylee "we are merely players, performers and portrayers"
petergabriel "he's writing the lyrics of a brand new tune"
iananderson "let me make you a present of song"
davidgilmour "and no one sings me lullabies"
derekshulman "don't sing a tune to yourself"
greglake "want to be the singer, do you want to be the song"
justinhayward "i'm just a singer in a rock and roll band"
jonanderson "maybe i'll just sing awhile,then give you a call"
philcollins "the music's playing, the notes are right"
rogerwaters "and who calls the tune in the courtroom?"

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (2005)     


Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Swift, just 24, was the most commanding personality on the stage and the one most frequently name-checked by other artists, many of whom seemed aware they were playing in her shadow. She did four songs: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” the new “Out of the Woods” (from her upcoming album 1989, which she made sure to mention was out on Monday), “I Knew You Were Trouble” and recent single “Shake It Off.” Interestingly, “Out of the Woods” varied her approach the most, sounding like a moody Peter Gabriel track. Swift worked the crowd into a sing-along froth, danced like a happy antelope and used the word “frenemies” when introducing “Shake It Off”: In short, she seemed like a presumptive pop queen just waiting for her official coronation.
—  Hollywood Bowl review (Rolling Stone)
  • James: All I see is snow...
  • Sirius, mysteriously: That's what it wants you to think.
  • James: How much time have you been spending around Moody lately?
  • Sirius: You don't smell that?
  • James: Smell what?
  • Sirius: It's not snow.
  • James: You can smell snow?
  • Sirius, looking at James strangely: No of course not.