peter loony

lionel-13  asked:

Can you draw the team penguin from the batman serie ? I like your work by the way.


Heck, I’m surprised I haven’t drawn this loser team until now.

(Also thank you so much for the compliment)

And because Tumblr hates me, here’s the image with a higher resolution >>

TW 4x10 - benefactor twists, Scott's spiralling and Stiles is definitely somthing.

Another action-packed episode that i probably should rewatch before i launch into this post. But my time is limited this week so here it is..

As always this will be long, so hit the read more to partake in my musings and half-assed theories based on an episode where the benefactor arc was assumedly wrapped up, Chris dabbled in herbology, Scott is itching further towards his dark spiral and Stiles is … well still something.

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