peter lewis kingston wentz the third


happy birthday to the man who gave me everything, who helped me believe in myself when no one else did, who finally stopped holding out for the life he wished he had and started fighting for the one he did. of all the sky’s stars, i know your soul is the most beautiful, by far. thank you for saving me, for teaching me what true strength really is, for inspiring me to pursue my own future in poetry and music and love. “someday the clouds and storm clears for everybody and you realize you can fucking move mountains.” damn straight, pete. dream on, you crazy kid. do what you do best: live.

fall out boy music videos in which peter lewis kingston wentz the third has been killed or is already dead at the start

  • saturday
  • a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me (he’s a vampire, okay?)
  • this ain’t a scene it’s an arms race (he fell out of the window AND he was in the coffin right afterwards)
  • the carpal tunnel of love
  • I don’t care (look there were so many petes running around at least one of them must have been killed)
  • headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet
  • what a catch donnie (he goes down with the ship u know he dead)
  • miss missing you
  • save rock and roll (ok so he came back to life but he was still dead)
  • irresistible ft demi levato (is living as a doll action figure truly living? I think not)
  • the last of the real ones

First there was the DOAB tour
Then brendon’s brodway debut
Then paramore with a frikin bop
Then fall out boy with this utter bullshit

Whats next?
Will twenty one pilots make a gay musical rom-com? Who knows?

  • me: *in a crowded mall* oh no i can't find the emos
  • me: *clears throat* PETE WENTZ SUCKS
  • me: found them
“I’m worried about you”          (Pete Wentz)

Based Off of the Request:You tell Pete Wentz that you lost weight and he thinks you stopped eating and it ends fluffily 

I pull the door closed behind me as i step into the apartment, still breathing pretty heavily from my run. I’ve never been the strongest runner, and after months of running almost everyday I still come home panting like a dog. I take a swig from my water bottle as I move to the bedroom. I smile over at Pete, who’s spread out on top of our bed, still asleep. I quietly make my way into our bathroom, and pull the door closed behind me. I step in front of our floor length mirror and slip my tank top off, standing only in a sports bra and leggings. I smile a little as i examine my stomach. After months of working out, running, and watching what I eat, I can finally see some progress. The stupid layer of pudge that never left my stomach is slowly but surely smoothing out, The annoying muffin top that I had never been able to get rid of before is significantly shrinking, my thighs are even slimming- and I literally couldn’t be happier. After so long of hating the way my stomach and thighs looked, I’m finally doing something about it, and i’ve never felt so confident in my own skin. I allow myself a few more seconds in front of the mirror, before moving on to jump in the shower and get ready. By the time i’m ready for the day, and step out of the bathroom and notice the bed empty. Surprised, i make my way out of the room and into the kitchen, where Pete is sipping a cup of coffee and squinting against the morning sun. I laugh at him, only earning a slightly annoyed glare from him, before moving over to stand near him.

“morning babe” he grumbles as he reaches over and kisses my cheek

“Good morning, why do you look so grumpy?”

“For some god forsaken reason Patrick wanted to get work done ungodly early today, so we’re meeting at the studio in a half hour” he responds, irritated.

I can’t help but laugh at his ridiculous attitude. “Pete, it’s ten o’clock, I wouldn’t exactly call that “Ungodly early””

That comment gets met with another annoyed glare “ (Y/N), I am not a morning person”

I laugh again, but raise my hands up in surrender “Well i’m done if you wanna shower”

He nods and moves out of the room to take a shower.

Ridiculously soon, he’s ready and comes back into the kitchen, significantly more awake this time. He immediately walks to the fridge and rummages around.

“Do you want breakfast?” he asks

“no I’m good” i respond, flipping through the newspaper. Eating right after running always makes me feel bad

“You sure?” he asks again.

I look up, surprised to see he moved out of the fridge and close to me, and is now staring at me, practical examining me.

“”Uh, yea i’m good really” I respond again

“Okay I guess” he says, looking at me in the weird almost-suspicious kind of way again.

Confused, I blame the early wake up for his weird behaviour and go back to the newspaper. Ten minutes later he leaves, saying he probably won’t be back until later tonight

***Later that night***

I hear the door practically slam open as Pete comes in

“(Y/N), I’m home” he sings loudly.

I laugh at the crack in his voice as I stand up from the couch. I walk over to him and slid[ my arms around his waist. He hums as he kisses me, and returns the hug.

“How’d it go today?” I ask as he pulls off his coat.

“Eh not too great. Couldn’t get much done, which is why I’m so late”

“Well that’s a bummer but i’m sure you guys will get over the writers block soon”

“Hopefully” he responds with a smile, “but now more pressing issues, what should we do for dinner?”

“Oh I’m sorry Pete I didn’t know when you would be home so I already ate” i say, feeling a little guilty.

Instead of the joking response I was expecting, Pete grew steadily more serious, until he was just standing there with a concerned look on his face.

“What? I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would care that much” I say, confused.

“No, it’s not that…” he says slowly, “It’s just, um. You are eating aren’t you?”

“What?” I respond, now more confused than ever, “Of course I am, what does that mean”

“I just want to make sure you’re healthy (Y/N), and Ive been worried about you lately” He says, grabbing my hands.

“Pete what on earth are you talking about, I’m fine. Whats this about?”

“Well, you’ve been exercising a bunch and I hardly ever see you eat, I just want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Finally, realization dawns on me. “Oh Pete, you don’t have to worry about that, I promise! I’m exercising and eating less just because I’m working to lose weight, but i’m being healthy I swear. Im still eating, our schedules have just been off sync lately, I guess. But i promise I am taking care of myself” I finish, and pull him into a hug.

I hear him let out a sigh as he wraps his arms around me, and presses his face against my hair.
“Thank god, I was so worried” he whispers, before pulling back and looking into my eyes “I thought you were starving yourself or over exercising because you thought you needed to change for me, and felt horrible because you’re so so beautiful the way you are and I thought you were hurting yourself because of me, and-” by this point he’s almost shaking, and the pain I see in his eyes brings tears to my own.

I place my hand on his cheek and shush him. “ Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third, you are absolutely not the reason,I know from the bottom of my heart that you love me for me, not how much I weigh.  I’m trying to lose a little weight because I want to be healthier and a better me. You don’t have to worry about anything, I promise”

Hearing those words obviously helps, because Pete lets out another breath, and I can practically see the tension leave his body. He smiles down at me, “I’m so glad, I never want you to change yourself for me, or for anyone for that matter.”

“I know, and I won’t” i say with a smile.

Finally convinced, Pete lets out a huge grin. “Well in that case, as long as you’re being healthy, Will help you in anyway you can. I want you to love yourself and much as I love you, because to me, you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever met.”

I smile and reach up to wrap my arms around his shoulders, and feel his arms snakes around my waist as I push my lips against his.

writing and stuff?

hey guys! i’m really bored so if you would like to send me asks with a ship and a prompt that would be great. i’d do ‘x readers’ and ship pairings. i’ll write about; (this isn’t everyone, this list will probably change)

people i’ll write about

- daniel howell

- phil lester

- patrick stump

- peter lewis kingston wentz the third

-andy hurley

- joe trohman

- brendon urie

- george ryan ross the third

- gerard way

- mikey way

- frank iero

- ray toro

there are a couple of other people, but these are the main ones? i’d do quite a few other bandom ships as well as youtuber fics. i didn’t write the book character list but the books i would write for are;

- throne of glass

- a court of thorns and roses

 again, if there is anything else you would like me to write for/about, still ask! i’m very bad at updating lists and things so this will probably be outdated by the time anyone sees it. happy reading, i guess?

anonymous asked:

Draw two separate peter Kingston Lewis wentz the thirds from two different eras of your choice giving himself a hug

i mean id have 2 work out how to draw a hug but ill try :0 tysm

  • Pyschic: *reads my mind*
  • My mind: Patrick Stump is my favorite person. Or maybe Pete Wentz. I wonder if patrick forgot the password to his twitter account. He's such a dork. I think I'm in love with him. I can't believe he didn't take a singing lesson until before Folie à Deux, his voice so good with no training whatsoever. I wonder what he likes on his burgers. I wonder if he likes cheeseburgers. I wonder if Pete Wentz is actually his best friend. I really hope so. I hate Peter Lewis Kingston III. I can't believe he's the third Peter. How dare he be the third Peter and be so pretentious. I hate him for having gorgeous tattoos. I hate him for being so good at bass. He's so cute. God damn I hate him
  • Psychic: what the fuck