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Photo - Ollie Torr climbing Chicita Hydraulica (8a), Murla

I had such an amazing time shooting in Spain, I can’t wait to get back there and shoot more hard routes. Also I have a new Facebook page where you can see all the films I produce from these shoots. Check it out!

Photo - Ollie Torr, The Masson Chronicles (7b) ** (i think), Masson Lees, UK

Bit of an odd shot here but I’ll let you guys see what you think of it. Please note the cheeky heel hook! ;)


Jürgen Leonbacher - Magic Line, 7c+, Giesenjårger, Sweden

Priorities of a climber

Magic Line was Jürgens big project on our Swedish trip. It took almost 2 hours to get to the boulder from the road and for the first few weeks, you could only make it in snow shoes. No matter what the weather, Jürgen worked on the problem and eventually on a drizzly, sleety day, he stuck the big dyno move (photo 3) and got the problem done!

There was such an overwhelming sense of euphoria and i wasn’t even the one to climb it. However, 5 minutes after sending it, he was looking for the next project. 


Photo 1: calm before the send
Photo 2: summit elation
Photo 3: one happy climber!!

So I’ve been in the alps for a little under a week now and I have only just come to terms with A. The fact that altitude makes a difference B. Mountains are bigger here than at home, and C. That the sense of achievement after summiting here is unparalleled!


Check out the trailer for my friend Peter Kneen’s bouldering movie he made 200km north of the arctic circle.


Gotta be selfish to succeed?

I thought I’d put up some more of the photos from the YAK trip we took in Sweden a couple of months ago. It was strange but that was the event that really spurred me on to try and realise my photographic dream. I feel like making it as a photographer is really possible now and i am determined to make it happen!

The main thing i am worried about, whilst chasing my dream is that i may become more selfish. I have heard that the only way to be successful at something is to put yourself first. I can see the sense in this but surely it can’t be true in all cases can it?! Take photography for example. A field where interpersonal relationships are super important! If you are taking photos of someone, you can’t be selfish or you won’t get the results you want. Its a tricky subject.

I think I’m just going to try and be as nice as possible to everyone I meet and just try to push my work.

Any thoughts???

Editing Photos

I absolutely love getting the great responses I have been receiving on my photos over the past couple of months, since I started my blog. It has really helped inspire and motivate me to get out and chase photo opportunities like a fat girl after an ice cream van.

I thought I would start to share with you guys a bit more of what happens after the photo is snapped as I have had a few people ask me recently about my opinions on editing. I love editing photos and will edit pretty much everything I ever show anyone ever ever EVER!!! 

Now I know what some peoples opinions are about editing photos, “You shouldn’t need to edit the photo if you took it write in the first place”, to all those people I have one thing to say to you…….. you’re rite! But the fact is that, and I am sure this is the same for loads of people, we can’t all take perfect photos every time. Sometimes we have to tweak the exposure or straighten a horizon, or even, dare I say, remove a part of the photo which ruins it.

At the end of the day, my opinion is that photos are my art. As far as I’m concerned, there are no rules telling you what you should or shouldn’t do!

Do what ever you want to make your photos look as good as you can and if anyone says that you’re wrong to do so, let them know they don’t need to look at your photos if they don’t want to!

Jurgen Leonbacher climbing in the Arctic circle on a 6 week climbing trip i took in Sweden a few years ago. I had just started shooting bouldering so there was quite a learning curve. We managed to get sponsorship from MadRock for this little trip which was incredible!