peter kneen


Check out the trailer for my friend Peter Kneen’s bouldering movie he made 200km north of the arctic circle.

Jürgen Leonbacher showing commitment in trying conditions bagging the first ascent of “a quarter to Bégué” (7a/+)

Its always amazing to get a first ascent! Jürgen nabbed this little beauty 140km north of the Arctic Circle in Gaisenjarga. Ecstatic with his achievement, he named it after the world’s greatest muffin baker. Hence the name “a quarter to Bégué”.

Photo - Ollie Torr climbing Chicita Hydraulica (8a), Murla

I had such an amazing time shooting in Spain, I can’t wait to get back there and shoot more hard routes. Also I have a new Facebook page where you can see all the films I produce from these shoots. Check it out!


Robin Richmond - Arch Enemies, 7c+, Reynards Arch, Dovedale, UK

So i thought i would add a couple more pictures from last weekend and give you guys a bit of an update on how the photography goal is going. We have been making really good progress with the trailer for the film and we hope to have that out for people to see in the next two weeks.

In the mean time I have another little project going on. I am writing an article on a fairly new bouldering area in Leicestershire called Forest Rock. Now when you first hear climbing in Leicestershire in the UK, you would be quite within your rites to scoff and sneer. “Climbing in Leicestershire?!” you may well exclaim “what sort of sick joke is this”. Well no joke! Forest rock is a very small but absolutely chock full of outstanding problems. Recently it has been visited by some of the Peak District Strong Men who have raised the profile of the area somewhat. 

I have been told that the problems go all the way up to the giddy heights of 8a so far but there is still potential for some world class lines.

For those of us who are still more raw dough than crimp cakes there are some slightly easier lines there as well.

Look out for the photos and article! (There may also be a tiny video)


Photo - Ollie Torr, The Masson Chronicles (7b) ** (i think), Masson Lees, UK

Bit of an odd shot here but I’ll let you guys see what you think of it. Please note the cheeky heel hook! ;)


Gotta be selfish to succeed?

I thought I’d put up some more of the photos from the YAK trip we took in Sweden a couple of months ago. It was strange but that was the event that really spurred me on to try and realise my photographic dream. I feel like making it as a photographer is really possible now and i am determined to make it happen!

The main thing i am worried about, whilst chasing my dream is that i may become more selfish. I have heard that the only way to be successful at something is to put yourself first. I can see the sense in this but surely it can’t be true in all cases can it?! Take photography for example. A field where interpersonal relationships are super important! If you are taking photos of someone, you can’t be selfish or you won’t get the results you want. Its a tricky subject.

I think I’m just going to try and be as nice as possible to everyone I meet and just try to push my work.

Any thoughts???