peter i actually can't with you

rex glass: cool, suave, dangerous, flirtatious homme fatale

duke rose: friendly, bubbly, slightly naive

peter nureyev: melodramatic, wonderstruck, excitable, affectionate lovebird 


a few seconds before one of them forgets the other. possibly all of their true feelings summed up right here.

Since Ms. Mikaela Buckley’s character designs are the only art I’ll accept for Penumbra (I’m so glad they’re canon like 10/10 the best?) and she draws Peter with glasses, I’m just gonna ask y'all to consider Nureyev actually having the worst eyes this side of the galaxy and him hanging on to Juno for life because he broke/lost them and can’t walk a straight line let alone be trusted not to run into every single thing. Feel free to further consider Juno giving him a hard time about how between the two of them they only have one working eye.

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I saw a spidey underwear set, red and blue webbed with his mask on the right cup and just imagine if Peter walks into your room (or flies through the open window) and sees you standing by your dresser in that. he’d just. faint. actually probably choke, stutter, trip and fall on his face, crazy hand gestures all within seconds, then pass out. you can’t help but giggle at the poor unconscious boy on your floor


Seriously, you guys, the BEST news I’ve heard in like a month is that Mr Curry WILL be in Paddington 2: Electric Paddingtonloo* filming NOW!

*(Not actual title)(Probably)

YAY! Mr Curry and his AMAZING fashion sense is back!

I suspect I should feel at least a tiny bit bad about juxtaposing him with the actually-in-this-instance-being-quite-family-friendly Mr Tucker, but how can I when the scenes fit together so well?

I mean, Millicent calls Mr Curry

and everyone knows This Charming Man is…

That’s right!

Not to mention Malcolm – like Mr Curry – employing a simple four word proverb to sum up the special flower circumstances.

Of course Mr Curry ends up taking his death gift flowers away too,

but in his case he’s the one who needs cheering up.  Poor Mr Curry!

You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.
—  J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
Just imagine this

Your Spiderman’s girlfriend and you’re kind of the web warriors unofficial mascot. One day Peter gives you a Spiderman’s button to put on your backpack. A way to claim you as his girlfriend without actually doing it. And you love it a proudly wear it everyday on every bag you own. A few weeks later Miles gives you a Kid Arachnid button after seeing how much you love the button Peter gave you. You thanked him and put it right by his Spiderman button. Peter was not the happiest person when seeing this and when the other web warriors saw how much it bothered Peter they all got you buttons of their hero personas. You were completely oblivious to how Peter felt about it because you were so proud to show the world your support for your favorite boys.

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doodling twelve/clara  cuteness

You know, I have to rant. I’m used to getting shit for being ace. But god it hurts when it’s from my own community. See, when it’s straight people, their arguments are usually stupid things along the lines of “that’s not real” or the head tilting confusion of a new word being introduced. But when the insults come from gay or bi people, oh my god does it hurt. It’s not just confusion, it’s attacks. It’s “why do aces force their way into our community” it’s “the aces don’t belong” it’s “your not lgbt if your ace” it’s “they’re basically straight” it’s “they have the privilege that we dont so the shouldn’t be included” it’s “the aro aces I know are all super homophobic.” It’s coming into our safe spaces and attacking us and belittling us and making us feel terrible all over again. When I go into an lgbtgia or a pride tag and see hate about who I am, it’s hard to just forget about. It’s hard to ignore all of the people who think less of me because I’m ace. It’s so hard, and I’m so, so tired.


That, however, which you may suppose the most potent to arrest my imagination, is actually the least, for what is not connected with her to me? and what does not recall her? I cannot look down to this floor, but her features are shaped on the flags! In every cloud, in every tree—filling the air at night, and caught by glimpses in every object by day, I am surrounded with her image! The most ordinary faces of men and women—my own features—mock me with a resemblance. The entire world is a dreadful collection of memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her. 


So everybody knows about World War Z and how the production was a ridiculously over-budget red hot mess with no ending and the studio totally freaked out and in 2012 brought in one of the guys from Lost to write an actual ending and he was like, Yeah, Brad Pitt will just crash a freaking huge 747 into Wales because that’s a place I’ve heard of and deliciously scruffy Doctor W.H.O.

(a name that I’m sure will obviously *never* be relevant in any way in the future) with his tartan shirt – which he wears because he’s Scottish OF COURSE – and his fabulous hair and fashionable brown jumper will totally fix everything and then Brad Pitt will go to Canada and also zombies.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how the meeting went and it clearly worked because the movie made a TON of money and was the exact opposite of the box office disaster everyone had expected it to to be.

@ the writers of OUAT all that “Peter Pan never fails” talk made me believe so much you have no idea. For example “Peter Pan never fail. he can’t be stopped. even when they think he’s defeated, when they think they’ve won, he finds a way” or “don’t you know? Peter Pan never fails” yes prove us that please. I’m still waiting for you to bring him back, I don’t believe he’s actually dead. After all…
Peter Pan never fails

  • (Fili dies) Me: Awwww, Fili died :(
  • (Kili dies) Me: Oh well, Kili died :/