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Get To Know Me Meme: Favorite Shows [43/?]
Chicago Fire (2012 - present)


“A lot of people out there wonder why we do this job. It’s true, some days are bad. We grope around in zero visibility, hoping we grab and arm or a leg & pull someone to safety. Sometimes we can search the entire room and come up empty. Then, you hear about the kid you missed under the bed. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how many years you’ve been on this job. You think to yourself – how did I miss that? How did I not reach a few feet further? Yes, there are days you want to pick up your helmet & chuck it in the lake. Some days you get to see things no one gets to see. A wife grateful you dragged her husband to safety, and every once in a while, you see a  baby take its first breath in a 10-car pile-up . These are the good days. You want to know what I’m thankful for – I’m thankful for because I have 2 families, and not too many people can say that.” 


A lot’s changed at 51 since losing Shay. We’ve welcomed in new friends, we got a new rig, and a dream of mine came true. But here’s what hasn’t changed: this house. This family. It’s all as strong as it ever was. Stronger, even. Because I think that, deep down, in the quiet moments, we think to ourselves, “Shay would want us to be better”. She’d want us to lean on each other. And she’d want us to represent her every time we go out. - gabriela dawson

Send a me a number! Chicago Fire & Chicago P.D
  • 1: Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D?
  • 2: Which Dawson sibling do you like best?
  • 3: Would you rather be a police officer, a firefighter, or a paramedic?
  • 4: Would you rather have Shay (RIP, god bless her soul) or Severide as your roommate?
  • 5: Favourite crossover between CF and CPD?
  • 6: Favourite relationship (romantic or friendship) between which two characters?
  • 7: When did you start watching Chicago Fire/Chicago PD?
  • 8: A character you'd grown to love?
  • 9: Favourite episode in Season 1 of Chicago Fire/Favourite episode of Season 1 of Chicago P.D?
  • 10: Favourite guest star?
  • 11: Where do you think Rebecca Jones would be right now on the series, if her character hadn't committed suicide?
  • 12: Do you think Severide and Renée would have gotten married if the baby was his?
  • 13: What scene has made you cry the most?
  • 14: Dawson & Casey or Lindsay & Halstead?
  • 15: What do you think of Chicago Med?
  • 16: Who would you cast as the doctors on Chicago Med, and what would their stories be?
  • 17: Do you want Severide's sister Katie or the Darden boys to return?
  • 18: What character would you like to have more screentime/deeper story?
  • 19: Which character do you want to know more about?
  • 20: Who would you be most scared of, Voight or Boden?

I secretly love Evan Peters and each of his characters in American Horror Story… but in Murder House he surpassed himself…
from intriguing, cute, romantic, lost, emotional boy
to complicated, repulsive, terrifying psychopath

I’m impressed.
plus that whistling, Twisted Nerve


I want to talk with you today about a subject that touches every one of us: loss. Sometimes we’re faced with things we think we just can’t handle. The death of a loved one; a father, a child. And we strive to find the reason behind it all. And when those reasons don’t make sense, we question God. We look up and we say, “God, how could you do this to us? How could you put so much on our plate?” But we’re not operating on God’s timetable, are we? We don’t understand God’s plan. How can we? But let me tell you, this is where faith comes in. Faith can help us see His message in our own lives. Perhaps this loss is there to teach us not to take the ones we love for granted. To cherish the simple, mundane moments. To love others as fiercely and as bravely and as compassionately as we can. And in that love, human love—forgiving, relentless, unconditional love—you’ll find peace. Amen.  requested by anonymous