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both reader and Peter don’t have time for each other anymore, and on top of that, their relationship is weighing them down as well, and the best thing they could do, is to end it while they still can

(partially based off of jersey green’s I’m Alright)

Word Count; 3220 

(A/N); Hello Earthlings! So, ever since I saw hoco, I noticed that Peter barely has time for anyone else in his life, hence is why this fic was born. And while I was writing, this reminds me off a song I used to adore way back when (the link is above), I hope you listen and love it as well, but for now, happy reading!

also, requests are open!

Warnings; None (other than angst, of course)

Disclaimer; It’s midnight and my mind is a bit groggy, I hope I proofread well enough

You were the girl of his dreams, that was for sure.

No, scratch that– you are still the girl of his dreams.

It took Peter the longest of time to gather up all the courage to even begin to admit his feelings for you. He thought he was going to past out– or maybe he did. He can’t really remember anymore.

The truth was, he was very happy after you said yes, and you were beyond happy as well. At that moment, it was like the whole world was cheering for you, but in fact– it was just Ned Leeds squealing.

Things were going amazing until it stopped.

Neither of you thought things through, and neither of you realised that this wasn’t going to work.

It wasn’t really anything big at first, people can’t be with together 24/7, that’s a fact, right? But, when days, weeks, and even months have pasted and you barely had time for each other, it made you think.

Were you with each other for the sake of just ‘being together’ or were you with each other because you loved each other? Because, if it was the second one, you didn’t really feel it.

Peter was always busy with school, homework and project, and if not, he was always busy being Spider-Man. You knew that, of course. It was quite easy to piece things together when you found parts of his old suit, random equipment and webs on the floor of his bedroom. And plus, the fact that Peter Parker couldn’t lie to save a life showed it all.

You understood that. You didn’t mind it. Your boyfriend was a superhero. How many people can say something like that?

Even with that going on, Peter still had a lot of time to be with you. It wasn’t as much as before and it wasn’t as much as you would have liked, but it’d have to do.

You just missed how things were before Peter got his powers. You were together all the time, doing everything and nothing at once. Things were truly amazing and you were sure that it was the best and the happiest time of your life.

And you, you used to have all the time in the world to yourself since you weren’t a superhero and clearly didn’t have anything interesting to do other than school and homework, but you were sick of that. You needed something– something to help passed the time.

Turned out, there was such a thing as the Stark internship after all. No, not the same one Peter uses as an excuse for his superhero duties, an actual one.

So, generally, you applied for it. You didn’t expect much since a lot of people were interested in it too.

Until, one day, you got an e-mail saying you got the internship. It left you staring at the computer screen for almost 20 minutes straight without blinking before you came to your senses. It was a weird feeling.

Since then, you’d been working at the Stark Industries doing whatever they ask you to do. The cool thing was, you had full access to the labs, and a room to yourself. Pretty cool for a random girl with an internship, right?

You enjoyed working there. Everything was so amazing and just– a blast. In fact, you didn’t even see it as a job but more like a hobby.

Until you realise that being here only took more time away from you and Peter and the horrible state of your relationship.

Peter tried to stop and visit while you were working sometimes, but his timing was horrible and he always showed up when you were in the middle of an experiment or something big, and you couldn’t spend time with him, again.

This kept happening and happening. It was at a point where the only time you had with each other was at lunch or a few minutes between class.

The both of you said that it was fine, that it’d fix itself soon enough. But that surely never happened.

Time went on, and you spend a lot more time at work now. Your internship had made you happy, and being Spider-Man had made Peter happy, too, but on the other hand, just the thought of your relationship made you both tired.

In the back of your minds, you both knew. This is no longer the happy relationship it once was, it’s more like a pressured responsibility now. You both can’t do your jobs properly while worrying about each other and how many minutes you’d get with each other tonight. That needs to stop.

Peter hates that things aren’t the same. He hates that he was the cause of it all. If he was never Spider-Man, you two would still had time for each other, you would never had taken the internship because you were tired of sitting around waiting for him all the time.

He hates that as much as he loves you, he also loves saving the innocent people of Queens too, he can never choose just one despite how selfish that may seems.

And you, working with Stark is beyond important, more important than anything else at the moment. It means so much to you and your family. It could help you get into good colleges and pay for the tuition, and that’s huge. You couldn’t just let it go that easily.

And here it is, the time to accept the truth. What you’re both doing are important things, and you can’t stop doing it just to be together.

It is time to accept that things between you two– has already ended.

The two of you are standing on the rooftop of your apartment building, looking out. This is one rare occasion when both of your schedules aren’t full. Hence that, Peter Parker is still dressed in his suit of duty– without the mask on, of course, probably preparing for a sudden emergency.

The two of you just stand there, no words have been spoken, just silence.

You knew what was gonna happen the first moment Peter told you on the phone that he has something to talk to you about, but here you both are, not saying a word just yet.

Deciding to break the quietness, you begin, “So,”

A single word hangs in the air, Peter still hasn’t looked you in the eyes since you got up here. It doesn’t take a genius to know that something’s wrong.

“So,” He repeats, eyes staring off the ledge.

Sure, you both can stand here forever and not say a thing. You can be here until sunrise and pretend there isn’t anything in yours and Peter’s chest that’s screaming to be let out.

You decided to change the view, too much of New York can get boring at times. You turn around and place your back on the ledge instead, looking at the scenery surrounding you, you let your eyes can over this whole rooftop with dim lightings and cold air. This all feels too familiar.

“You know,” you start again, “I don’t know if you remember, but our first kiss was just over there.” You chuckle, pointing to the other side of the building opposite of you.

Peter closes his eyes. He can’t believe he’s standing here. Why did he choose this place over millions of places he could picked?

“I remember that it was freezing cold.” you try once again, “I swear I couldn’t feel half of my body.”

Peter smiles to himself, of course, how could he forget something like that.

The both of you were shaking to the core. It wasn’t his plan to bring you up here and freeze you both to death, but downstairs was too loud and crowded. there was a party going on, and he didn’t want to scream ‘I love you’ and kiss you while fighting for a place to stand with 30 more people in the room.

“And it was also very loud.” You continue.

Peter nods, before turning his head to look at you, “It was at New Year’s.”

You nod back in reply, remembering that day. Cliché, right? A New Year’s kiss. Who knew Peter Parker was someone like that?

Peter turns around and places his back on the ledge like you, he stares out in the distance. He can still remember everything so vividly like it was only yesterday. He was so scared. It took him everything to come up here with you.

Just the thought that there wouldn’t be any more of that breaks him. Just as it’s breaking you.



Both of your words clash as you stare at each other. Your words are stuck in your throat, and so are his– waiting to be let loose.

Peter nods as a sign for you to go first.

You move forward, taking his hands in yours. You need to feel his touch one last time, because you don’t know if you’d ever get a chance to feel his soft skin again after this.

“Peter, Pete– you know I love you, right?” you start, not really waiting for a reply, “And I would do anything to make sure you’re happy and safe and protected?”

He doesn’t say anything, just staring at you.

“And by ‘anything’ I really mean anything. I would give up my own happiness for yours.”

Peter shakes his head and mumbles, more to himself than to you. “(y/n)-”

“No,” You cut him off. You know if you don’t get to say what you’ve been meaning to say for so long right here right now, you won’t be able to get it out again, “listen to me first, alright?”

You squeeze his hands a little tighter as a reassurance that you’re still here, you’re not going anywhere– not yet.

“I know that things are hard for us lately. And I’m sorry, I know part of it is my fault.” You voice starting to tremble, “You get why I’m doing this, don’t you? We get why we’re here?” You question, once again, not looking for a respond.

“You know, I used to see you, Peter. I used to see you in the news, I used to see you swinging around tower to tower. I used to see how happy you felt. You liked being Spider-Man– Hell, you loved it! I remember how excited you were when you used to come to my place and told me what you’d done that day. I could see your face lit up, Pete, I could see how much you enjoyed it.”

You can feel tears start sliding down from the corner of your eyes, you decide to leave it alone, not bother to wipe it away.

“I missed him. I missed that happy Peter Parker. And I know I caused it, I know I was the reason he disappeared.” You weren’t sure if what you were saying was for Peter or for you. Maybe it’s for you both, but you didn’t care. “I know every night when you go out on the streets, you keep worrying about us. That’s why you don’t enjoy what you do anymore, and it breaks my heart, you are the symbol of hope– Spider-Man is the symbol of hope, what good would that be if you yourself lost all hope in the word?”

You stop, reaching out your hand to touch his hair and smile.

“You have to stop seeing what you do as a job, and you have to stop worrying about me, alright? Remember why you started it? You wanted to save people in need and make them believe in the goodness of this world. Do you still feel the same way? I want you to be happy for what you do, Peter, I want you to feel free out there, like you have the whole would under control, I want you to enjoy it like you once did, okay? Take care of the city, Pete. The people need you more than me.” You tell him, as you remove your hands out of his hair to touch his symmetrical face lightly, wiping on the bare skin touched with tears.

Peter nods, he only notices that he’s been crying when you touch him. He knows that what you’re saying is true. Before everything happened, he really enjoyed being a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. He loves seeing people smile and cheer him on, it just makes him want to keep doing what he does. But now, no matter no many people he’s saved, he simply can’t feel the emotional connection to it like before. Every night he’s out there, helping people, he knows he’s hurting a certain person, you. And it definitely doesn’t help when you tell him that it’s fine, because he can hear the insincerity in your voice. And lately, it’s like what he’s doing is forced out of him. He has to drag his unwilling body to put on the suit and jump out of a window all the time. And on top of that, his rate in fighting crimes has been going down drastically, Spider-Man is no longer a symbol for hope anymore, but instead a symbol of despair.

It’s not just that, though. You’re not only just affecting Peter’s life. Peter knows he’s affecting your life too.

He can see that you love working with the Stark Industries, you’ve always loved technologies and there’s no workplace that will fit you just like this one does. Peter knows that you can spend hours and hours working there, but not if Peter is weighing you down. He knows that whenever he texts you that he’s free, you’d drop your work and choose to be with him instead. That’s how bad of an influence he is for you. He’s destroying your future without even knowing it.

“(y/n)?” It’s time for Peter to say something now. He moves his hands to wipe off your tears this time before cupping your face.

“I want you to keep working, okay? I know that the internship means a lot to you, you said it was your golden ticket to college, right? That there’s a scholarship for MIT at the end of the line?”

You gently nod.

“Yeah, you’ll get it. No questions asked.” He promises. “You’ll get it because you’re smart, dedicated and wonderful. They’d be so lucky to have you.” Peter says, making you smile in respond. His voice doesn’t shake anymore, he sounds certain this time. Like he knows you’d get it, like he truly believes in you.

“I’m so sorry, babe” He apologises, “I know this means a lot to you and I’m sorry for standing in your way. I–I didn’t know.”

“No– Peter. It’s not– It’s not your fault, alright?” You stressed, doesn’t want him to blame himself for something that wasn’t entirely his fault. “We’re busy people– with busy lives. We can’t keep up on something like this, Pete. We underestimated things.”

He nods in understanding, you can see his tears coming back again while yours haven’t stopped at all. He moves his hands back to take in yours again, grip it firmly, showing no signs of letting go.

More minutes passed of you both standing on a chill rooftop, saying everything you’re feeling with no sounds, just the silence looks and empty heartbeats.

You know that after this, there is always a choice of not ending what you already have, you can keep this charade going, wishing that things would be okay now that you both opened up about what’s wrong– but it’s not that easy. In the end, things will fold back on the same crease you built and it would be like this all over again. Right now is just not the right time. You don’t have time to fall in love and Peter clearly doesn’t either. You don’t want to be each other’s heavy burden any longer.

Finally, your hands let go of each other, feeling in the breeze once again after a long while.

And for the sake of things being at its last, Peter stops hesitating. If there’s one thing he’s learnt out of this relationship, is to never wait. Just like he would’ve asked you out sooner if he wasn’t so scared, maybe things would turn out differently. Slowly, he moves his hand to the back of your neck with a light touch, moving in closer and inching his face towards. With only a short distance between where you’re standing, this sure feels like a long time. Maybe time is really slowing down, or maybe it has already stopped. You know that this is not just a kiss, this is your last kiss. This will seal the ending of your story and make it real.

Many thoughts rushing through your minds before the gap closes. Your lips and his finally meet, but this time, it feels different. It wasn’t like how it was on your first kiss. Your first kiss with him was filled with excitement of promising beginnings and many more things to come. It wasn’t like one of those rushed or peck kisses either. This just feels like everything. It feels like ending, freedom, happiness, sadness, sorrow, and emptiness all at once. You are both happy and sad to be leaving something behind.

This marks the end of your short-lived chapter. There were a lot of ‘should of’s and ‘could of’s mixing throughout. It was like you two only started writing that beginning not so long ago, and the ending just caught up way too fast.

The next thing you know, You and Peter are pulling away from each other, making a distance once again.

Maybe it’s time to let go, maybe the both of you are better off alone, maybe today’s the wrong time and someday– just someday you’ll learn how to be strong and make things right again.

Maybe you were right with what you said earlier, you two are busy people with busy lives, there was no way you could keep up on something like this.

There in the back, Peter can hear sirens wailing– like it’s crying out for a helping hand, but just as he was gonna say something about it, you already know, “Go.” You order, “The city needs you.”

He smiles back, looking at you straight with nothing but sincerity in his eyes. “See you around, (y/n).”

He makes a promise, as he puts on his mask and leaps off the building, shooting his webs out while doing so.

And there you stand, watching Peter Parker flies away into the night. Even though what happened today breaks your heart to a million pieces, you have to remind yourself that you did it for yours and his sakes. You’re both better off without each other and you know it.

Your timing was off, you had to understand that. Who knows, maybe one day you could fix what you did wrong. Maybe one day you two could have a second chance together again, but as for right now, that was the end.

Your fairytale days were over, and the honest truth had taken place.

You look ahead into the city, catching glimpse of red and blue in the distance, and it made you think about what he’d said to you before leaping away:

Yeah, see you around Peter Parker.


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i have no idea what this is but basically its nearly exam season in my college (as im sure it is in a lot of places) and im super pumped bc next week the college are setting up a puppy room to help us students destress and my brain was like !! write a peter parker x spiderman imagine based on this scenario. i hope you enjoy ! dedicated to my love @sqiderling for being a constant light. i love you

It seemed like every-time you glanced at the clock it was another hour gone, or in your case wasted. you seemed to spend every minute of free time you had revising or trying to finish those damn problems that teachers kept piling on you. i mean, it was getting a bit ridiculous when you literally couldn’t walk out of biology class due to the wad of highlighted notes weighing you down. one person who seemed to take all this in their stride, however, was peter parker. you and peter had been good friends for as long as you could remember. you had done it all - the sharing baths, mud fights and those rigorous tests which took place at the end of every school year. you didn’t know how peter did it - you were literally bought to tears by the very thought of finishing your notes, let alone having to sit an exam on it; but peter was as cool as a cucumber and seemed to breeze through the day with ease.

it had seemed like a good idea at the time to invite peter over so you could finish your biology notes together. however, peter had finished his notes in the first hour which had only served to make you even more stressed.

“i’m not even halfway through this chapter and im done.” you groaned, throwing your pen to the ground and rolling over on your bed to face peter.

“hmmm?” peter was playing on his walkman, shuffling through songs whilst he leaned against the headboard and waited for you to finish whatever it was that you were doing.

finally, he looked up at you and smiled. “good job, loser.”

“ i don’t know how you do it.” you told him, sighing and running a hand through your hair in exhaustion. peter just shrugged and offered you a comforting smile in response.

it was only when you took a deep breath out that you realised the extent that stress was having on your body. you couldn’t remember the last time you had slept as you would always wake up worrying over a deadline you needed to meet or a looming exam just around the corner.

peter frowned as he watched you tried to calm yourself down by clenching and unclenching your fists and taking deep breaths in and out in order to calm your racing heartbeat. unknown to you, peter also hated exam season, but it was for a completely different reason than you. peter hated seeing his best friend so down and he had watched you struggle with exam pressure for years, which is why peter had took it upon himself to browse the internet to find something which would make you smile. his aunt may had mentioned it before, the local rescue centre had began setting up puppy play pens and charging a small fee and whenever you needed a time out you could go there to stroke a puppy. it had been producing groundbreaking results, which is why peter was convinced it would work on you.

“i have a surprise for you.” peter blurted out. he had been waiting for the right moment to spring the idea on you and now was as good a time as any.

“can it wait pete? i literally have the rest of this chapter to do and then im done.” you said, barely looking up.

peter frowned. “no. exams can wait, this damn textbook will still be here when we get back, however your best friend will not wait and neither will the puppies.”

that got your attention.

“puppies?” you repeated his sentence back to him, checking you had heard him correctly.

he nodded, and that was how fifty minutes later you found yourself at the local pet rescue centre in a room surrounded by ten of the most gorgeous puppies you had ever seen in your life who were all clamouring for your attention. textbook long forgotten, peter observed you from the corner of the room where he was cuddling a golden retriever puppy of his own and realised that he had never seen you look quite this radiant before.


I love re-drawing pictures from a few years ago to see how my style has changed and I found the perfect picture to do it with! Since GOTG Vol. 2 came out over the week, I found this old pic from back in 2014 that I did right after the first one~! Plus I love my boys so much….”he may have been your father….but he wasn’t your daddy” I LOVE!! TO CRY!!!

With the people that are confused about the timeline.


  • Iron Man 1
  • Iron Man 2
  • Hulk
  • Thor 
  • The Avengers 

These all happen in 2008. Marvel just can’t roll out all those films the same year though. 


  • Iron Man 3
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Captain America: The Winter Solider 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 (both happening in 2014) 
  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron 


  • Ant-Man (right before CA:CW, since he is recruited by Sam at the end)
  • Captain America: Civil War (May 2017, hence why Peter still had homework)
  • Doctor Strange (could’ve happened in late Summer 2017, goes to help Thor in Fall 2017)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (happens in Fall 2017 because that is when high school’s hold their Homecoming dances)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (might happen the same time as Homecoming)
  • Black Panther (might just follow it’s exact date and happen in Spring 2018)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (Summer 2018)

This is just what I think the timeline is. The movies aren’t really in chronological order until you hit 2016-Present.

Can I get two things straight please.

Recently I heard a certain..boisterous shall we say Spider-Man fan make two statements that boiled down to

a)      Ben Reilly was a carbon copy of Peter as evidenced by his sacrificing his life for him in Revelations


b)      Doc Ock is probably Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis because he killed Peter in Superior.

Here’s why one statement is illogical as a criticism and the other is straight up bullshit.

So starting off with the first one, Ben was not merely a carbon copy of Peter. But yes in sacrificing his life for Peter in Revelations he  did something Peter would’ve done.

And that was the fucking point.

Ben Reilly, whilst believing himself to be the real Peter Parker and Peter a clone of him, a clone who’d lived 5 years of what should have been Ben’s life, willingly gave up his life to save Peter.

He made a heroic sacrifice, the kind of which Peter has been willing to make countless times.

Only he wasn’t the real Peter Parker, he was a clone.

The point being that the nature of his birth was irrelevant. He was as much of a person and as much of a hero as Peter was, making the fundamental point of the Clone Saga that how you live your life is more important than where you come from.

As for the Superior thing, I’ve said this multiple times before (although this particular Spider-Man fan refuses to listen) but Otto neither killed Peter nor is he his greatest foe.

Call me crazy but surely Spider-Man’s greatest villain should be the most VILLAINOUS person to him personally, since the series is you know…about his life.

I get how you might argue that taking over his body would be the worst thing to ever happen to someone so that villain should take the crown.

But as should be bloody obvious to anyone who’s read enough Spider-Man, peter cares much more about others than he does himself. The suffering of innocent people, let alone his friends and family is all much more important to him than any pain and suffering visited upon himself.

So we have Doc Ock taking over his body vs say, Norman Osborn killing Gwen Stacy, faking Harry’s death, faking Aunt May’s death, convincing him he’s a clone, rendering Flash Thompson brain damaged, maybe killing his kid, killing Ben Reilly, causing emotional pain for his wife and also literally torturing him for over a week with trippy drugs to turn him into his son…and sending him out to attack his friends whilst doing that. And then Peter has to live with that crap afterwards, in particular having to live with the pain of losing his loved ones.


Hmmmm, I wonder which MIGHT be worse from Peter’s point of view????????????


Yeah…Otto doesn’t even come close to the top spot, even if he did kill peter.

Which by the way, he didn’t.

Despite reading and commenting upon stories which make this point explicitly clear, this particular Spider-Man fan continues to act as though Doc ock killed Spider-Man in ASM #700 when that never happened. The Peter who died in otto’s body was a copy of Peter’s mind, not the real deal. The real deal remained in his own body, hence Ghost peter and so forth.

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OH OH OH YOU'RE DOIN MORE FAN STUFF YAY Um 42 or 43 Kaishin? Both seem indicative of havoc, so. Kaishin havoc is best havoc.

Sure, I’ll see what I can do.  Not sure if I’m feeling up for havoc, per se, but I hope you’ll enjoy this regardless.  8)

The Detective Boys stood in front of Kaito, acting as a wall.  Haibara was sitting in the kitchen behind them.  She had two cups of tea.  When she met his eyes, she nodded to the extra.  His, then.

Shinichi narrowed his eyes.

“The kids seem to think you’re in trouble, and Haibara seems to think I need tea.  What exactly did you do while I was gone, Kaito?“  Shinichi met eyes with each child in front of him, ending with his boyfriend.

“Okay, so, I need you to promise you won’t be mad.“  Kaito held up his hands, placating.

Shinichi crossed his arms.  "I’m not going to do that.”

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Spoilers....just.... so much spoilers

So I just got done watching guardians of the galaxy vol 2, and I really liked it. The humor, the bitchin’ music, the baby groot. And I really liked the improbable, slightly absurd space dad plot, which basically boiled down to ‘fuck you, I’m a space god!’
Anyway, at the end of the movie, (and here are the SPOILERS, so just keep scrollin of you want a surprise and haven’t seen it yet) Peter also goes all 'fuck you, space dad! I’m a space god too!’ (Space demigod? Can I call this Peter Quill and the Celestials of the Universe?) Then punches him repeatedly and blows up a planet.
Because he blows up the dad-planet, his bitchin’ space god powers don’t work now. Or do they??? Probably not, but I’ve already switched into conspiracy mode, so let’s grab our tinfoil hats and overthink this shit!
So Peter and his bros blow up the god-power source. That’s pretty much the whole point of the final battle. But I don’t think it means Star Lord lost his space powers, and if he did, only for a lil bit.
Why? Well, mostly because marvel didn’t really go super in depth about god genetics or where light power comes from, but aLSO BECAUSE OF DOCTOR STRANGE. now, this is going to sound crazy, and it probably is, but hear me out. Doctor strange is all about alternate dimensions and sorcery and all that, and a HUGE plot point in it is that some crazy wizard idiots can draw power from the 'dark dimension’ where another crazy space god lives , Dormmamu. (No idea how to spell his name.) Dormmamu has a lot in common with full-of-himself, Ego, in that:
1.both immortal
2.both physical embodiments of energy, or space, or something
3.both assholes that want to make universe better by destroying it. (More like pulling a borg and assimilating, but same dif.)
Now, Ego mentions that he had to do the sideways tango a LOT of times with a LOT of different species(dressed up as the lead singer of a garage band from the seventies, because apparently nothing turns a ball of sentient slime on more than a greasy human looking dude) in order to have a kid that was a space god like him. The problem was most of his kids didn’t have the reality warping gene, so he killed them and tried again.
BUT HUMANS. Humans were different. The reason Quill got the Space Power is because, in a way, humans ALREADY HAVE IT. Humans, through knowledge, focus, and practice, can create other dimensions, and draw power from less then credible sources like a med student takes out loans, and make magic portals with just a little help from other magic stuff. Now I’m not sure if all humans in the MCU can do this, or just certain people. That’s not the point. The point is that some people CAN do it, and maybe Peter’s mom was one of them. Not trained, but maybe had the potential to.
So the reason Peter was different wasn’t because he had the right gene. He was different from everyone else in disappointment cave because he had the right COMBO of genes. All of Ego’s kids could, in theory, warp reality, but they COULDN’T CONNECT THEMSELVES TO A POWER SOURCE, like a remote control that had a messed up battery pack. Peter could, and could do it quite easily because he was half god AND half human, the species of 'play with this and see what happens’.
Now, I’m not sure about god genetics, like I said earlier, but it’s implied in both movies that the asshole space gods aren’t just connected to a power source, they ARE that power source. (Hence why Peter could control power easily, he was partly made of, or a part of, Ego’s power source.) So, and this is just speculation, but WHAT IF Peter is also, in his own way, a power source? (All of the other god kids were too, but they had absolutely no control over it, since no control genes. What’s a limb good for if it isn’t connected to the nervous system?)
Not an all powerful power source, but maybe a little one, dampened down by mortal genes. This would be AWESOME, though really unlikely, because I want peter to still do cool stuff. Not OP, movie breaking cool stuff, but like plasma ball grenade cool stuff. Scarlet witch with guns and one-liners cool stuff. PLUS, if he’s a little bit power source, he could get tapped into by sorcerers, or evil sorcerers, and MAYBE get controlled by them??? Plot idea??? But because he’s also got tapping powers, potentially HE COULD tap into, say, the dark dimension, and become like a sub-god to dormmamu, or whatever god he’s taking power from. I mean, PROBABLY NOT, but it would be FUCKING AMAZING IF THAT WERE TRUE

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What Peter Pan retellings would you suggest? I love darker Peter Pan stories but I've struck out a lot with the ones I've looked into.

I’d mostly suggest Brom’s take and the original one is pretty dark too if you read between the lines. I don’t particularly like Peter Pan retellings, hence why I decided to just write my own.

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i know! dont worry about it lol & dont get me wrong i want him to be happy & im super happy he's happy with her, they look adorable together! but like am i the only one feeling like this? i don't know why i feel so jealous/protective of him, i need help lmao

Well to be honest with you, this is why I adore fictional characters so much. That way, I can focus all of my affections on the fictional character my celeb crush portrays without getting hurt??

Because I am apathetic toward Tom and his IRL relationships

But I adore peter parker and Tom’s portrayal of Peter Parker, hence why I’m always writing so much for him.

So maybe you can try to focus your affections on Peter Parker or some other fictional character to get your mind off of it. I find that adoring a fictional character can be super therapeutic,, but maybe that’s just me 💔

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i am so hyped for dad!tony i swear, i've been so since cw came out (ok before that too but peter+tony in CW OMG) also dad!tony is obviously going to be a bit too protective (hence peter's frustration) buuut can you imagine them like they talk abt it and tony decides to do his stuff from the sidelines and peter recognizes it and aargh also peter gets a dad figure and just FEELS TOO MANY FEELS.

I love protective Tony, honestly, it GIVES ME LIFE. 

Also yes, I have imagined the climax of homecoming so many times you have no idea. Like I can just picture them having that much needed convo of “i’m not a kid anymore!” “I know you’re not but I don’t want you to die, Peter!” LIKE I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS HOW HYPE I AM 


WARNING: this is VERY complicated. I emphasise VERY, especially towards the end. We are dealing with an insanely intricate storyline here. Well done PLL writers; this is the detail I’ve been hoping for! I’ve tried to simplify it as best as I can, I hope it is understandable.

701 gave us a LOT of insight into who Mary Drake really is. She is not an evil character! She’s here to take back her daughter; Spencer! 

First of all: interesting choice of hair colour by the writers. I know Spencer is blurred in this pic, but that doesn’t hide the instant resemblance between Spencer and Mary that the writers wanted to establish.

Hope you like it!

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harry potter reread: deathly hallows pt vii THE FINALE
  • how the hell can voldemort remain convinced that he’s the only person to ever find the room of hidden things? am i missing something here? did it materialise differently when he asked for it so that it would be smaller and empty, and then the diadem would be transported to the real room? how can he wander into an entire ROOM crammed full of people’s junk and be like “ah, yes, a totally new discovery by me, tom riddle. nobody else has ever been in here. i am The Greatest”
  • “Two masked Death Eaters stood there, but even before their wands were fully raised, Hermione shouted, ’Glisseo!’ The stairs beneath their feet flattened into a chute and she, Harry and Ron hurtled down it…” can you imagine the mayhem if more students knew about this spell? nobody would ever get to class
  • ron punches draco in the face for pleading with another death eater by saying he’s on their side. mate HE’S RUNNING AROUND A BATTLE WITHOUT A WAND, CAN YOU BLAME HIM FOR BEING A BIT WEASELLY? smdh give me a proper draco redemption arc please
  • “‘How - how’re we going to get in?’ panted Ron. ‘I can - see the place - if we just had - Crookshanks again -’ 'Crookshanks?’ wheezed Hermione, bent double, clutching her chest. ’Are you a wizard or what?’ 'Oh - right - yeah -’ Ron looked around, then directed his wand at a twig on the ground and said, ’Wingardium Leviosa!’ The twig flew up from the ground, spun through the air as if caught by a gust of wind, then zoomed directly at the trunk through the Willow’s ominously swaying branches. It jabbed at a place near the roots and at once, the writhing tree became still.” *will smith showing off jada pose* LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THIS AMAZING PARALLEL TO THE FIRST BOOK! HERMIONE GIVING RON CONFIDENCE BY REPEATING ALMOST VERBATIM SOMETHING HE SAID TO HER SIX YEARS AGO! RON IMPECCABLY USING A SPELL THAT THEY HAD SUCH A HEATED ARGUMENT OVER IN ONE OF THEIR FIRST INTERACTIONS! I WANT THIS ENTIRE EXCHANGE EMBROIDERED ON SOME BANDAGES TO MUMMIFY ME WITH WHEN I DIE
  • “'If she means so much to you,’ said Dumbledore, 'surely Lord Voldemort will spare her? Could you not ask for mercy for the mother, in exchange for the son?’ 'I have - I have asked him -’ 'You disgust me,’ said Dumbledore, and Harry had never heard so much contempt in his voice. Snape seemed to shrink a little. 'You do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? They can die, as long as you have what you want?’ Snape said nothing, but merely looked up at Dumbledore.” … “'Her boy survives,’ said Dumbledore. With a tiny jerk of his head, Snape seemed to flick off an irksome fly.” … “'I thought…all these years…that we were protecting him for her. For Lily. … Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter’s son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter -’ 'But this is touching, Severus,’ said Dumbledore seriously. 'Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?’ 'For him?’ shouted Snape.” … “Snape took the page bearing Lily’s signature, and her love, and tucked it inside his robes. Then he ripped in two the photograph he was also holding, so that he kept the part from which Lily laughed, throwing the portion showing James and Harry back on the floor, under the chest of drawers.” snape flat out ADMITS on SEVERAL OCCASIONS that he doesn’t give a FUCK about harry, he only protects him out of a weird fixation he has with somebody who never had romantic feelings towards him and almost definitely stopped speaking to him while they were still at hogwarts 
  • and look i understand that he feels guilty over unknowingly leading voldemort to the potters. i can sympathise with feeling responsible for someone’s death, especially if they were at one point your friend, even if you’re not on good terms any more. what i can’t sympathise with is snape’s unrelenting obsession with lily being hailed as some extreme form of altruism, that just because he was “'in love”’ it completely justifies him being a prick towards harry (and every other non-slytherin student for that matter) for several years because it was apparently part of his cover. are we supposed to be touched by the fact that he snoops through sirius’s things to keep a private letter and destroy a photograph for himself, to fuel a fantasy that lily loved him? for god’s sake, HE BEGGED VOLDEMORT TO KILL HARRY AND JAMES BUT NOT LILY!!! the only aspect of harry that snape cares for is the fact that he’s the only existing reminder of his mother! he would have no worth in snape’s mind if he didn’t have lily’s eyes! he casts his patronus to dumbledore because he’s so offended at dumbledore’s suggestion that he cares for harry as an individual! and yes, alright, it’s no mean feat to act as a spy under the dark lord for several years but snape wouldn’t have done SHIT if harry happened to have been anybody else. how the ever loving FUCK can harry watch snape offering to trade an unborn child and his father for lily (and then what?? lily would run into snape’s arms and they’d live happily ever after???) and still proclaim snape to be the bravest man he ever knew? drown me in alcohol please i can’t deal
  • backtracking a bit here but hang on. “'No,’ said Snape, his black eyes on Fleur and Roger’s retreating figures. 'I am not such a coward.’ 'No,’ agreed Dumbledore. 'You are a braver man by far than Igor Karkaroff. You know, I sometimes think we Sort too soon…’” look. no. the implication here is that slytherins aren’t capable of being brave…what kind of sweeping bullshit is this? from the headmaster no less?? first of all, you’re sorted based on the characteristics you VALUE, not necessarily the ones you possess, hence why peter pettigrew was in gryffindor even though he didn’t hesitate to swap his friends lives for his own, and why lockhart was in ravenclaw despite the fact he never performed the feats of intelligence that made him famous. from his earliest memories, we can see that snape wholeheartedly favoured slytherin, as much as james valued gryffindor. THAT’S primarily why he’s in slytherin. but regardless of whether dumbledore thinks he’s brave or not, snape doesn’t act as a double agent out of the goodness of his heart, he does it as a debt to dumbledore and out of some creepy as shit obsession with a teenage idealised version of lily. and EVEN THEN i would argue that the actions he undertakes as a spy are more emblematic of slytherin values than of gryffindorian nobility. maintaining a lie for 16 years? sneaking under the dark lord’s very nose (or lack thereof…) by being exceedingly proficient in occlumency? HMMM seems quite CUNNING and RESOURCEFUL to me. i just cannot believe the ignorance in acting like there is only one form of bravery, and gryffindors are the only ones to exhibit it. i’m gonna fight dumbledore in the afterlife
  • “And Snape left the room. Harry rose up out of the Pensieve, and moments later he lay on the carpeted floor in exactly the same room: Snape might just have closed the door.” Just Harry Potter Things #231: finding out that you were brought up to die and then lying down on the floor
  • “Slowly, very slowly, he sat up, and as he did so he felt more alive, and more aware of his own living body than ever before. Why had he never appreciated what a miracle he was, brain and nerve and bounding heart? … Dumbledore’s betrayal was almost nothing. … His heart was leaping against his ribs like a frantic bird. Perhaps it knew it had little time left, perhaps it was determined to fulfil a lifetime’s beats before the end.” god, harry’s walk to the forest is so achingly beautiful. the realisation that he was raised to be sacrificed, that everything he thought about dumbledore and snape was a lie, pales in significance to the prospect of actually having to willingly walk to his own death. how he suddenly appreciates the wonder of his own body, how everything it does feels magnified once it’s about to expire…it’s devastating. he doesn’t even say goodbye to hermione and ron! THAT’S MY BOOOOY! MY BRAVE BOY!!!
  • language pertaining to bellatrix when she’s interacting with voldemort has some undeniably sexual undertones. “Bellatrix, who had leapt to her feet, was looking eagerly from Voldemort to Harry, her breast heaving.” … “’My Lord…my Lord…’” It was Bellatrix’s voice, and she spoke as if to a lover.” where’s rudolphus when these shenanigans are going on? is he just looking on dejectedly? or maybe he and bella have an open marriage? that would be nice, although still, you’d be a little nervous if your wife’s romantic interest was lord voldemort
  • if there is anything i don’t like about the kings cross chapter, it’s how dumbledore’s farewell (“'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’”) has been fodder for people to act like the whole series was imagined by harry. *miranda priestly voice* dream theories? ground-breaking
  • “'OUT OF MY WAY!’ shouted Mrs Weasley to the three girls, and with a swipe of her wand she began to duel. Harry watched with terror and elation as Molly Weasley’s wand slashed and twirled, and Bellatrix Lestrange’s smile faltered, and became a snarl. Jets of light flew from both wands, the floor around the witches’ feet became hot and cracked; both women were fighting to kill. 'No!’ Mrs Weasley cried, as a few students ran forward, trying to come to her aid. 'Get back! Get back! She is mine!’” i have nothing to add to this passage, i just wanted to remind you all of its excellence
  • it frustrates me to no end that the film made voldemort dissolve into paper and float away in the wind because it completely misses the point of his death, that he’s not the wizard he so arrogantly built himself up to be, but has become completely undone into the mortal man he was all along: “Tom Riddle hit the floor with a mundane finality, his body feeble and shrunken…” and the reaction, “One shivering second of silence, the shock of the moment suspended: and then the tumult broke around Harry as the screams and cheers and the roars of the watchers rent the air” is SO IMPORTANT because a) it contrasts so well with the response from the death eaters to harry’s supposed demise in the forest: “He had expected to hear cheers of triumph and jubilation at his death, but instead hurried footsteps, whispers, and solicitous murmurs filled the air.” and b) it’s representative of the fact that the reign of terror is over, and happiness has returned to the wizarding world at last. this would’ve been such an amazing moment to see on film, if only the last two films didn’t take themselves so seriously
  • and also i love that the malfoys join in the celebrations in the great hall, albeit with trepidation (“he spotted the three Malfoys, huddled together as though unsure whether or not they were supposed to be there”) because it really emphasises how complex their role in the war actually was. they don’t flee. they were as glad as anyone to see voldemort’s downfall. but WHATEVER i guess
  • i’m ignoring the epilogue, i’ll save that for another post. POSITIVITY TIME! i absolutely love that this book ends with harry giving a Classic Potter Quip (“'I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.’”) and then heading to gryffindor tower for a sandwich and a nap, because it’s so reminiscent of the endings to the first three books, before shit absolutely hit the fan and he could just look forward to having escapades teasing dudley over the summer. despite all the horror and tragedy that preceded voldemort’s downfall, there’s still some joy and peace left to be had. there’s still some magic in the world. did i just end this reread with a pun? i don’t know how to do conclusions