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An incomplete list of characters that should be dead in Teen Wolf but are not

- Kate Argent
- Gerard Argent
- Jennifer Blake

Feel free to add more

Also Peter is clearly incompetent at killing his enemies Scott never had anything to worry about.

Dancing - (Peter Hale x Reader)



A smile curled onto your lips as you looked at the man in front of you. You took a deep breath and inhaled the familiar sent of wet dog. Derek returned your smile.

“It’s been a while.” He commented.

“Yeah.” You chuckled. You were standing at the large doors to his loft. The grey walls, grey floor and grey everything didn’t give a homey feel but just being back at Beacon Hills made you feel more at home than you had in years.

Derek stepped aside and you walked past him. You had a single suitcase with you and that was all.

“(Y/N).” He caught your attention and continued, “Why are you here?” He was being blunt, straight to the point, but you weren’t offended.

“Well, I thought I’d come live in Beacon Hills again. If you don’t mind.”

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Peter hale love hate imagine. Where the reader loves him but he hates her an and he says something stupid makes her cry and gets Derek mad because she is part of the pack. An then peter runs after you in the middle of the night and a fight starts. and the end so should be with a lot of drama and tears but always much love!!


They were just fighting, trying to get closer and closer to each other. Her bladed knuckles swiping dangerously close to his jaw line.  The older wolf jumped back, taking her wrist in his clawed hand. He pulled her into him, twisting her left arm behind her back, letting it lie just over the bottom of her spine. She winced at the pain, trying to wiggle from his tight hold. Peter only held on tighter, gripping her body to immobilize her. (Y/N) could feel every hill and curve of his torso slide against her front, the heat of his skin burning through the layers of her clothes. She prayed to whatever god was up there that she wouldn’t slip up. She couldn’t have him know how much she craved the feel of his strong body sliding up against hers. The close proximity was beginning to itch her skin, making her less than focused on kicking his ass. 

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Hate Peter Hale and Theo Raeken all you want. They’re villains, the antagonists, you’re not meant to love them or their actions. But do not hate on Ian Bohen or Cody Christian. They’re both great actors and very dedicated to their characters. They love this fandom very much and always attend events for fans; they’re good people and deserve respect. Ian and Cody both portray their characters amazingly; if I’m being honest, Peter and Theo are two of my favourite characters, because they’re great characters. I honestly hate them for what they’ve done on the show, but I love them because they’re interesting and complex characters. So go ahead and hate Peter and hate Theo for all the horrible things they’ve done, for the people they’ve hurt, and so on, but do not hate the actors or the people who like their characters. Liking an antagonist doesn’t mean you support the antagonists actions, but you appreciate an interesting character. 


let’s take a second to look at their faces when the other one is being threatened/injured

also let’s take a second and stop torturing Derek by hurting him, threatening his life and hurting his family in front of him

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Peter hale- i hate that i love you

Angsty story about Peter and the reader’s relationship. Peter is not good with relationships, screws them up, self sabotages, and the reader is tired of it. She tries to leave, but life keeps throwing them back together. Finally she tells him flat out that she’s done for real. Peter gets scared and realizes he doesn’t want her gone. 

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Warning: swearing, bloody fight

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Y/N was sitting in the library and have a some reading research. She was always into murders and when her professor psychology said that they have to do a seminar about some theme which they want, she knew what to write about immediately. Right after class, because she has a free period, she went in here. Y/N really liked their library. She was big and had everything. Even interior was good looking. Shelves were on left and right side in many colonies and straight were stairs. Behind them was a really big window with some murals and it was looking really great. On bottom floor was history, math, English and others part which is linked with school. On top floor were many interesting things. Photography, art, criminology, even some books about mythological beings and similar.

Everybody loved second-floor because it was funnier and only geeks were downstairs doing some researchers.

She moved her hair behind an ear and look those pictures. Her eyes were on the page with unsolved crimes. Y/N smiled when she recognized bites of a werewolf. Wounds were deep and she knew who murdered this person. One and only Peter Hale. She hated that man. He wes really annoying and not helpful, egocentric, selfish man. And she hated him even more because he tried to hook up with her mom.

Y/N looked in her hands. She didn’t control herself and claws showed up. She closed her eyes and claws disappeared. The sound of stepping reproduce in her ears. Y/N closed the book and look in front of her.

‘I can hear you, you know?’, she said frowning her eyebrows.

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TV SHOW CHALLENGE : a show you hate (but still watch)
Teen Wolf “Be a werewolf not a teen wolf.”

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can I have a link to all your imagines

of course :)


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