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Updated On: 5/9/16

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Teen Wolf

Sneaking Around / Big Talks with Big Brother / Behind Closed Doors (Liam Dunbar)

Sock on the Door (Brett Talbot)

Just Breathe Baby (Stiles Stilinski) 

Awkward Moment (Brett Talbot)

Naughty Thoughts at Naughty Moment (Scott McCall)

Secrets (Garret)

Playing Games in the Dark / Part 2 (Brett Talbot) 

Frustrations (Derek Hale)

Fast and Furious / Flashbacks (Deucalion)

Siren Song (Brett Talbot)

Movie Night (Derek Hale) 

Drunken Love / Love is Love (Derek Hale)

Daddy Does Not Approve (Peter Hale)

I Like It Rough (Nogisune Stiles) 

Hot and Dangerous (Cora Hale) 

Jealous (Liam Dunbar)

Winner (Brett Talbot) 

0-100 (Liam Dunbar)

More Than Friends (Derek Hale)

Beast Mode (Scott McCall)

Green as Envy (Liam Dunbar)

Heavy Breathing (Liam Dunbar)

Experimenting (Ethan and Aiden)

You’re Mine  (Scott McCall)

Detention (Peter Hale)

Can’t be Late (Aiden)

Better Day (Liam Dunbar)

Get Your Facts Checked. (Scott McCall)

Make Your Dreams Come True (Liam Dunbar)

Hands Off (Isaac Lahey)

Teen Wolf Preferences

He finds out you’re a witch  (Derek Hale)

The Vampire Diaries

Show You (Kol Mikaleson)

Little Black Dress (Damon Salvatore)

5 Seconds of Summer 

Birthday Surprises (Ashton Irwin) 

Wanna Get Out of Here? (Luke Hemmings)


Before You Exit (Riley McDonough)  

Good Boys Gone Bad (Hunter Hayes)

Shower Sex (Dave Franco) 

Don’t Walk Away from Me (Dylan O'Brien)

Honeymoon in Paradise (James Franco)

Endlessly (Dylan Sprayberry)  

Red Carpet (Robbie Amell) 

Surprise Surprise (Dylan O’Brien) 

I Miss You (Myles Parish)

Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare (Colton Hayes)

First Time  (Evan Peters)

Soft and Slow (Finn Nelson)

Call Me Daddy (Dylan O’Brien) 

You’re So Beautiful (Nick Robinson)

Forever (Barry Allen) 

Lose You (Myles Parrish)