• looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Allison Argent
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Derek Hale
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Scott McCall
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Peter Hale
  • the sinnamon roll: Stiles Stilinski

(inspired by this)

My reaction to Teen Wolf: pt 16

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Honestly this is not what I expected for the Claudia scene. I thought that she was going to help him or speak to him, the way Noshiko and Victoria did. Now I understand why John Stilinski or Sheriff Stilinski said that Stiles killed his mom.

Derek Hale -A pack of kittens(Imagine)

Prompt: You live with Derek.You found a cat and you want to keep it.

“Hey, Derek! How was your day? You look tired. I bet you want a cup of hot chocolate.” You said to your boyfriend when he arrived home.
“What do you want Y/N?” he said rolling his eyes.
He sat on the couch near you.
“What? I’m not allowed to be a lovely and caring girlfriend?” You asked with an innocent face.
“Everytime you try to be so nice you want to ask me something. And usually my answer is no.” He said
“That’s not true.” You said
“Last time when you did this, you asked me if you can paint the whole loft pink” he said.
“ Ok. That was a bad idea.” You said.
“Now tell me. What do you want?” he asked.
“Ok, but remember that I already asked Peter and he said yes. By now I have two ‘yes’ for my idea.” You said
“Two?” He asked.
“Yes. Me and him.”
“First, you can’t vote for your idea. Second, if Peter said yes I say no.” He said
“You don’t even know yet.” You said
“If Peter approves, I’m scared to find out what’s your idea.” He said
“Well. I found this kitten near school and she followed me here.” You said.
“You brought a cat here?” He asked.
“Actually…..she came here.. with her friends."you said
"So you brough here a pack of kittens. Are you serious?” He said
“ They followed me. And I couldn’t abandon them. Wait until you see how sweet they are.” You said.
“How many cats?” He asked.
“Five” you said.
“Are you insane? I’m a werewolf. Do you think I can be "friend” with five cats?“ He asked.
"You could practice your alpha skills. Let’s be honest, Derek. You are not the best leader.” You said
He growled.
“Easy wolf. I didn’t want to offend you. Everything will be ok. They will like you.” You said.
“Where are they?” He asked.
“When I brought them here, they started running everywhere. I couldn’t stop them.” You said.
“Let’s find them.” He said
“We should call Scott or Stiles to help us” you suggested
“NO!NO, NO, NO!!!!” He said
“I don’t want to tell them that I will be the Alpha of a pack of kittens.” He said.
You laughed when you thought what Stiles will say when you will tell them.
“Y/N!!!!!!! COME HERE! NOW”
You heard Peter’s voice. He was angry.
“I think he found them. ” Derek said
You go upstairs.
“ I found your little friends.” Peter said.
That was the sweetest thing you ever saw. The kittens created a nest from his v-necks and fell asleep.
“Awwww. Look at them Derek. Isn’t this the cutest think you ever saw?” You said.
Derek looked at them and a little smile appeared on his face.
“I want them out of my room. "Peter said.
"Now that they annoy you, I started liking them.” Derek said to Peter.
“So can we keep them?” You asked.
“I hope I won’t regret this but….yes.We keep them.” Derek said.
“Thank you!” You said and kiss him.
“I was the first who said you can keep them. I think I deserve a kiss too.” Peter said.
“Do I need to remind you that she’s my girlfriend?” Derek said.
“Let’s buy some things for kittens” you said ,trying to avoid an argument between the two werewolves.

Love Birds

Imagine: Lydia please!!! (There were no specifics so I hope you like it!)

Lydia x reader


Lydia was gorgeous, absolutely stunning. At times it would physically distract you. You would have to catch your breath every time she even smiled at you. Cheesy right?

The two of you had become close friends in high school; you knew all about her being a banshee and you were close with the rest of the pack too. You cared for all of them like family.

But not like you cared for Lydia.

You knew how this would end; you had seen Stiles pine after her for years. And of course your chances were even lower than Stiles’ had been because of one frustrating detail.

You were almost positive Lydia was straight.

Kira, your best friend aside from Lydia in the pack, is always telling you that you should just go for it, ask her out, but you aren’t so sure. That doesn’t stop you from complaining about it to her all the time though.

“You already know what I think, (y/n). Just ask her out or something. The worst thing that could happen is that she says no.”

“No, the worst thing that could happen is it destroys the friendship I’ve had with her since we were freshmen.” I say, fully realizing how dramatic I sound.

“Come on (y/n), how do you know that’s gonna happen?”

“But what if it does?” I respond.

“It won’t.” You hear through a phone reviewer.

Your eyes widen and snap to Kira.

“You didn’t.” You say, your voice dangerously low.

She looks back at your innocently and hands over her phone.

“I’m going to kill you, Kira.” you mouth to her, but she just makes kissing faces at you and shoos you out of the room.

“Hi…Lydia.” you mumble into the phone.

“Hey (y/n). So is there something you wanted to ask me?”

You groan. “How long have you known?”

“Kira told me yesterday.” she admits.

“Oh my god this is so embarrassing. I’m- ugh you were never supposed to find that out.” You’re positive that your entire face is red now.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me.” Lydia asks after I’ve sufficiently embarrassed myself.

I’m standing in the hallway since Kira kicked me out of the room.

“Because,” you sigh, “I don’t know I just thought that being friends with you would be better than nothing at all.”

“Turn around, (y/n).” Lydia says.

You follow her instructions, and almost drop Kira’s phone. Lydia is literally standing right there and how the hell did you not hear her walking up behind you?

“Um, hi.” you say awkwardly.

“Hi (y/n).”

You look everywhere but directly at Lydia.

“I wish you would have told me sooner.”

Your eyes snap up to Lydia’s. “What?”

She’s giving you that raised-eyebrow-all-knowing look, a smirk set on her pouty lips. “I think you heard me.”

You can’t think- did she just- what is happening? Are you dreaming? You must be, this can’t be real.

“So are you going to kiss me or did I drive out to Kira’s house for nothing?”

And suddenly her lips are on yours, hands pressing you backwards into the wall. A moan escapes your lips and you feel yourself blushing in embarrassment again, but it just encourages Lydia, your kiss deepening. Your arms are low on Lydia’s waist, pulling her in, needing her closer to you.

You’re interrupted by a flash; Kira had taken a picture.

“Kira I’m going to kill you! You better not be sending that to Scott!” You make a grab for her phone, but the kitsune skirts just out of reach, grinning like mad.

“Too late, already sent to the whole pack.”

You sigh, but are distracted again by the fact that Lydia’s still pressed up against you.

“So I’ll just leave you two lovebirds alone then.” Kira comments cheekily, backing down the hallway and out of sight.

“Way to kill the mood.” you mutter.

“Not necessarily.” Lydia responds, dragging you back down for another kiss.


TV SHOW CHALLENGE : a show you hate (but still watch)
Teen Wolf “Be a werewolf not a teen wolf.”

I've Got You

hey there (: can you do a stiles imagine where the reader gets a nightmare and stiles helps her since he’s had experience with nightmares and loads of fluff? Thank you!! You’re so very talented btw!!! (: xx

Stiles x reader


You wake up screaming at the top of your lungs, something that’s been happening more and more frequently as of late.

For the first few seconds of your wakefulness you have no idea where you are, until a familiar set of arms wrap themselves around you, holding you tight.

Stiles is here. You’re safe.

It’s the same nightmare every time, not two months ago you had been kidnapped by an assassin trying to bait the pack. It had worked; everyone came to your rescue, and luckily no one was killed, but the only words your kidnappers said chilled you to the bone:

“We are not the last.”

You always worry that one day they will come back for you, even though logically you know they’re gone.

You’re crying now, grasping frantically at the front of Stiles’ shirt. He’s holding you, whispering calming nonsense, pressing gentle kisses to the top of your head.

“You’re safe, (y/n).” he whispers. If only you could believe him.

“Am I awake though? How can you be sure?” You cry, trying not to hyperventilate.

Recently your mind had started to play tricks on you, making you think you’re awake when you’re actually still dreaming. And it’s always so realistic. It’s like some twisted form of inception.

“(Y/n) look at me.” Stiles says, tilting your chin up so you’re looking him in the eyes. “This isn’t a dream, alright? You’re fully awake.”

“That’s just what the dream you would say.” I mutter, blinking my eyes to clear them of tears.

“I used to get nightmares too, okay? Try counting your fingers.”

“What good is that gonna do?” You ask, sniffling.

“If you’re dreaming, you won’t have ten fingers. Just count them.”

He pries your hands off of his shirt as gently as possible and turns them palm up.

“One,” you start, looking at your left hand.

“Two…three…” Your eyes go blurry and you have to stop and concentrate to keep from crying.

“Four…five…six…seven…” You feel like you’ve miscounted, were you saying the numbers in order?

“Eight…nine…” Why is this so difficult for you to accomplish all of sudden?

“Ten.” The last number comes out as a whisper.

You’re awake; this is real. “You’re really here.” You mumble as stiles wraps his arms back around you, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips.

“I’m real,” he whispers to the top of your head, “and I’m not going anywhere.”


– I love you, Stiles. I’m sorry for everything.
Perhaps these words will always be younger Stilinski hardest to end his worthless life. After all, when you kill a man who literally saved you from falling deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of despair and paranoia because of the love in his sullen nephew… This memory is so vivid that it becomes a part of you, like a cancer at the last stage that slowly kills you. That’s just you’re not entitled to talk about this disease nor your friends, nor even his father.
Stiles realizes that he will not be able to forgive yourself and don’t care about that at that time he was obsessed with Nogitsune, dark Fox. Because he brought it on himself, he could not resist, lost and let this dark Fox. Because he liked the way confusedly looked at him, Peter liked to feel superior to love an alpha wolf, who did not expect such treachery. Liked the feeling during orgasm, when he was holding batters his last heartbeats of the werewolf. Liked the feeling of ecstasy when her cheeks Hale flowed salty tears of farewell.
Ever Stiles will not withstand the load from the weight of all that he has done and will be again next to his wolf. And now he was perfectly satisfied at the pain from his growing cancer.

OST CN Blue I’m sorry


Episode 5x05

  • Kate Argent - Jill Wagner
  • Marin Morrell - Bianca Lawson

Episode 5x06

  • Kate Argent 
- Jill Wagner
  • Danny Mahealani
 - Keahu Kahuanui

Episode 5x07

  • Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman

Episode 5x08

  • Kate Argent - Jill Wagner
  • Marin Morrell - Bianca Lawson
  • Chris Argent - JR Bourne
Ethan - Charlie
  • Aiden - Max
  • Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman


  • Aiden - Max
  • Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman
  • Kate Argent - Jill Wagner
  • Chris Argent - JR Bourne

Episode 5x10

 Bobby Finstock - Orny Adams
  • Chris Argent - JR Bourne
  • Peter Hale
 - Ian Bohen
  • Ethan
 - Charlie Carver
  • Aiden
 - Max Carver
  • Rafael McCall - Matthew del Negro
Garrett - Mason Dye

  • Meredith Walker - Maya Eshet

  • Danny
 Mahealani - Keahu Kahuanui
  • Marin Morrell - Bianca Lawson
Victoria Argent - Eaddy Mays
Young Derek
 Hale - Ian Nelson
  • Braeden - Meagan Tandy
Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman
Kate Argent - Jill Wagner
**EDIT/DISCLAIMER** I am aware that most of this is very unlikely and improbable, it’s just what I saw on IMBD to be rumored, and I put it together into a post to keep track of it all