peter hajas


This is Apple’s iPhone User Experience Design Sketchbook

You may not have realized it, but your iPhone’s notification center is an idea that was dreamed up by a guy who once designed software for hacked iPhones in his garage.  

Well, he did before Apple hired him, anyway.

Jan-Micheal Cart, who would spend his days dreaming up software for use on jail-broken (or hacked) iPhones and iPod touches, was picked up by Apple a while back to work on notifications for Apple’s mobile device operating system known as iOS 5.

For some time, his cool ideas were floating around out there on the web— before Apple even knew who he was. 

When Apple hired Cart, they never shut down his YouTube account, or had him remove his concepts from the web. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s next for iPhone software, or even why a particular feature is missing — we’re looking at you, widgets! — check out the video above!

Can you spot the features and details that didn’t make the cut? 

Update: This second video— entitled “Personal Assistant” — is like experiencing time travel. Cart essentially dreamed up the entire Siri interface. It’s amazing to me that almost all of his design made it through to the current version of the iOS.