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what’s your name ➔ We’ll go with K.
do you have a nickname ➔ K or Katniss,
do you have a middle name ➔ Yep
do you like your name ➔ It’s okay. Pretty boring and basic I guess.
do people often mispronounce your name ➔ Nope!
do you like the meaning of your name ➔ Sure! It’s just my grandmas name!
when is your birthday ➔ December 5th
how old are you ➔ LOL. I’m a cougar. (I tell everyone I meet that I’m 21 tho cause after 21 it’s like bleh.)
do you like your age ➔ NO
what’s your zodiac sign ➔ Sagittarius
what’s your hair colour ➔ Blonde
is your current hair colour your natural hair colour ➔ Kinda
do you dye your hair ➔ Yes
do you have natural highlights ➔ Yes
when was the last time you had a haircut ➔ uhhhhhh maybe a few months ago.
what length is your hair right now ➔ It’s at my shoulders by I wear extensions a lot.
do you have straight, wavy or curly hair ➔ Pin straight.
do you use a curling iron ➔ Sometimes!
do you use a hair straightener ➔ Never
do you braid your hair ➔ Sometimes
what’s your eye colour ➔ Mostly hazel. But green when I’m crying. And a yellowish when it’s sunny.
do your eyes change colour ➔ Sure do!
do you wear contacts ➔ Yes
if so, do you use colour contacts or regular contacts ➔ Just regular.
do you wear glasses ➔ Sometimes!
do you have naturally long eyelashes ➔ Yes but I wear eyelash extensions as well.
do you wear braces ➔ Nope
do you have dimples ➔ ugh NO.
do you have moles ➔ Uhhhhh I have a couple beauty marks no raised moles tho.
do you have outstanding cheekbones ➔ Yeah a lil
do you have freckles ➔ Nope
do you have piercings ➔ I doooooooo!!!!
do you have tattoos ➔ I doooo, I love them!
do you wear make up ➔ Yessssss
do you paint your nails ➔ Uh huh honey
do you wear jewelry ➔ Yep!!!! Mostly just my piercings though and a necklace.
are you happy with your height ➔ Meh, 5'6 is okay.
would you consider yourself outgoing or shy ➔ Outgoing af.
are you sarcastic ➔ Absolutely.
what’s your biggest fear ➔ Being trapped in small spaces, like being buried alive.
what’s your guilty pleasure ➔ Shawn. Honestly, Shawn.
are you religious ➔ Yeah
do you get easily along with people ➔ Very much depends. Usually though.
do you cry easily ➔ Meh, never in front of people though.
do you go to middle school ➔ Nope
do you go to high school ➔ Nope
do you go to a private school ➔ Not anymore
are you home schooled ➔ Nope
have you graduated from school ➔ YES
what grade are you in ➔ I am not.
have you skipped a grade ➔ Nope.
have you been held back a grade ➔ Nope
have you ever failed a class ➔ Nope
have you been sent to the principals office ➔ Yep
have you skipped school ➔ Yep
have you cheated on a test ➔ Sure have.
do you live with your biological parents ➔ I don’t live at home anymore but I used to yes.
do you get along with your parents ➔ 90% of the time.
do you tell your parents everything ➔ YES. Like too much.
do you have strict parents ➔ Nope
do you have siblings ➔ Yep
are you the oldest ➔ Yes
are you in the middle ➔Nope
are you the youngest ➔ No
are all of your grandparents still alive ➔ Just my one grandma on my moms side.
do you have a best friend ➔ Yes
do you have more than 10 friends ➔ Yes
do you have at least 2 friends you can trust with your life ➔ Yes
friends ➔ Yes
do you text with your friends a lot ➔ Yep
what’s your relationship status ➔ Sooooo so single.
have you ever been in love ➔ Yes
do you believe in love at first sight ➔ 100%
have you ever been in a relationship ➔ Yes
have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ Yes. For my bday this year someone left Beats headphones for me outside my apartment it was creepy.
have you ever been asked out on a date ➔ Yep
have you ever been kissed ➔ Yes
have you ever made out with someone ➔ I have.
have you ever been cheated on ➔ Yes?
have you ever been proposed to➔ Nah.
do you want to get married ➔ Yes
do you want kids ➔ Yep
where were you born ➔ Washington D.C, Virginia
where do you live right now ➔ NYC
have you ever been out of the country ➔ I’m constantly traveling.
do you prefer country or city ➔ Both
do you like sightseeing ➔ 63829263% I’m obsessed with traveling.
Is one or more of your parents from another country ➔ Nope
what places would you like to visit ➔ Paris, Greece again, England, tbh all of Europe haha.
are you fluent in more than one language ➔ Ugh no
what languages can you speak ➔ English
do you have any allergies ➔ Nope
are you lactose intolerant ➔ No but I try to stay away from dairy.
have you had surgery ➔ Mmmm nope
have you had stitches ➔ Yes
have you broken a bone ➔ Yeaaaaap
has someone close to you died of a disease ➔ Yes
do you exercise a lot ➔ Not as much as I want to.
have you ever had a near death experience ➔ Yes, or at least they felt like it.
have you ever been on a plane ➔ Yep
have you ever had an allnighter ➔ I’m so bad at them.
have you ever been to school/work after a sleepless night ➔ Yes
have you ever been in a physical fight ➔ Only with my sister hahaha
have you ever been to a wedding ➔ Yes I LOVE THEM
have you ever been to a funeral ➔ Yeah
have you ever been drunk ➔ Just was last night ugh
have you ever been trick or treating ➔ DUHHHH
have you ever been in a school play ➔ Yep
have you ever been to a camp ➔ Yep
have you ever driven a car ➔ Yes, I love drivingZ
how many languages are you fluent in ➔ One ☹️
have you ever read a book in another language ➔ No
can you roll your tongue ➔ Yep
can you braid hair ➔ Yes
can you do a handstand ➔ Kiiiiiiind oooooof
do you crack your knuckles ➔ Literally just did
do you bite your nails ➔ Sometimes
do you bite your lips ➔ Yeah
what’s your favourite movie ➔ Harry Potter movies and The Little Mermaid are the only consistent favs I have I think.
what’s your favourite tv show ➔ The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The 100, The Flash, I know I’m forgetting some.
what’s your favourite book ➔ The Maze Runner Series is amazing. The Tenth Circle. I have so many I forget all the titles.
what’s your favourite song ➔ Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes because it reminds me of my high school experience.
what’s your favourite colour ➔ I really don’t know. I wear a lot of black and pink but idk if I’d say either were my favorite color.
what’s your favourite animal ➔ Elephant
what’s your favourite season ➔ Fall
This or That
summer or winter ➔ Summer
day or night ➔ Dusk
cats or dogs ➔ DOOOOOGSSSSSS
rain or shine ➔ Rain
coffee or tea ➔ Coffee
reading or writing ➔ Both
humorous or serious ➔ Humorous always
brown or blue eyes ➔ I love all eyes
single or group dates ➔ Single.
texts or calls ➔ I love both
driving or walking ➔ Both
last phone call ➔ My landlord lol
last text ➔ My best friend and roommate
last song you listened to ➔ currently Life Of The Party
last thing you ate ➔ Oatmeal with peanut butter and strawberries.
last thing you drank ➔ Hazelnut black coffee
last time you cleaned your room ➔ A few days ago
last time you’ve been on a date ➔ I’ve never been on an actual date lolololol.

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Left: pre-t, age 19, 122 lbs
Right: 1yr 9mos on T, 10 days post op, age 24, 155 lbs

Who knew this is what I would or COULD grow into? Who knew I would be here in 2017 at all? Healthy and pretty fucking happy. I sure as hell didn’t.


Can we talk about Tom Holland’s arms?

James Potter: seventeen, hair got struck by lightning at age four and hasn’t sat down since, knuckles that jut out, holds his wand between his teeth to impress girls- to impress the girl, doesn’t own one pair of matching socks, the kind of attractive that fills the ribs, fills the shoulder blades, fills the heart, Sirius painted his nails once and he kept the polish on all week, sees the girl before registering anyone else in the room, young organs pumping young blood, wired to himself, to his boys, to the girl, can tell what you’re about to say before you say it, he’s just sort of like that, has a habit of leaning arms on peoples shoulders, starts the trust fall before anyone realises they’re  meant to be catching him

Sirius Black: seventeen, eats whipped cream by the fork full, rolls up the sleeves of his robes, begins most conversations with: you absolute fuck, column of his throat running down the neck like water, leaves his text books all over school, made of gut feeling, of instinct, of starting before you know how to finish, a part of him still stuck in that house, with the door slamming, with his mother yelling, with the world ending,  he is the bomb going off in the swimming pool, he has probably made a bomb go off in the swimming pool, smoking just outside the door- look- you can see the smoke, you can see the shaking hands.

Remus Lupin: seventeen,  jumpy, long eyelashes, the sullen quiet of fog in winter, scars up the arms, round the neck, across the chest, eyes that stare as if they are waiting for permission, plays the same records until he’s mouthing the words in his sleep, gives out flowers for gifts, sarcasm that could stop the heart, soft, like the skin above your collar bone, like stained glass windows with light through them, like seeing a star in a textbook, knowing that  something that good is out there even if it is far away, often has wind billowing through his baggy t-shirts, pulls out his bottom lip when thinking, at night wakes up sweating, dreaming of blood in his mouth, the kind you get when you rip an arm off, when you lick the bone clean.


Peter Pettigrew: seventeen, socks right to the knee, eating an ice cream, has a sore neck from always looking up, raw fingernails- bitten to the cuticles, full of fear, oozing fear, could fill cathedrals with this fear, burns books for no reason, unmade bed, the flush of a cheek that is bloated, a mound of blood, sits on the floor because there is no room at the table, counts on his fingers, pulled a muscle when walking up the fourth staircase, shuts his eyes, opens them, realises he is still in his own skin, pale, a stick of white, unassuming, like flowers, or the moment the ground gives way, all at once, as if it was going to all along

I’m slowly falling in love with Tom Holland and there is nothing I can do to stop it…