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Is there more Car Share? (part 1)

Every lover of Car Share reacted with total heartbreak at the news that came from Peter Kay this week that there would be no season 3 of Car Share, and no Christmas special, indicating the devastating last scenes of Kayleigh and John are how we will leave them forever.

HOWEVER, some of us have been floating in denial since then, refusing to believe it, not simply because we want more - or at the least closure and a happy ending for Kayleigh and John - but because it seems to make NO SENSE to have this ending, when the entire premise of the series seemed to be suggesting differently.

And of course it may just be wishful thinking and confirmation bias, but there does seem to be a few things outside of the plot which point to there being more to our favourite duo’s story. 

Okay, the BIGGEST clue that there are some scenes filmed and not aired, for me, is this:

This is a screenshot taken from the season 2 trailer used to promote the cinema screenings of the first 2 eps at the start of April. Source: X

Here it is in gif form:

This scene has never aired. Here Kayleigh is walking round the same street corner she walked round in 2x01 when John surprised her. However, the first trailer clip is not from the scene that aired.

This is the scene that aired, and as you can see there are a lot of differences. 

  1. Kayleigh isn’t on the phone - this is essential for the plot of this scene. The point of it is that John directs her to his car. So no phone indicates a different scene.
  2. Kayleigh looks upset, or at the very least not happy, she doesn’t have her usual bounce or smile. She also looks cold.
  3. In the 2x01 scene the road behind her is incredibly busy with traffic. In this clip it seems deserted. The rubbish beside the bin indicates possibly it’s the end of the day?
  4. Her bag is on the opposite shoulder. She keeps it on her left shoulder in all of the 2x01 walking scenes, no matter the angle of the shot.
  5. Her hair looks slightly different, less curly in the trailer shot.
  6. Her jacket looks different, but I think that may just be because it’s distorted because she has her hands in her pockets.

Now, obviously anything I take from this is HUGE conjecture, but to me the existence of this scene indicates something beyond a different take that wasn’t used.

There is no place within the season that a similar scene would fit - Kayleigh has lifts from John there and back in every other ep. If it was an alternative version of the scene from 2x01, that would indicate they shot a version where John didn’t direct Kayleigh to his car. And if that were so, why would they use a clip which was completely discarded rewritten in a trailer so close to the air date?

To me, the only other way this scene could exist is from an episode yet to air; an episode where Kayleigh has “walked out” of John’s life and car and is back to walking to work. It would explain her downhearted demeanour.

It also looks like she looks up to the place where John would be in his car, and perhaps it shows he has showed up to make amends? 

Again, total conjecture, but the fact this VERY DIFFERENT shot suggests to me, something hasn’t been shown yet - either a deleted scene/different version of events, or a conclusion.