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You were laying down at home typing up a paper for a class the rain thudding against your window like a rhythm slowly yet unwittingly putting you to sleep. Until your phone vibrated you opened up your screen and read the single text “too drunk home now please :(”. You rolled your eyes at your stupid boyfriends actions. You’re tired it’s pouring and it’s really late out yet regardless you get dressed head out to your car and drive to his destination.

Once home you help your sluggish and very very drunk boyfriend inside where he then throws up all over his nice shoes. He frowns then gets really angry at himself for drinking then he points at you yelling obscenities to the top of his lungs. “Bruno! Bruno! Calm the fuck down what is your problem?!” You frantically yell a bit frightened at how mad he’s suddenly become. “ You know what, YOU! You’re my problem!” “…” He steps back eyes widened at what he’s just said. Tears well up in your eyes you run upstairs and slam your bedroom door curling up and crying. “Wait ! Wait I’m sorry!” You hear him say but you do nothing you just lay there heart broken and sad. He clenches his fist and hurls the table over turning around and punching a hole straight through the wall. “Fuck” he sits down and falls asleep onto the couch. The next morning you awake to a floral scent you open one eye then the other and look around your room. Flowers of all sorts we’re laid out everywhere heart shaped balloons and a wooden guitar sat against the wall. Bruno then entered holding a tray of food that seemed he cooked because most of it was burnt. “Oh… hey I didn’t think you’d be up yet I- I cooked you breakfast.” He gestured over to the burnt toast and eggs. You chuckled and sat up patting the empty space next to you so he could sit down. He placed the tray on the drawer and snuggled next to you hugging your waist. “ Listen I’m so so sorry please I didn’t mean it you know I didn-” you cut off his rambling with a kiss “Bruno it’s alright it’s fine.. it really is okay?” He looked into your eyes and laid over you pushing you into the mattress and kissing along your neck. You rubbed your hands along the smooth beautiful skin of his back. He looked at you again and softly smiled “I love you so much” he whispered. “ I love you more Bruno”.