peter from family guy

Spideypool Headcanons in regards to Wade using Peter's name

Wade constantly uses the phrase “for Pete’s sake”

Wade never uses the words ‘tired’ or ‘exhausted’, he only gets ‘petered out’

Wade calls Peter’s penis 'Peter’, causing much confusion

Wade calls Peter Pete when he’s feeling more serious/emotional/affectionate

Wade calls Peter Petey when he’s more silly/mischievous/doting

Wade reserves the name Petey-pie for Peter’s butt

Wade often calls Peter “Peeetaah” in a nasally voice trying to imitate Lois from Family Guy just to annoy Peter

Will include some of my Headcanons in my future fanfic, you can find me on Ao3 as Spideypoolhell, if any writers want to use these I would love it !

Final FAQin Hell

Q: How does it feel to bring this era to a close? Do you think it will be weird taking a break?

A: It feels very bittersweet ending this era because I’ve enjoyed it so much and it’s been so helpful for me, creatively. But in terms of taking a break: no, that doesn’t feel weird at all. I’ve been travelling for a year and a half, so it’s something that I need to do, creatively.

Q: Are you supporting Bernie or Hillary to win the presidential election? xx presuming it won’t be any republican trash

A: I am not supporting anyone in particular, but I feel like, from what I’ve seen so far, you know, Hillary Clinton does have her faults, she’s not perfect, but she’s way better than Donald Trump, who’s literally a cross between Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Ronald McDonald.

Q: Where do you see yourself 15 years from now? Do you want a family?

A: I don’t know where I see myself 15 years from now. I think one of the best things about life is that you have no idea what’s gonna happen, you know, particularly all the wonderful things that could happen to you. I like the element of surprise. In terms of family, you know, that’s a decision that you make when you come to it. So again, I don’t know.

Q: Emotional intelligence vs Intellectual intelligence, which is more important?

A: I love this question. I think emotional intelligence is more important, because it gives you an understanding of why people are the way they are and it’s also something that all of us can improve and develop.

Q: Following Oxford do you plan on speaking at any other unis or colleges? x

A: I don’t plan to at the moment, but I would certainly like to do more talks in the future. I think one element of the Oxford talk that I really loved was the discussion that we had afterwards, that’s something that really interests me. So, you know, if there’s a topic in which I feel like I can share information on, then I would definitely like to do more talks.

Q: Would you ever write a book about your experiences as an artist?

A: I wouldn’t write a book about my experiences as an artist, but I would be interested in writing a book about other topics. Something that I’m really passionate about is practical philosophy and how we can use philosophy and apply it to modern life. So yes.

Q: Why don’t you come to Spain? We really want you 😣😘

A: Spain, I’m so sorry that I didn’t come. I know you are incredibly upset. I would love to have come to Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, but the fact is that planning a tour is never as simple as just wanting to go to a certain country, it’s incredibly complex and yeah, that’s all I can say.

Q: How do you feel when fans give you letters or tell you you saved their life

A: I feel very honoured and I also don’t take it literally, even though fans may want me to. I feel like when they say “You saved my life”, it’s more saying that I felt a certain way and I know that you did too at a certain point in your life, and then, you know, there’s a feeling of connectedness there, so I get it.

Q: Why does human emotions and psychological nature catch your attention so much?

A: I don’t know why, but it’s how I’m wired, and even as a songwriter what’s really inspired me is the human condition, why we are the way we are. So it’s almost trying to understand something or somebody without judgement and more trying to figure out what makes them tick. So, actually a lot of what I do in my spare time is geared towards that subject.

Q: Do you have anything to say to us people who suffer with anxiety/depression?

A: Yes, I do. I have suffered from both for long periods of time and I think one thing I would say is that I was never diagnosed for anxiety, which I definitely suffered from for close to a decade. I wouldn’t recommend going on medication personally, but I would recommend getting help with counseling, to see what the root of your problem is.

Q: Are you afraid of being old?

A: Absolutely not! I am going to relish it! I feel very strongly about the pros of aging. I really hate that we live in a culture where, you know, if you’re thirty years old and you have a wrinkle on your forehead - which I do have - you have to get Botox. I think it’s a really negative message. It’s not about being beautiful, it’s more about erasing your age, and you never look good after it.

Q: Despite feeling so unhappy for most of your life, what gave you the motivation to turn it around and live life?

A: I wouldn’t say I was unhappy for most of my life, but I had my moments. This question actually reminds me of something I heard on TV a few months ago. It was a guy on the news and he said “I’d always wanted to be happy my whole life, and so I chose to be.” And that just seemed so simple, but it was very profound for me, that you decide to be happy; it doesn’t just happen to you.

Q: Did you ever feel like you had no one like at all, only yourself? How did you get through it?

A: Yes, definitely. Sometimes it’s really hard to find like-minded individuals and that can make people feel lonely. But I think it’s really helpful to remember that the most important relationship you’re gonna have in your life is the one with yourself, and really you are your own best friend, and I think realizing that gave me a lot of strength and a lot of confidence too, actually.

Q: What happened to MarinaMeets?

A: This is a very popular question. I really have loved meeting fans and this time on tour I wanted to create an environment which was not chaotic and sometimes dangerous. So I met ten fans every night, cause I just don’t have the energy to meet more, that’s the truth, but it didn’t last cause it wasn’t an ideal system, but it was something that I wanted to try.

Q: Did you believe in what Justin is saying? Did you considerate that important?

A: Following on from the last question, I guess what I wanna say about this is that it’s never a given to meet an artist after a show and whilst we always recognize how much fans give and sacrifice, our responsibility is putting on an amazing show, that’s what we owe you through you buying a ticket to see us. So when I saw Justin Bieber’s post I totally understood and I think well-being is way more important than a –

Q: When will Neon Nature merch be available online?

A: So I am launching a FROOT Cyber Pop Up Stall next Tuesday. I know there are plenty of people across the globe that couldn’t make the show, I didn’t come to your city, so for the first time ever I’m putting my full range of merchandise online, it’s only gonna be available for seven days and once the stall goes out, it’s out. This is the last chance to buy FROOT gear.

Q: Is there one book you’ve read as an adult that you wish you could share with your younger self?

A: How to Develop Emotional Health, which is a book from a series by the School of Life, and also How To Stay Sane, by Philippa Perry, which is also a School of Life book.

Q: What was the most important thing you learned about life this past year?

A: The most important thing I learned this year was actually about stability and staying in one place. The year before FROOT came out I was in London for a whole year, sleeping in one bed, and I was surprised at how much it affected my mood and stabilized it. And I think going back on tour again I realized that it’s quite hard to stay in a certain frame of mind.

Q: Any parting words for the FROOT era?

A: Parting words, it’s been an absolute dream. I’ve achieved so many things that I’d been trying to for many years and now I’m gonna take a little break to do some different things. I’ve been on the road for seven years, I’ve had an amazing, amazing experience. So this isn’t goodbye for good, it’s just for a short while, but thank you so much.

Tattoo ideas please tell me your opinions

Okay of these which one should I get
-a portrait of Margaret Thatcher in a bikini, shooting a gun at the moon
-a toilet
-the poop emoji on top of Barack Obama’s head with the caption “live free or die hard”
-Peter griffin from family guy getting executed by Karl Marx
-a sexy lady with 3 boob