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Scenes We’d Like To See in  InfinityWar Part II

[Doctor Strange or Tony Stark say something blatantly obvious]

Everett K Ross: No shit Sherlock!

Stephen + Tony: SHUT UP WATSON!


Tony: PETER!

Quill and Spider-Man: Yes?

Tony: Shit.

Steve: Hey! Watch your language!

Drax: How do you watch language?


Rocket and Tony talk science and get drunk


Plot Twist: Rocket DOES actually need the arm.


Tony: AVENGERS A- what are you doing?

Rocket: Putting on some music, what do you think I’m doing?

Quill: Rocket, were about to go up against a crazy mad titan with infinity stones!


Tony is the one to say the first ever full Avengers Assemble.


“Hawk… I’m dying… You know about death, that it’s just a change, not an end. Hawk… it’s time. There’s some fear, some fear in letting go. Remember what I told you. I can’t say more over the phone. But you know what I mean, from our talks, when we were able to speak face to face. Watch for that one, the one I told you about, the one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain. Hawk… my log is turning gold… The wind is moaning… I’m dying… Good night, Hawk.” 

Twin Peaks: The Return / “Part 15” / dir. David Lynch


Cate Blanchett Choice Awards > > > >  Best “Early” Movie Cate was in [third place]
An Ideal Husband

“Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful Government minister, well-off and with a loving wife. All this is threatened when Mrs Cheveley appears in London with damning evidence of a past misdeed. Sir Robert turns for help to his friend Lord Goring, an apparently idle philanderer and the despair of his father. Goring knows the lady of old, and, for him, takes the whole thing pretty seriously.” - Jeremy Perkins

I think it’s time to recapitulate what The Musketeers cast is doing now that the show is over. 
Thanks to @hottiemcgreeneyes for doing most of the job. 

Athos - Tom Burke is in London filming as Cormoran Strike for the new serie based on the novels by Robert Galbraith (J.K.Rowling). He started a few days ago.

Aramis - Santiago Cabrera is still filming for the new Transformers movie that should be out in 2017.

Porthos - Howard Charles is in the USA to film the remake of Tremors.

D’Artagnan - Luke Pasqualino has been a very busy boy. Solar Eclipse is due in the summer, the movie Smartass is completed and he’s now filming the serie Snatch.

Treville - Hugo Speer is playing Lucius in the new serie “Britannia”, he’s filming in the Czech Republic. 

Queen Anne - Alexandra Dowling is now in the USA, with black hair, to shoot Starbright 

King Louis - Ryan Gage has the movie 100 Streets coming out (in UK) in november.

Milady - Maimie McCoy is in season 5 of DCI Banks (that just aired)

Grimaud - Matthew McNulty is filming some episodes of The Terror, a new tv show.

Marcheaux - Matt Stokoe is listed on imdb in the cast of James Town, a tv serie. 

Feron - Rupert Everett has kept himself super busy too! The movie  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be in theaters in december, he just finished to film the tv movie Quacks and he’s now filming The Happy Prince in which he’ll play Oscar Wilde. 

Clairmont - Dan Parr was busy with Halcyon Heights, a movie now in post production. 

Gaston - Andre Flynn played a small part in the movie Blue Iguana.

Richelieu - Peter Capaldi still is the Doctor in Doctor Who, he was in the pilot of Class, the DW spin off and he’s also filming Paddington 2

Constance - Tamla Kari has been in a few theater plays, but at the moment she doesn’t seem to be filming anything. 

Sylvie - Thalissa Teixeira like Tamla seems not to be filming, she’s instead dedicating herself to theater 

Rochefort - Marc Warren filmed 44 at Melrose that will be out in 2017

aoi-hagane  asked:

I love your art! How do you do such amazing color? it looks so vibrant jet paint like #Goals

Thank you so much! And to compliment my color, that’s kind of surprising lol because to be honest color is something I struggle with a lot, and oftentimes I end up really disliking my color palette that I’d used in my artwork… So I wouldn’t completely rely on what I say if I were you, since I’m also still learning, but take what you can from this :)

here are some tips that I keep in mind when painting (though I could definitely use some help as well haha…)

•keep colors moving: don’t think that there’s only one color in certain places like in shade or in light, it may not be glaringly obvious but one color almost never stands alone; it’s always supported by the colors surrounding it. To be more specific, James Gurney’s Color and Light book says that “colors can be understood only in relation to each other and that no color exists in isolation”. So what looks blue may not actually be blue, it might be a really desaturated green next to a really saturated orange or some other warm color, and vice versa.

•grey is more nice to use than you might think: I use it a lot to balance my colors, for example the general rule of cool light and warm shadow/cool shadow and warm light, I usually use a more grey shade of a color to tone down some spots if they’re too saturated. Also, if you use the desaturated versions of a complementary color on a more saturated color, you’ll get some type of blue. In the most basic terms, if you have a really strong yellow or orange and you put a really desaturated green or green blue, it’ll look blue, and that kind of thing is what I go for instead of putting an actual blue on a strong yellow/orange, since that’d only make it look garish.

•value is equally, maybe even more so, as important as color, if your values are not working or not believable then most likely your colors will also end up that way. However, in my case in the past I often had too much contrast between values where it shouldn’t have been, like a cloth fold shadow would be too dark and the light hitting it to bright, and my clothes/skin/etc ended up looking like it was made of rubber or plastic or some other gross shiny thing that wasn’t supposed to be shiny.

•I also implement broken color (“placement of adjacent strokes of contrasting hues which mix vibrantly in the eye”, also covered in Gurney’s book) to add that vibrancy. It can be found in Impressionist or probably early 20th century illustrations/paintings, a good example of that is The Loneliness of Peter Parrot by Walter Everett, or any of J.C. Leyendecker’s paintings.

•limited palette: in general, using colors from all over the color wheel could turn out very badly, depending on the circumstances. Try not to overdo colors, for me; I either keep one color strong and the complementary of that color weak, or I use an analogous palette so it doesn’t look boring, stuff like that.

So yeah, this probably doesn’t need to be said, but I recommend you give Gurney’s book a read, and also to learn more about color theory. I’m not a professional (here’s the disclaimer lol), and this only applies to what I specifically find helpful for me, not every artist there ever was, so take my info with a grain of salt :) hope this helps!