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Best bands of the ‘70′s

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Fandom Problem #1:

When someone shits on your fav

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Amsterdam! Speedy Keen-Me-Roger-Keith. Out shopping! That night Keith went into a brothel by the side of the canal where a young lady was sitting in the window–god knows what he said, but as soon as got in, he was thrown out in to the canal, dripping wet myself and John were in fits of laughter as he was bobbing up and down. We said, ‘What did you do?!’ He said, 'I asked if they take American Express!’” –Peter Dougal Butler.


Happiness and love can be found wherever you look. Things may seem bleak right now, but everything will be fine and there are people in the world who will keep you upright. From myself and the fellas above, have a brilliant day, love one another and spread all the peace and love you can manage :)