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okay so this guy in my english,,, is peter parker and tom in 1. he's in two different tech clubs and is building his own computer, but also does flips and gymnastics and soccer recreationally. and he's short. and he physically acts like tom like he's intimidating but he takes jokes easily and laughs a lot. i'm so confused onto how he's real

peter parker and tom holland are the same person already so u could really say either one but anyway back to u um yeah u guessed what i’m gonna say, probably but, date

So the Simple English Wikipedia page for Spider-Man cracks me up because it only has two pictures and THEYRE BOTH LIke lowKEY crappy Microsoft Paint drawings anD


Being Peter Parker’s lab partner would include..

- the angel is as awkward as always

- look at his lil face in this gif asdfghj he’s so precious

- a lot of spilling chemicals

- along with confusion

- ‘wait where do i put the iodine do i put it next to the sulfide or the sodium carbonate’

- ‘peter speak english’

- being paired up because you two were the most quiet people in class

- actually being the most shy babies during your first assignment

- ‘hi i’m parker peter, wait no-’


- anyways

- being so shy that you don’t make eye contact for a good two days

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DA2 companions in cartoons





















Привет, пончики! :зз

i`m back again with charming Hawke`s companions this time! truth be told, it was a bit difficult for me to find proper gifs (in my opinion) for DA2 dudes. maybe because i love Origins` dorks too much

this, however, does not take away from the fact that Varric`s chest hair still makes me crazy (¬‿¬)

Dragon Age Origins companions 
Dragon Age Inquisition companions

Being a Younger Female Avenger includes...
  • Steve and Tony always being fatherly and protective
  • “Steve I think I can go to the store by myself”
  • “I know I just don’t want you to get hurt and taken”
  • “I’m just getting tampons…”
  • Bucky adoring you because you tease Sam
  • Being a science nerd and Bruce always excited to show you / teach you things
  • Tony not wanting you doing experiments with chemicals because Steve would kill him if you got hurt
  • Doing them anyways when Tony isn’t home
  • Sam taking you running and encouraging you when you get a little tired
  • “Come on y/n you can do it! We’re almost home!”
  • “If by almost you mean 2 miles out then yes, ‘almost’”
  • Always going to Nat for advice
  • Being best friends with Wanda and always gossiping with her
  • Clint teaching you how to shoot
  • Nat teaching you how to protect yourself
  • Tony buying you nice clothes and raves about how proud he is of you at every party he throws
  • “Tony I love you but I don’t need a new dress for every event”
  • “But I want all eyes of you when you walk threw the door. Old dresses are old news.”
  • “You just got me one last week”
  • “And now at least 5 other people have it. We’re going shopping.
  • Thor always saying how’s he’s doing to take you to Asgard
  • He almost did once, but Steve caught you
  • You had to sit for 2 hours hearing him yell about how dangerous it could’ve been
  • Steve promising to let you go on your 18th birthday since you want to so bad
  • Talking to Bucky late at night when you both can’t sleep
  • Pepper being like your mom
  • Being low key relieved when Tony started bagging of Peter instead of you
  • "He’s like my over protective dad, and I thought Aunt May was bad!”
  • “Welcome to the club”
  • Everyone helps you with homework
  • Tony math, Bruce science, Steve and Bucky history, Clint english
  • Peter being “in charge” of you at school
  • “I don’t know if Steve and Tony would be happy if you did that y/n…”
  • “Well they’re not going to find out unless you want them knowing you and Ned skipped class to find some bad guy who didn’t do anything.”
  • “Carry on”
  • Being loved and protected by everyone and glad you got to grow up with them

spideypool au in which Wade is a teenager runaway and one night he’s cold and hungry and he gets in this house, eats something, steals some crackers. nobody’s in the house, so he lets himself have a little nap on the couch. when he wakes up, the first thing he sees is his favourite hero in a red and blue suit. angry as hell.
“did you sleep well, sleeping beauty? on my holy couch? who the hell are you”
when Wade raises his hands in surrender, crackers slip out of his poket “i didn’t steal anything, i swear”
and here he is, Peter Parker in his Spider-Man suit, thinking of 87 ways to take care of this guy on his couch (of course he’s not letting him live on the streets, but if he wants to stay he has to help keeping the house clean and go to school. “there are rules in this house”)

stand by you

tom holland x reader


no warnings?? 

Tom isn’t nervous.

He would be, normally, but not tonight. For one simple reason; you’re right next to him.

The most gorgeous, intelligent and extremely nice person he could think of. All his. Right there.

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