peter eisenmen

As my summary for yesterday convocation lecture by Peter Eisenman at UNC Charlotte, shown here was the final model of the studio project which Matt Luck and I had completed in Eisenman’s studio during the spring semester of 2010 at Cornell.

The project targeted the same ideology which Eisenman expressed - an object to be a new signifier of meaning rather than function. It is also critique on the crisis which practicing architects commonly misconcept design as architecture.

Architecture, as Eisenman and many architectural theorists critiqued, is indeed a critical resolution of culture, politics, and context of the current time, in another words - zeitgeist. It is not a recollection of style or fashion, nor a simplistic destination of shelter, further less, an object which declared to be “platinum certified”.

Architectural practice is not about Revit, grasshopper, CAD, BIM or whatever vehicles of intermediate excuses one might perceive an idea; it is about how an idea being perceive.

Certainly, we should have builder and constructors to keep the world sane on providing elements of shelters, but defining such action as architecture is a far cray from the purpose of this very profession.

Hereby, I asked you to judge your next academic or professional project sincerely, and reflect upon if you are in fact exercising architecture, or are you simply designing