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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel PC Guest Blog #1 from Peter “Durante” Thoman - Performance

When XSEED approached me about contributing to their in-progress The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel port, I was immediately excited about the prospect. The Trails in the Sky series features some of my favourite JRPGs on PC, so I looked forward to making this later game in the franchise the best it can be on PC.

Of course, back at that point I didn’t quite anticipate just how involved I would get - I was expecting to do some optimization here and there, maybe amounting to a week or two of full-time work. Reality would turn out different, and in this series of articles I’ll give you some idea of why.

The series is currently planned in 3 parts, leading up to the release of the game on August 2nd:

  • The first part, which you are reading right now, deals with performance aspects, primarily framerates and loading times.
  • The second part will describe the graphical enhancements and options available in the PC version, and how they came about.
  • Finally, the third part will go into some specific features of the PC port that aren’t direct graphical enhancements, and explain some of the challenges in implementing them. 

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Querido Peter

Durante esse último mês, com quatro quinta-feiras e segundas tediosas, te esperei em frente a janela olhando a lua, as estrelas, a segunda estrela à direita, mas você não apareceu. Decide acreditar que você tinha levados mais meninos para sua ilha, estava ocupado ensinando-os a sobreviver sem o luxo da cidade. Muito trabalho a fazer, não?
Mas hoje, Peter, hoje eu vou dormir. Chega de dar chances a você e a esse amor de mundo irreal.
Peço que não bata na janela, sabe que tenho sono leve e demoro a adormecer.
Não entenda isso como desistência, é a apenas cansaço de esperar.

Com carinho,
Do seu primeiro amor.


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