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Mark Hamill rehearsing his duel with Darth Vader for The Empire Strikes Back.

Top photo: Mark Hamill rehearsing with David Prowse (Darth Vader)

Bottom photo: Mark Hamill rehearsing the Darth Vader duel with stuntman Bob Anderson, as stunt coordinator Peter Diamond supervises


“It was so arduous and long,” Hamill says. “Carrie and Harrison were doing the bulk of their story line, so I wasn’t even shooting. I’d wake up and think Oh, no. Usually, I’d fence from something like 9:30 till lunchtime, take a long lunch, then come back about 2:30, fence until 5, and then go home. I got to a point where, just overnight, I would forget the moves. ‘It’s right flank, parry; left flank, parry; duck…’ I was frustrated one day I just threw down my sword and said, ‘I can’t do this!’

But Peter Diamond gave me this terrific pep talk, this fatherly pat on the back; he told me that he’d worked with Errol Flynn and all these people, and that it was perfectly natural for me to be going through this.”

-Mark Hamill during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back

New Doctor Who novels out -- 20 April 2017

Plague City by Jonathan Morris (the adventure of Twelfth Doctor with Bill Potts and Nardole)

Diamond Dogs by Mike Tucker (the adventure of Twelfth Doctor with Bill Potts)

The Shining Man by Cavan Scott (the adventure of Twelfth Doctor with Bill Potts)


Peter Diamond as the Tusken Raider in Star Wars. He was blind while wearing the raider mask, so all of his scenes had to be choreographed ahead of time.  In the final photo you can see mattresses for Mark Hamill to fall on, and that Anthony Daniels is wearing regular shoes, since his feet would not be in the shot. I included a bonus shot of Mark Hamill examining the raider’s weapon.


This is the most beautiful comliment and loveliest words a husband ever told to his wife…She is indesturctuble,precious,shining and so beautiful like diamond…so referencing her words to Halassi Androvar he said Married a diamond for his marriage with River look how emotinal and in love when he said this ! and then he stood up watched her and smiled and proud of his wife and thanked to his chance <3 I cry everytime I watch this scene he loves her so much… And he decided to make her understand how precious she is to him and how much he loves and admires her..So he gave them a happily ever after which that he can show her this properly… <3<3

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Rest in peace, David Bowie. This isn’t how I wanted 2016 to start off.

“Since Yellow Diamond is voiced by Patti Lupone, famous Broadway actress, I think the rest of the Diamond’s should be voiced by Broadway actresses. Like Blue Diamond would be Bernadette Peters, White Diamond could be Julie Andrews and Pink Diamond could be Idina Menzel.”



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