peter collie


Requested- Imagine where the reader is dating young derek and he gets jealous and if you can smut?

I walked from chemistry to lunch, I was so ready to be done with school today. It’s not because I don’t like school, Derek has been out all week due to ‘pack buisness’. Yeah, my boyfriend is a werewolf.He told me everything once I saw him shift. It was actually great that he told me, my uncle deaton, whom I’m staying with, knew about everything on supernatural creatures. Now I often go with my uncle when Talia, derek’s mom, needs help on something. Latley derek’s family has been dealing with rogue omegas, so derek needed to be with his pack during the week. Today was friday and also the day derek and I are catching up on all his missed assignments. I exited the doors leading out to the outside tables. I purposly avoided my other friends since I needed to work on my weekend work now so derek and I can finish his faster. I was about done with literature when I felt someone sit beside me.

“Hey beautiful” Dereks arm went around my waist.

“Hey!” I giggled and looked at him, “What are you doing here?”

“He couldn’t stand being away from his goddess of a girlfriend” Peter sat across from us smiling at me and winking.

“Hey pete” I smiled and rolled my eyes playfully, peters always been flirty but it’s in a casual way. I know he does it to get under derek’s skin. I saw derek roll his eyes before turning his attention back to me.

“That too but the omega came close by here and I just wanted to drop by since I knew you’d be at lunch, why aren’t sitting with everyone?” Derek looked at me questioningly

“I wanted to finish some of my work before I come over, you have a lot to catch up on.” I looked at derek and winked. Peter chuckled

“How come I don’t peg you as someone who likes to do anything other than her work” Peter just smiled, I let out a laugh. Dereks shoulders got tense and smirked at peter.

“You know we can get you banned from school grounds” Derek gave him a deadly look but tried to keep his lazy smirk.

I just chuckled as the bell rang,“I got to go to class, I’ll meet you outside the school.” I turned to derek, peter butted in"Actually I’ll be picking you up, Talia needs derek to help out with the younger omega"

Derek turned and snapped “why can’t you?” His eyes glowed yellow faintly"Is that the only reason you came with me here?“ he growled.

Peter just chuckled “yes and no” He leaned forward and grabbed one of my resses cups. “I wanted one of these” He just winked at derek.

“Hey” I put my hand over dereks"I’m going to class, I’ll be at your house ok? See you later” I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

Derek untensed some and sent me a smile. “See ya then” He smiled before him and peter headed to the tree line. I grabbed my stuff and hurried to my next class hoping the late bell would ring after I got there. The rest of the day went by fast, all I had were art and history. I walked outside the school and waited for peter to show up. It had been about 15 minutes before I heard the sound of peter’s truck. Usually derek barrowed it for when we went somewhere.

I walked out and hoped in it. “Hey” I said smiled at peter.

“Hey yourself” He looked at my chemistry packet I had been trying to finish before getting to dereks. “Still haven’t finished it yet?”

I sighed"All but chemistry and some math" I looked at the paper “I’ve been rushing to finish in class so I didn’t catch todays math lesson”

Peter took a short glance at me before turning back tot he road “What is it? I’ve already graduated so it shouldn’t be anything I can’t handle.”

“Just some geometry, I just didn’t focus so self teaching myself is confusing” I chuckled along with peter.

“ Well dereks not gonna be home until later-ish, want me to help some?” Pter looked at me as we pulled up to the hale house.

I took a glance at the geometry page I had stuffed in the notebook “Well…would you mind? I don’t want to make you or anything”

Peter shook his head “It’s fine, I would be bored anyway. We’re the only ones here for now” I just nodded as we both walked into the house. Peter motioned me to follow him up the stairs. I thought we were headed to dereks room but he stopped at his. Peter walked and turned to me “Derek has all his books at school but I have my copies from highschool here” He walked over to the desk and pulled out two textbooks, Chemistry and Geometry.

I smiled “it’s cool” Peter just motioned to his bed then the floor “Sit where you want, I just want to change, I smell like dirt” I chuckled and sat on his floor with my back against his bed. Peter dissapeared into his closet and came out with a black t-shirt on and some sweats on. He sat down next to me and pulled my notebook from my hands and looked over the pages. “Wanna start with chemistry?” “yeah”

Peter and I finished chemistry easy, it was the math I was struggling to grasp. “ So then you’d add here and subtract here to get this”(Im just making up math as i got so…) Peter pointed out as if it was so easy. I had ended up sitting at his desk while he would just walk back and forth around his room tossing a small ball. I groaned “But how did you get this?” Peter sighed “ I think I know how to explain this” He leaned over me putting an arm on the desk while the other pointed at the numbers in the equation. “Let’s say this was intructions deaton left you to mix up some type of supernatural juice.” I smiled at the juice comment. Peter grabbed my pencil and drew three bottles and labled them. I took notice on how he leaned forward more and almost had his chin resting on my shoulder but I quickly forgot about that when he started talking again “So if it says you need x amount of this, but you already have 8 of this in there and 12 of this, how would you balnce that?” I looked at him as I werily answered “I would divided the amounts?” Peter smiled “Yes” “But I still don-” “I know, I’m not done” Peter pulled my chair to where I faced him. He had grabbed two empty coke cans that he and I were drinking. “Here use these to think as if they were the bottles on the paper” Peter watched as I went through the motions of the problem explaining before I was stuck on the last step “Then..” “Come on Y?N” He leaned forward and stared at me expectantly. I felt frustrated and I knew he heard my heart beat skip when I almost remebered.

“Whats going on” I turned to the side and saw derek staring straight at peter with big amber eyes. Before anything could be said, I hopped up out of the chair in excitment. I did collied with peter but I didn’t really care “YOU MULTIPLY THEN ADD THE REMAINING” Peter looked at me “Yeah! finally.” I smiled again really big because this took to fucking long to learn. My moment of victory was cut short when I heard derek growl.

“Derek!” I smiled now fully relizing he was back. I went over to him and pulled him in for a hug. “How’d it go?” Dereks intense gaze broke from peters and he looked down at me.

“Fine. Hey don’t we have some stuff to do?” Derek’s expression told me he was trying to keep his cool. I smiled at him “Yeah, sounds good” I turned and began grabbing my stuff “Thanks again peter for the help.” I smiled at him one last time before derek closed his door behind me and huffed. I looked at him with my eyebrow raised in question and amusment “What” He said innocently “Come on , we have work” I said as we walked into his room. As soon as the door closed, derek pinned me against it with my arms pinned above me. My stuff scattered all over his floor. “Derek?” I managed to squick out before his lips crashed against mine in a rough, needy kiss. He pressed against, molding our bodies together.

Dereks teeth grazed my bottom lip before biting and pulling causing me to let out a sigh. His togue invaded my mouth, making the kiss rougher. He pulled away and began attacking my neck with sloppy, wet kisses.

“Derek” I gasped quickly,“Whose home, they can hear-” “Its just you,me and peter” He mumbled against my neck “All busy with stuff” His lips returned to mine and he smirked into the kiss. He barley grazed my lips against his causing me to whine slightly. His eyes traveled to my lips then back up to my eyes teasing me. I just let out a huff. “Der” I looked at him blushing, I felt so needy. We haven’t really had any “time” to ourselves for anything. I was already craving for the slightest touch.

“Hmm?” He hummed as his hands slide from my wrist and down my arms. They trailed down the sides of my body till they rested on my hips. He looked at me exspecting me to say something. I just looked up at him “Touch me” I bit my lip after saying that. His eyes darkened “With pleasure” His eyes flashed amber and he ripped off the top I was wearing. I gasped and shivered at the sudden cool feeling, I didn’t relize how hot it had became. His lips smashed back on mine as I felt his hands working on my jeans. I reached for his shirt wanting it off. He pulled away just long enough to pull it off. I oulled away when his lips touched mine.

“so you get to take yours off but mine gets ripped?” I smirked at him. “I want whats mine now” He shrugged. His hands grabbed me by the back of my thighs signalling for me to jump. He pinned me to the wall “You know that right beautiful” His lips grazed my ear “You’re mine” I felt his hand make it’s way into my panties and gently rub up and down my slit. I let out sigh and shivered at his warm tough. “You didn’t answer me baby girl” He said as he began rubbing small circles over my clit. I let out a small whine at the touch and looked up at him “I’m yours” I felt him slip two fingers in me and I couldn’t hold back the moan. They moved at a sow teasing pace. “Der please” I moved my hips impatiently against him wanting more. Derek pulled me into a kiss before he ripped my panties off. “Do not rip my bra” I mumbled against his lips as his hand went to my bra. “I won’t, I like this one” He unclipped it easliy and went back in for a kiss. I began grinding against him desperlatly wanting some form of contact. He let out a groan and he struggled to remove his boxers and not drop me. He pulled away for split second once they were off as if he was listening to someting. “What” I said breathlessly. He smirked “Nothing” Before latching onto my neck. He teased my enterence with his tip making me moan “Please der” I said exassberated. He chuckled before sinking into me all the way. “Fuck” I squicked as he began thrusting fast and hard. I couldn’t stop the moans that left my mouth. I let my nails trail from his shoulders down his back. He growled into to my neck and I felt his claws dig slightly into my thighs as his thrust reached a supernatural feriousity. “AH DEREK” I moaned out at his new speed. Derek’s teeth grazed my neck before finding my sweet spot. I bucked my hips against his when he bit down on the area. I was too far gone to really care about the mark. He moved to my shpulder and bit down harder than before. “D-Derek I’m close” I stuttered out “Whos making you feel this good” He stated pulling back and looking at me. “you” I panted put “Hmm” His thrust slowed making me throw my head back in frustration “YOU” I moaned out while trying to move my hips but his hands kept them still. Suddenly he picked up speed again “Say my name” He said “derek” I moaned out. One of his hands began rubbing my clit “Scream it” He groaned. “OH DEREK” I cried out as I felt my self reaching the edge. His fingers moved faster “Let go, cum” He ordered his eyes glowing bright amber. I closed my eyes and cried out as I reached my climax. Derek thrusted a few more time before reaching his own. He continued thrusting,riding out both of our orgasms. He pulled out and hugged me close to his body as he walked over to his bed and collasped. I caught my breath and looked up at him.

“so that’s what you do when you’re jealous” He looked down at me briefly before looking away “What, I don’t get what you’re talking about” I just smiled and let out a laugh. “I don’t mind jealous you” I winked and stood up slowly and slipped his T-shirt over my head. “What are you doing?” Derek said as he sat up on his elbows. “We still have alot of work to do” I smirked and threw his makeup packet at him.

Peters Pov

I rolled my eyes at my nephew. I continued to listen to them until I spoke up “So territorial” Knowing he would hear me. “And you can’t bane me from my home with your little noises” I muttered and put on some headphones. Kids.