I interned with an Art Therapist. Hands, in art therapy, represent Power.
So he’s giving…offering his power to these kids.  And they are putting hand prints all over the dalek sketch.  So.  He is offering them his power, which they are putting on a dalek.
These kids are in hospice.
They’re essentially dying.
About to be…exterminated.
And he’s giving them his power to use against that Dalek, whatever the Dalek represents in their lives. He’s giving them his power, and for a few glorious moments, these kids and their caregivers forget the pain, the fear, and just put handprints on a Dalek. 


Doctor Who’s Funny Guide to Understanding Surrealism

In this video by Tate, Peter Capaldi lectures about Freudian symbols, basic instincts and Surrealists’ luxuriant hair. The twelfth man to play Dr. Who, a Glasglow School of Art alumnus, presents the high points of the Surrealist movement—from André Breton down to David Lynch.  http://bit.ly/1DXrE6S


010 The Personal Touch (1985)

Yes, Dominic AT LAST!

A million billion thanks to umka2002 for sending me this link.  I was beginning to despair of any old new Capaldi ever showing up again and then I got this lovely thirty year old treat!  Now, to be sure, at the moment only a tiny watermarked snippet of the whole program(me) is available, but I’m not going to complain, because a) DOMINIC! You exist! and you clearly fancy yourself as much as any man can who wears that many badges on his lapels and also canvas desert shoes and b) somewhere deep in the STV archives you are waiting waiting waiting for that fateful day when you will be re-released into the world again to amaze and astound us with your delightful Glaswegianess. 


Various picture posted today of the filming of Series 9 (via bbcdoctorwho on Instagram)

1. Writer Catherine Tregenna at the read-through for her first #DoctorWho episode, The Woman Who Lived… Welcome aboard!

2. #PeterCapaldi #DoctorWho #BTS #behindthescenes

3. Peter showcasing his yo-yo skills on location. #yoyo #DoctorWho #BTS #behindthescenes #PeterCapaldi

4. Who left the door open! #DoctorWho #BTS #behindthescene


No one ever say a bad word about the 12th Doctor around me.

(Oh my god Peter Capaldi, this man, people. This man. How he answers in character. The raw emotion, and optimism of 12. I can’t even..)

When someone you hate starts watching your favourite show and spoils it for you: