The best Doctor. Who?

Alright my dear Tumblr people, time for a very important question. Who do you think is the best Doctor Who, preferably in the reboot version because I haven’t seen the others. (Sorry.) But you can also mention the old version doctors if you like. (And if you are not satisfied with naming one then you can name the top 5 with rank.) So, go on then. Who is it?

Happy Fluffy Floofy Friday! 😘❤

Today I’m going to my grandparents to help my grandmother prepare for her birthday party tomorrow (her 65th birthday was last week) and I’m so excited! I’ve drawn a picture of my great grandmother to give to her + I’ve managed to transfer a cassette tape to a cd where my great grandmother is singing. I’m so excited to give it to her! Hope she won’t be too emotional, because yesterday it was 5 years ago my great grandmother passed away. I miss her a lot.
Enough about me and those sad things!

It’s finally Friday!!! And I’m excited for the weekend 😁
I wish you all a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!! 😘❤

Lots of love x

12th Doctor Morning Cuppa... Busy like the Doctor...

Been up since 0530 this morning, done my grocery shopping, cleaned my dishes, took out the trash, now about to go do some training, and then teach this afternoon.  I can relate to the Doctor being a busy beaver. I do wish I had a sonic screwdriver to help me along though.

Maybe later I can have a lay down, but till then time to dash.
Good Morning and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers.

The Brothers Grimm, lovely fellas; they’re on my darts team. According to them, there’s this emperor, and he asks this shepherd’s boy, ‘How may seconds in eternity?’        And the shepherd’s boy says, ‘There’s this mountain of pure diamond. It takes an hour to climb it, an hour to go around it. Every hundred years, a little bird comes and sharpens its beak on the diamond mountain. And when the entire mountain is chiseled away, the first second of eternity will have passed. You must think that’s a hell of a long time. Personally, I think that’s a hell of a bird.’
—  Twelfth Doctor, Heaven Sent