peter bishop does what he wants!

Civil War II is a fucking mess

Miles Morales kills or is going to kill Nazi Captain America.

And you arrest him for it because…?

And you are going to arrest Nico because she would have assisted some who asked to die?

And Bendis is not correctly displaying people’s stances. Adam Bashear is against the pre-cog regulation. He has reservations about the whole thing. He is not going to talk down to Luke Cage and defend it when he just fucking witnessed a case of Ulysses being wrong. 

T’challa has already stated that he is neutral on the whole issue so he would not be fighting on Carol’s or Tony’s side?

I am not even sure why the fuck Storm cares or anybody more specifically the Guardians of the Galaxy? How the fuck do they get to decide how crime is regulated on Earth? You are not even fucking from here. 

Then how the fuck does Flash Thompson even know what Peter’s whole ordeal is because last I checked, he is not supposed to remember Peter?

 Why is Kate Bishop involved? 

Why is…this event even a conflict? Couldn’t you just talk it out instead of coming to blows? Like fucking really? There has not been any discussion about it that frankly measures the importance of the topic. And why…? Fuck this event.

People who are exhausted of this, but still want to read Marvel. Here are books that have nothing to do with this debacle:

-Nighthawk because he is actually tackling a relevant issue with nuance that the topic deserves.

-Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur because Lunella way too smart to be fighting with these idiots.